Hello Kitty Sex Toy ??

Maybe it wasn’t obvious to me simply because I’m a man, but I had no idea what this Hello Kitty item was when I first saw it. Actually, something did come to mind and it scared the Hello Kitty Hell out of me, but fortunately I was way off base (kind of like the Hello Kitty condom that ended up being cheese) Yes, I realize now that it’s a far stretch to assume it was a sex toy, but I’m a guy and our minds are perpetually in the gutter and when viewed from a distance…

Hello Kitty sex toy??

Now I assume the women will know what this is (my wife just shook her head when I had no idea — but at least I was smart enough not to say what I thought — that would have really caused a Hello Kitty Hell incident). So if there are any guys that read this blog, make me feel better that I’m not the only stupid person that had no clue what it is.

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47 Responses to Hello Kitty Sex Toy ??

  1. Rob says:

    wow, yeah, um…i can sure see why your mind went THERE…

    Not knowing dimensions, the only thing it looks like (besides my and your first thought) is a “draft dodger” for under a door, block cold air from coming in…but then you would be pulling apart…oh, never mind.

    I have no clue, and you MUST print the answer at some point!!

    Waving at you from the other side of Hello Kitty Hell (another province you might say.)


  2. Cori says:

    I’m a woman, and I have no clue what it is. I thought sex toy, too.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Speaking as a woman, I have no idea what that is.

    I’ve seen Hello Kitty sex toys, though, and that as far as I can tell isn’t one.

  4. adora says:

    I’m a woman but I have to say, “What the Hello Kitty Hell is that?”
    For the neck?

  5. Trish says:


    The only thing that comes to mind is maybe it’s supposed to keep your boots together and upright?

  6. Melissa says:

    i assumed clothespin….am i off base?

  7. Jamie says:

    I’m a girl, and I have to agree with Adora: wtf is that? Assuming it’s dildo sized… WTF?

    Maybe it’s a weight for holding a heavy book open?

    Oh, and as a girl? The angles on that are .way. wrong for a dil. Those are /not/ parallel passages!

  8. Cindy says:

    That item is a boots holder. You put a pair of boot together side by side and Hello Kitty’s legs slide into the boots like she is wearing them. Kitty’s legs will hold up the boots and keep their shapes.

  9. KateHate says:

    I also think it keep high boots shaped correctly…you know..upright.

  10. Grace says:

    i thought it look like a neck pillow.. but the boot/shoe holder sounds much better :D

  11. Is it a ring holder? Hard to tell the scale…

    Cloth dildos wouldn’t work so well, I’d think.

  12. Amaranthim says:

    No – I don’t see sex toy either. But a few posts ago – I forget the HK Topic – I did send you a link to an HK sex toy – it may be in the Misc category.


  13. equinox says:

    I thought it was for the neck also. Draft dodger is a good one. I guess I’ll go with Cindy’s boot ideo, although I’d never purchase one HK or not.

  14. Oh, wait, maybe it’s a window blinds cleaner? Probably not. Worth a shot.

  15. Bad Kitty says:

    maybe you should have a look here http://www.nastynip.co.uk/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=nastynip&Product_Code=HK-NV&Category_Code=NA – they have a hello kitty vibrator *giggles*

  16. I have no friggin’ clue what that is. It’s NOT a sex toy?

  17. Erin says:

    I thought it looked like one of those hand exercising tools?

  18. Kari Rose says:

    It’s just Hello Kitty with very long legs XD



  19. Suzanne says:

    I’m gonna go with “dammit doll.” I had one of these in grade 6 that was in that exact shape. When you’re really pissed off you grabbed it by the legs and whack it around while saying damn it. There was a cute and funny poem that accompanied it but I don’t remember it. I got it at a craft sale and it was the best thing ever, it gave me an excuse to be destructive. So that’s my vote.

  20. Markeesha says:

    Yea, that is crazy.

  21. Peterjon S. says:

    that is one of the weirdest thing i have ever seen.

  22. moi_même says:

    Girl here -> No idea what that was until someone said ‘boot holder’. Which makes much more sense than a sex toy… Cloth sex toys don’t work, as someone said earlier…

  23. ori says:

    hey i am a dude.

    and the first thing that came to mind,
    seems to be what came to your mind.

    and i have no idea what that is.

  24. matilda says:

    it is a boot support. You put one side in each boot and it keeps them from losing their shape.

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  26. duh says:

    that is a neck support idiot

  27. Mewski says:

    It’s for your boots. Keeps them in shape. And anyone else says “It’s for your neck” my god you must have thin neck. But ues it’s for your boots. A Hello Kitty staring at you in your closet. Lovely.

  28. Gemma says:

    I think that it could be a clothes peg for hanging out your washing

  29. estephania says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!lol it looks like a sex toy to me…or that thing you use to put on your back for your neck?

  30. Half Activist says:

    it looks like it’s made out of fabric, it can’t be a sex toy.
    Can’t this be an hair-curler or something like that?

  31. Sakura says:

    I KNOW WHAT IT IS…and how can that be a neck support people HELLO who has that skinny of a neck..

    Its a pot holder :0!!!!

  32. ……..wow yeh at first glance it would seem to be…. yeah… -_-”
    if it really was a sex toy though it would have several differences like the legs and hips and what-not… but being a Hello Kitty product it gives that level of….. dought

  33. Rendi says:

    Going along the sex toy idea, it could be a double ended dildo. (you know, for lesbians).

  34. karma says:

    i dont think this is what ur all saying it is but it doesnt look like any thing!!!!hello wake up to urselves ppl!

  35. Samantha says:

    Its to keep from letting cold air in from underneath a door.
    The legs spread.

  36. HK=Love:D says:

    You silly heads.
    Its for your boots!
    So when you put it in your boots, it will look like HK is wearing them.

    And I have to admit.
    This is the best thing since sliced bread!
    Im a HUGEEE HK fan. I have a lot of the stuff your wife does, but this is sheer goodness.
    Keep it up!

  37. Karen says:

    Ok. Not a sex toy. Let’s make that incredibly clear. I personally would use it as a “dammit Doll” but anyone in Hello Kitty Hell would. If the legs don’t move to become a draft dodger (which would make it look like she is peaking over a pink log) then my vote is for the boot thing.

    And why are you all obsessed with making it a sex toy? Are you trying to dominate Hello Kitty in her own Domain?! You nuts or something?

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  39. jazz says:

    I’m a girl and I have a girlfriend and although we don’t have that item, and I am a kittychan fan, we have something similar. So perhaps your first post and first guess was correct! Haha

  40. Lani says:

    I don’t know if you knew already, or if someone already commented with that it really is because I don’t feel like sifting through 40 comments. It is something that’s used to hold up boots and keep them from slouching while they’re not in use.

  41. WEE says:

    well i new it wus a sex toy since i serched hello kity dildo .. because my fren told me there wus wun and i wanted to no for sure . wen i 1st saw it i thought it wus some kind of weapon used for sum sort . so i took a closer look .

  42. Ladybuguboo says:

    I have no idea what that is… and i’m a girl.

  43. Hello Hello...Goodbye? says:

    the whole boot thing seems idiotic…and as far as i know hello kitty has some nice long gams

  44. franchesca says:

    I think it’s one of those door-stop things. You open the legs of it [if they open] & place it at the bottom of a closed door to keep the air out of it.

  45. Jorge says:

    i agree it might be a sex toy cuz it does look a liddle provacative , considering she is wearing a skirt n fishnet stocking but it at the same time its looks soft so im not sure

  46. osiris says:

    Its a dobble wammy?

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