Hello Kitty Tattoo

My wife’s friend came by and proudly displayed her new Hello Kitty tattoo. There is nothing worse to a Hello Kitty fanatic than having someone do something that would indicate in any way that they were more of Hello Kitty fan than the fanatic. My wife doesn’t often get jealous when it comes to Hello Kitty (how could she with all this crap she has?), but that wasn’t the case this time. So my wife is now insisting that she needs to get a Hello Kitty tattoo (or more) and is searching for the perfect one at the moment. Unfortunately, there seem to be plenty of Hello Kitty tattoos to choose from:

hello kitty belt line tattoo

Left by kaylamuldoon via twitter

hello kitty lion tattoo

Left by Jessica on Facebook

Hello Kitty tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoo blue

Hello Kitty waist tattoo

Left by Steffijo on Facebook

Hello Kitty tattoo bones

Hello Kitty tattoo flowers

Hello Kitty neck tattoo

Left by Rosemarie on Facebook

hello kitty dragon tattoo

Left by on Angelia Facebook

While the thought of anyone wanting to place Hello Kitty on their skin permanently is disturbing in its own right (wife: “It’s so cute and sexy and a tribute to Hello Kitty”), it also will add another aspect to Hello Kitty Hell. One of the only times that I don’t have to see Hello Kitty is when my wife doesn’t have any clothes on — a tattoo would make Hello Kitty Hell a 24 hour a day ordeal.

hello kitty shoulder tattoo

Sent in by Whitney

hello kitty accessory tattoo

Sent in by Domonique

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107 Responses to Hello Kitty Tattoo

  1. sheena-bella says:

    how much would a hello kitty tatto cost? just a small one????

  2. Kayla says:

    Thanks for posting my tat! and putting it first!!! =)

  3. KrystalKitty says:

    my hello kitty tattoos are better than these, they are the best! :D!

  4. PinkPuakenikeni says:

    I’d get that tattoo!!! but i only want the white hello kitty head with the bow on it… now im 13 and i’ll have to wait to get one…but i only want a really small one…idk where.

  5. ninnakyla Parfan guinza says:

    i want

  6. Pinkbunnie6 says:

    its sad when people get her tattooed with the bow on the wrong side.

  7. Mariana Cantu says:

    I love the first one!!! hopefully, my bf lets me do it :/

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