Hello Kitty Brief Underwear

Yep, just what every guy wants – some tighty whiteys with Hello Kitty all over them:

Hello Kitty briefs

I think that these are actually made with the thought that females would be wearing them. With the possible exception of my wife who had the bright idea that they would be a good addition to my Hello Kitty boxers), I can’t imagine that anyone would actually think that a guy would want to wear them. Remember how your mom always told you not to wear dirty underwear in case you got into an accident and had to go to the hospital (or was that just my mom)? That is exactly what went through my mind when I saw these…

I didn’t imagine that the underwear department could get any worse than those boxers, but that is what I get for underestimating Hello Kitty Hell and what it can dream up in the form of underwear…

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45 Responses to Hello Kitty Brief Underwear

  1. leemy says:

    most likely are for girls, there are girl undies that look like that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think they are for men (or for boys) as I can notice asymmetriness …
    But why not for women (or for girls)?

  3. TTQ says:

    Now I really am cured of my HK obsession. Keep up the good work, my husband will thank you! I think it was your bathroom pic that really got me thinking..

  4. Kristine says:

    Oh my! I’d totally wear them :D

    I steal my boys all the time, and have a small habit of buying kiddies undies with Spiderman on them .__.

    I like Spiderman.

  5. Frida says:

    I have friends who wear hello kitty undies with just the head on, but this is just too much O.O

  6. Amaranthim says:


    Someone else with your sense of appreciation for HK

  7. Siouxie says:

    Yikes…although your life continues to amuse me…I can’t imagine what it is like living with a spouse so obsessed on one thing. Even I have other addictions…but HK is my fav!

  8. Well I’m not one to get hung up on gender roles and all that, but this could potentially mess with a kid’s head. Imagine if a HK obsessed mom bought these for her young son. Young son, living in a Hello Kitty House, doesn’t have the age or experience to realize that not all young boys wear briefs such as these. Young son just happens to get a wedgie at school one day. BAM, scarred for life.

  9. Luty says:

    ahuauh I’m not totally sure if you really hates kitty ahauhuahhua
    but thank you for posting so many kitty things, even if it’s because you hate them! ahuauh

    And I don’t think that a child turn into a problematic person just becaus his mom is a kitty fanatic…but I can’t say too much ’cause I’m a fanatic too ahuauhahu

  10. Peterjon S. says:

    i really dont know what to think. the picture look like it for young boys but the colors that they show are for young girls, but is the black one the unisex version.

  11. hellohahanarf says:

    omg, a boy would get their ass kicked for wearing those!
    awful, just awful.

  12. Avril says:

    I will never, ever, ever make my man wear one of those….

    I so agree with hellohahanarf….

  13. Siouxie says:

    Where is the picture of HK thongs for guys? ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. Annie says:

    i really enjoy reading your posts, they amaze me ,still i don’t change my mind i love hello kitty for life. great idea and i have put this site in my favourites!! too bad they don’t have much hello kitty stuff in australia :(

  15. Sophie says:

    I just found your website and wanted to share my fascination with your website. I am not a Hello Kitty follower of any sort and have the good fortune not to personally be obsessed with anything at this level or to have anyone in my life obsessed. Your sense of humor, acceptance and love of your wife are to be respected and admired. She should not make you sleep on the couch so often, as you appear to be quite tolerant. I would be having a big bonfire if my boyfriend collected this much stuff! Best of luck and keep writing.

  16. Pami Jane says:

    Well my friend, you did it for me. This and the one about the shoulder vibrator has ensured I will never ever become obsessed by hello kitty ever. I’m as creeped out as you are. Eeeeeeewww! I hope that you can escape your hello kitty hell someday. Just hope you don’t end up in hound dog heaven where you will be in the doghouse all the time. Sympathectic blessings, Pami Jane

  17. diane says:

    haha, good thing my boyfriend is ok with hello kitty. this blog proves you must love your wife A LOT to endure the HK madness. anyway, i just designed some sorority sweaters with HK letters! unfortunetly for you, there are 7 sweaters full of HK cuteness floating around UCLA (ironically, it’s the same fabric as the HK pantiliners on your website.

  18. lawby says:

    now i can keep hello kitty close to me where ever i go. IN MY PANTS

  19. torturer says:

    hellohahanarf has got a serious point. i think my byf, a total redneck and into “tuff guy” stuff would kick MY ass if i even suggested it! lol. i’m on the phone w/him now, lol he said hell no! i’m buying him some as a gag gift now. where can u order them… he said if i buy him a pair he’ll tear them to shreds and give it to fluffy (pitbull) :) he’s not amused it comes in black too.

  20. angelique says:

    omg!! these are sooo pretty can i buy the last one!!!

  21. kayluh says:

    these are adorable. just because they aren’t a sexy thong from victoria secrets doesn’t mean that guys won’t like them. i know plenty of guys who are down with boyshorts & plenty of guys who could care less whats on them. hello kitty is considered cute by real men ;)

  22. hailey says:

    where can i get these?????
    i want them alll

  23. valerie says:

    is very very very cute!!! i hope my man will wear the briefs for me!!

  24. lindsay says:

    wow. theseare pretty special. i mean, i personally love them, but if i was to wear them i would want them to look more feminine. and definatly NEVER let my sons wear them. hello kitty is good for girls. BAD FOR BOYS

  25. ~HKFAN~ says:

    why man… why? i want one!!! i like tha one that is black and the purple one and the pink one and a blue one!!!!! only with a hole…

  26. soandso says:

    hey, I wear tighty whities too, I mean when I was six, they had scooby doo on them(of course i’m normal, so they are just plain) but I mean! WTF???!!! i hope those are for girls!! I would wear pink undies before those! i would shoot myself before wearing those! OMG!!!

  27. jodi says:

    i love hello kitty i have the lap top and underwear and some teaddys and some other things but most off all the poster and the ring I AM GETTING more for christmas and hope i get the bad and the hello kitty phone i will love that so much hope my mum gets me it xxxxx xx xxxxxx love yous and will come again to tell you if i got the hello kitty phone or net ? love yous jodi trueland xxxxx

  28. tighty whitey lover says:

    theese rock, i wear tighty whities and i want theese so bad

  29. Rodney! says:

    where do you find these? I’ve looked at their main website and its all girly… where do I find these briefs anyways?

  30. mike says:

    !!!! :D hah there are actual guy boxers for hello kitty. i love them . i have them! :P

  31. katelyn says:

    dude these are f-n hawt.<3

  32. ZACH says:

    most likely are for girls, there are girl undies that look like that

  33. soandso says:

    well if those are for boys, and I saw them I might consider buying them, in the end of course I never would, but a part of me would say: “Go ahead, they’re fine” and I’d consider it, its not hard for me to consider because
    i’m 12, and I’ve been wearing scooby doo tighty whities and tighty whities with little trucks on them since I was 10, I know, kinda embarrassing

  34. says says:

    lol I want those so bad! I mean, its not like I can stoop any lower, because I already have undies with power rangers on them, and ninja turtles, so when I put on my power rangers briefs, why wouldnt I do the same for hello kity?

  35. Danster says:

    I am a boy and would buy these. I must admit that they are very girly but I like wearing skirts.

  36. Daniel says:

    I think these underwear are for girls all tighty whitheys are for girls. A girl once told me this when I asked her what was wrong with them. “They are teenage girl underwear.” But I would buy them because I once wore my mums sexy pink knickers to school and the boys caught me with them on and threw me into the girls lockeroom and the girls all laughed and through bras at me they even gave me a bra connection wedgie

  37. miss. hellfire says:

    i want a pair they r cute and yes more or less made with chicks in mind i think their unervirsal like something a woman would wear for halloween under her naughty school girl outfit or something a child, or *teenage girl* would wear (and maybe a dude if he’s got enough balls exuse the french ;D but that would b sweet (also in away like anyone from prep-nerd-emo-*goth*… could wear)

  38. maytal says:

    I want those, I have tons of cartoon briefs that range from scooby doo to power rangers to firetrucks, i’m turning 12 soon, and I might buy them

  39. Ladybuguboo says:

    I believe that those are actually for girls. I have many that, although they don’t have HK on them, look like that.

  40. Mart says:

    where do i get some of these! does anyone know?!

  41. Tiani says:

    If I’d ever seen a possible boyfriend/one-night-stand, wearing those, I’d run out and vomit my guts out.
    Any man wearing those of free will ought to be wipped until they understand their errors. The same for adult women wearing undies designed for teenage girls (and let’s face it: anything “Hello Kitty” is designed to brain wash the younger generations. I thank what ever God who let me grow up in a country where HK still hasn’t set roots).

    I came to this site in the hopes of a few giggles, but all I feel is the deepest of sympathies over your situation.

  42. iain says:

    lol i have those, and yes im a guy im wearin the pink ones right now :) they r rlly comfortable and cute :P lol no im not gay thats just what everygirl says when they see XD

  43. Heather says:

    My boyfriend has the pink and purple ones :) so cute

  44. max says:

    so yes, i am gay. but i find these incredibly cute! (me n my boyfriend both wear em and we love em)

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