Sanrio Fembot Loves Hello Kitty

A couple of people left links to a story about a new “fembot” produced by Kokoro (a Sanrio owned company) that has the robot wearing a I Love Hello Kitty shirt. Then the other day I received an email with a couple of links to videos of the fembot:

Not too surprising, my reaction to this and my wife’s reaction weren’t quite the same:

wife: “Even robots want the heart of Hello Kitty.”

The only positive I can say is that at least they didn’t make an actual Hello Kitty robot, but my Hello Kitty Hell intuition tells me that something like that is bound to show up sometime in the future…

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9 Responses to Sanrio Fembot Loves Hello Kitty

  1. oj says:

    HK robot exists:
    video clip

    What is your email for submissions? I should send you a pic of the HK mooncakes…

  2. Vivian says:

    I have a hello kitty guitar pic i need to get to you, what’s your email?

  3. Kingsley55 says:

    And suddenly I’m afraid of robots…..
    And what’s your e-mail by the way, I have a few pics I’d like to donate.

  4. Joey Reynolds says:

    Wow, a nerd’s dream come true!

    How many ports?

  5. Tanya says:

    O.O I thought that robot was a real person. Holy crap that’s amazing if you didn’t know any better you would have though that was a real human. Oh man that is just blowing my mind right now so amazing. :) it’s a cute robot and she speaks soo cute. I love Japanese

  6. Rei says:

    That is bloody FREAKY!?

    Why do I have a feeling that chobits will become a reality *shudders*

  7. Bre-Bre says:

    Wat is she saying? Im sorta scared to find out.

  8. Ikickshins says:

    Wow, that fembot just crawled straight up out of the Uncanny Valley, didn’t she?

  9. Nicole says:

    Dude. Japan could be 30% populated with bowing, kitty-loving, so-desu-ne-ing fembots *right now* and nobody would know the difference.

    Food for thought, huh?

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