Hello Kitty – How Many Bows?

One of the worst aspects of Hello Kitty Hell is all the Hello Kitty games that my wife receives and then gives to me. I have to make some type of effort or I end up sleeping on the couch even though it’s torture to do so. Well, all you readers who actually like Hello Kitty are going to have to start earning your keep for my torture. Today my wife gave me this “How Many Bows Can You Find” and since looking at it makes the Hello Kitty pop tarts actually seem appealing, I’m enlisting you to give me the answer:


Hello Kitty - how many bows?

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19 Responses to Hello Kitty – How Many Bows?

  1. Princessperky says:

    Too many! (I got to 7 before I came to my senses and stopped)

  2. miss kitty says:

    since i have the box i went and checked the answer…. there are 18

  3. miclason says:

    I counted 11 before my brain shut down!

  4. rachel says:

    i only found 17..

  5. amber acosta says:

    17 mister.

  6. lizzyxcorexxx says:

    i only counted 16!!!!………. im LOST!!!! lol

  7. celine says:

    17 or 18

  8. EllAleeRaiN says:

    i got 17 on first count 18 on second i missed the slipper nose

  9. Rhi says:

    theres 19 in the find it picture. :P

  10. luvshellokitty says:

    i found 10

  11. Miss_Ashley says:

    yeah i only found 17 -_- lol

  12. k says:

    I counted 4 before I even realized what I was doing, the stoped.

  13. Re says:

    :D i found em all!
    .. sorry >.>

  14. FRANKIE says:

    I found all 18! that was so annouying!

  15. RSKS says:

    yay ADHD stirkes again!

  16. meggi says:

    i love hello kitty so much its better than high school musical !

  17. meggi says:

    i love hello kitty so much its better than high school musical ! and the ansrew is 13

  18. Darki says:

    i see 10…..

  19. Mckenzi says:

    I saw three, then I asked myself why I was doing this XD

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