Hello Kitty Baby Car Seat

While I do complain a lot about being in Hello Kitty Hell, I know that it will become 1000 times worse if we ever have a baby girl. If we have a baby boy, I’m afraid that he will be scarred for life even before he knows how to talk. But even though we don’t have kids at the moment, that doesn’t stop my wife from showing me all the baby things she wants to have when we do.

When I look at some of the things that they make Hello Kitty style for babies, I think that it is probably a good thing that I spend half the time on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag alone. I view each of these items with both a sense of relief (that we don’t have it) and dread (there is a good chance that one day we will have it).

Today’s email attachment was for this Hello Kitty baby car seat:

Hello Kitty baby car seat

You know you’re in Hello Kitty Hell when your only hope is if they come out with Hello Kitty birth control…

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58 Responses to Hello Kitty Baby Car Seat

  1. JENNY says:

    it this how much ,i want ask the price then i want buy !

  2. carol says:

    i would like know where i can find a carseat like this?

  3. britt says:

    where can i get this car seat?

  4. wanie says:

    where can i buy hello kitty car seat, hello kitty stroller, hello kitty walker etc…?

  5. MYaung says:

    Would you know of any Hello Kitty Car booster Seats? I’ve looked high and low…

  6. Wesley says:

    Where can I find this baby seat and what is the product name?

  7. Fife says:

    I don’t think this car seat would be legal in Canada. It looks extremely outdated and any seat over 5 years old is not legal for a child to ride in.

  8. rachel says:

    they do not make carseats like this, it is a 3 point they are now all 5 point but i wish someone would make this

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