Hello Kitty Snowman (mail delivered)

I’m coming to the conclusion very quickly that Hello Kitty has an answer for everything in Hello Kitty Hell. Awhile back I wrote about Hello Kitty snowmen and how I would likely have to build one this winter with my wife. While you can’t say many things good about global warming, keeping temperatures in Japan warm enough this winter that we haven’t had any snow on the ground where I live (and thus no opportunity to build a Hello Kitty snowman) is one positive that everyone fails to mention in the discussions on the issue. In fact, I was giving myself better than average odds that I might escape 2007 Hello Kitty snowmanless…that was until…

Hello Kitty Snowman delivered by mail

What you are looking at above is a mail order Hello Kitty snowman…I kid you not, words fail me on this one. For a bit over $40 (4,800 yen) my wife has informed me that we can have a Hello Kitty snowman packed from snow in Hokkaido (Japan’s northern island) shipped to our front door via a refrigerated mail service truck (so it doesn’t melt along the way) and display it for all to see. The picture on the left is the actual Hello Kitty snowman once taken out of the Hello Kitty container ( shown on the right).

This, my friends, is Hello Kitty Hell at it’s finest. Not even global warming can stop her…

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10 Responses to Hello Kitty Snowman (mail delivered)

  1. equinox says:

    Hee. How tall is it? Is the container reusable? I love this site!!!!

  2. Penny says:

    What does a man get for his Hello Kitty fanatic wife?

  3. shadowcat says:

    Haha! You think that’s weird? Check out http://blog.hellokitty.com/hk_wedding. Seems like someone got married the Hello Kitty way this Valentine’s day.:D

    I bet you’re glad you’re already married. lol

  4. Fabiana says:

    Hahahaahahaha! That’s fantastic!

  5. hollister -chick says:

    awwww….their wedding was so cute…i wanna have one just like it…

  6. meagan says:

    I havent seen snow in years. Where can you order this at?

  7. chaos says:

    U should “mistakenly” drop it in a furnace…

  8. Ladybuguboo says:

    That is so pathetic.

  9. lolokitty says:

    Not even i would buy this…

  10. Nicole says:

    And then you could pour some red syrup over her and dig your spoon into her delicious kitty braaaaains.

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