Hello Kitty Venus

Yikes! I unfortunately opened this photo sent from kittylv as my wife was looking over my shoulder.

Hello Kitty Venus statue

wife: “I want one of those!!!”

me: “….” (secretly thinking: “Why the hell would you want one of those?!?)

wife: “Wouldn’t look just perfect in our entry way?”

me: “….” (secretly thinking: “It’s a trick question. Don’t say anything. She really doesn’t want to know.”)

wife: “See, Kitty can be both cute and beautiful, don’t your think?”

me: “….” (secretly thinking: “It’s another trick question. Don’t say anything. She really doesn’t want to know.”)

wife: “Why are you being so quiet all of a sudden?”

me: “….” (secretly thinking: “hey, this is working. Don’t say anything and don’t get into trouble!)

wife: “It’s because you don’t like it, right? Right?”

me: “….” (secretly thinking: “uh oh, this is not turning out quite as well as I thought it would…”

wife: “You still don’t appreciate the love and beauty of Hello Kitty. You can’t see her heart, otherwise you would be as happy as I am. I’m going to bed.”

me: “….” (secretly thinking: “Damn, on the couch again with the Hello Kitty sleeping bag – remember next time that silence doesn’t work with Hello Kitty fanatics”)


Apparently, Sanrio actually had a Hello Kitty Venus de Milo statue commissioned for the 30th anniversary of Hello Kitty in 2004 (much like the Hello Kitty Crop Circle – I certainly hope I die before the 50th anniversary arrives) which they named “Hello de Milo” (makes me sick just saying it…)

Hello Kitty Venus statue

Luckily me wife wasn’t in the room when I found this or she would want both in our entry way…

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8 Responses to Hello Kitty Venus

  1. Leemy says:

    LoL….hahaha…Sexy Kitty…MEOW!

  2. HelloKittyFan! says:

    Your blog is hi-la-rious! And am a HK fan! Do you have guest rooms in your house? I’d like to visit your HK museum

  3. bubblemui says:

    This is really funny :P But I think it’s a little awkward for Kitty… f(^_^)

  4. VanessaActual says:

    HelloKitty had too much cat nip when she posed for this one.

  5. britkitty says:

    hahaha this is hilarious! i like hello kitty and all but this statue is pretty creepy

  6. maria says:

    omg that is sooo funny cant stop laughing

  7. Nicole says:

    Okay, I’m going to break with tradition here. I bloody love this thing. It’s practically a Banksy. It rivals the inflatable version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. The concept of chopping the head off the Venus de Milo and replacing it with Kitty’s football-shaped, dead-eyed head just glows with commentary. Intentional or otherwise.

  8. darthtoon says:

    you poor thing my dear,even for me,a declared kittyaddict its hard to deal with all the kittycrap available this days :)

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