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Never Ask A Hello Kitty Lover To Shop For You

I learned long ago that you should never ask someone that loves Hello Kitty to shop for you. While it would be obvious to the average person that getting Hello Kitty merchandise for a guy is not appropriate, Hello Kitty fanatics have a short circuit in their brain that negates this common sense. I’ve received more than my fair share of gifts that had been tagged with Hello Kitty on them and therefore do almost 100% of my own shopping … Continue reading

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How Hello Kitty Is Ruining My Love Life

When Hello Kitty Hell exists, it does invade all aspects of your life. It’s amazing what a detrimental effect Hello Kitty can have on a man’s love life as the following example will illustrate… My wife and I were in a romantic mood the other night. We start to get a bit frisky and my wife takes off her shirt to reveal the Hello Kitty bra: wife: Isn’t this the cutest thing? Now, after years of marriage, I know the … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Travel

One aspect of living in a Hello Kitty Hell is that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t think like normal people. Their minds get so obsessed with Hello Kitty that the main object of anything suggested gets turned around from what has been suggested to Hello Kitty. I treasure the trips that I take. When we travel, it means I get some reprieve from Hello Kitty – at least that was the case several years ago. It’s now getting more and more difficult as this recent … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Scooter

It was bound to happen. My wife informed me that she thinks she needs a scooter to get around on the short errands around town. Of course, this sudden desire for a scooter just happened to coincide with a reader sending me this photo: Now after seeing this, I bet you’ll be surprised that I actually look at the above scooter and think, “Well maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.” (as you can see, Hello Kitty Hell is beginning to … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Fanatic Hell

Okay, I admit it. I’m keeping score and the initial score isn’t looking good. When I started Hello Kitty Hell, I thought a bit about how people might react to it. I figured it would give me a release to the Hello Kitty Hell I dwell within, provide a few laughs for those on the outside and possibly get me some sympathy for my plight. What I didn’t predict was that I would begin a fan base for my wife. … Continue reading

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My Biggest Fear

When you live in a Hello Kitty Hell, your perspective on certain things can change dramatically. Take, for example, winning the lottery. Most people dream about how wonderful it would be to win the lottery and how they could buy and do all the things they wished they could if they only had more money. I, on the other hand, pray that my wife never wins the lottery. My wife likes to play the lottery. Even though I have explained … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Credit Card

Being a personal finance blogger, when it comes to choosing a credit card I look at which ones will provide me with the greatest advantage. The amount of cash back, what rewards I can receive and what services the credit card provides at no cost – all of which will ultimately save me money – are the primary factors look for when choosing a credit card.  This is not how a Hello Kitty fanatic chooses a credit card: wife: I have to have … Continue reading

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