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Hello Kitty Tooth Cap

There have been a number of readers who have sent me photos of the Hello Kitty tooth cap, and while it certainly is strange, this is one of the few Hello Kitty items that really doesn’t put fear into my heart. The reason being that I would never have to see it. I mean, really, how many times do you look into the depths of someone’s mouth to check out their dental work? If my wife decides that she needs … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Apple TV

Once you have been living in Hello Kitty Hell for an extended period of time, the “sick factor” comes into play. This is a simple rule that applies to all things Hello Kitty when one lives in a Hello Kitty Hell. The sick factor rule states that the more nauseating a Hello Kitty item is to you, the more the Hello Kitty fanatic will like it. One of the few items that my wife does not currently have is a … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover

It should go without saying at this point that Hello Kitty Hell produces dichotomy in my daily life. While the Hello Kitty food would lead one to believe I would gain a great amount of weight, the car that is getting the Hello Kitty make over produces the opposite effect and keeps my weight in check. How does a car keep my weight in check? wife: “I want you to come to the home improvement store today to help me … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty USB Feet Warmer

Ever since my wife saw the pimped out Hello Kitty computer mod, she has decided that she needs to make her laptop more Hello Kitty like. Fortunately, she is too afraid to try and pimp out her computer in the same way as the one featured previously. While that is a small consolation prize in Hello Kitty Hell, it is mitigated by the fact that to compensate for not completely decking out the computer, she is purchasing every Hello Kitty … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty An Pan

While I’m sure that my wife appreciates the emails I receive with all the Hello Kitty stuff you think we should know about (believe me, it is only on rare occasion that something comes that we haven’t seen before), she really doesn’t need any more encouragement. This is especially true in areas where I’m trying to distract her from Hello Kitty. I already realize that there is more than enough Hello Kitty food that exists that we could likely live … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Condom ???

Walking into the room after taking a short walk down to the grocery store, I went into my room to turn on the computer and saw a — “ummmm is that what I think it is?” — sitting right next to my computer. I stopped dead in my tracks at the door eyeing the small, square package from a distance. After my last post about babies and my ending comment about birth control, my immediate thought was that my wife … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Baby Car Seat

While I do complain a lot about being in Hello Kitty Hell, I know that it will become 1000 times worse if we ever have a baby girl. If we have a baby boy, I’m afraid that he will be scarred for life even before he knows how to talk. But even though we don’t have kids at the moment, that doesn’t stop my wife from showing me all the baby things she wants to have when we do. When … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Bathroom

Many of the readers have been questioning whether I am making all of this up and have asked to see photos of our house. I would, but wouldn’t want to give you a heart attack. Therefore I will give you a glimpse of the hello Kitty Hell I live in by showing you a few photos of our bathroom. Keep in mind that we live in Japan and the toilet is the only thing in this small room. Usually the … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Gun

Note: Sanrio legal counsel has contacted me because they realize that their fans are not bright enough to know what is an official Sanrio product and what is not. They didn’t feel that this would be a problem until the fans started contacting them directly, and they soon realized how painful it was to actually have to converse with a fanatic, and not even they had the patience to actually do this. As a result, they sent out a notice … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Cereal (fruit flavored snacks)

What’s worse than my wife seeing Hello Kitty products that she decides she must have? When those products inspired her to think beyond the Hello Kitty product itself. This, my friends, is where the real Hello Kitty Hell begins. Reader skyler decided to add to my Hello Kitty Hell by pointing out that in addition to Hello Kitty Pop Tarts, Kellogg’s also makes Hello Kitty Fruit Flavor Snacks (is this Hello Kitty cereal or just snack packages – not that … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Snowman

Reader marls did the kindness of adding to my Hello Kitty Hell by sending me this photo of a Hello Kitty snowman: You know that things are going to get bad when my wife sees a photo like that and says, “We need to go out and make our own Hello Kitty snowman!” While I don’t mind playing in the snow, building a sculpture to the enemy in my life is not one of the more pleasing ways I consider … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Futon

Hello Kitty Hell, once again, at it’s worst. There is just something so completely and utterly wrong in making a grown man sleep in one of these…

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Hello Kitty Venus

Yikes! I unfortunately opened this photo sent from kittylv as my wife was looking over my shoulder. wife: “I want one of those!!!” me: “….” (secretly thinking: “Why the hell would you want one of those?!?) wife: “Wouldn’t look just perfect in our entry way?” me: “….” (secretly thinking: “It’s a trick question. Don’t say anything. She really doesn’t want to know.”) wife: “See, Kitty can be both cute and beautiful, don’t your think?” me: “….” (secretly thinking: “It’s another … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Extreme Computer Mod

When I get emailed things like this, it sends shivers down my spine. True, I should be thankful that my wife’s computer is not this bad at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get there and surpass it. When I get photos like these, I see my future Hello Kitty Hell. That future is not pretty: While the person that posted the Hello Kitty laptop computer mod had the sense to label it as “hobbies gone wrong,” … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Car Security System

While Hello Kitty Hell hasn’t reached the point where we have a Hello Kitty car (it’s not that my wife doesn’t want one, just that the Hello Kitty cars tend to be small…if they ever come out with a medium sized Hello Kitty car, I’m in real trouble), she has been slowly, but surely turning our regular car into a Hello Kitty car. She has been doing this by adding all kinds of Hello Kitty items to our car, the … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Love Hotel Bondage

There is Hello Kitty Hell and then there is Hello Kitty HELL – I have nightmares about something like this. The Morning News ran an article about Japanese Love Hotels with photos including the following of a Hello Kitty S & M room: I can think of nothing worse (although I’m sure my wife will think of something) than being chained down to a Hello Kitty covered bed with Hello Kitty all around. My wife, seeing these photos, has decided … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Bathroom Slippers

The problem with living in Hello Kitty Hell is that one is never enough. Hello Kitty items usually come in a variety of colors and that means my wife needs one of each color. We needed to get some bathroom slippers (in Japan, you switch slippers when going to the bathroom) and since our everyday slippers (having to wear Hello Kitty slippers all day is Hello Kitty Hell in itself) are Hello Kitty, the bathroom slippers also have to be … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Wine

When I wrote about Hello Kitty Rice Wine (sake) a bit ago, you knew that if they made rice wine, they must make regular Hello Kitty wine. We found it at a local store today and of course my wife needed to get a bottle to display with the sake: I learned my lesson from the last experience and submitted to not being able to drink it (which actually is probably a good idea – I’m not sure that drinking … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty – How Many Bows?

One of the worst aspects of Hello Kitty Hell is all the Hello Kitty games that my wife receives and then gives to me. I have to make some type of effort or I end up sleeping on the couch even though it’s torture to do so. Well, all you readers who actually like Hello Kitty are going to have to start earning your keep for my torture. Today my wife gave me this “How Many Bows Can You Find” … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Pop Tarts

Maybe there is an angel looking over me in Hello Kitty Hell (oh boy, is that wishful thinking…) – at least these Hello Kitty Pop Tarts weren’t ever spotted at our local grocery store while we were back in the US. If they had been, I probably would have had to eat pop tarts for three meals a day. Somehow, Hello Kitty and Pop Tarts seem to go together well – sickeningly sweet and not at all good for you. … Continue reading

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