Hello Kitty: Save Or Smash

My wife announced last night that there are only Hello Kitty fans that visit this blog and my attempt to find others who are in Hello Kitty Hell or sympathise with me has been a failure. “Everyone loves Hello Kitty and it will never change!”

I tried to explain that while it may appear that the readers here like Hello Kitty, it’s only a small minority of fanatics that believe that. In reality, even those who say they like Hello Kitty really don’t. Of course, this sent me to the couch for the night in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, but it also produced the “Hello Kitty: Save or Smash” contest.

My wife believes that for some unfathomable reason, I haven’t seen the Hello Kitty light and I am the only person that doesn’t believe that everything Hello Kitty is the “cutest thing ever” (“You must have been born with deformed genes” is her current theory). I, on the other hand, know that all the Hello Kitty fans that visit this site really have a deep dark desire to see Hello Kitty smashed into smithereens. So we will let you vote and decide.

Hello Kitty: Smash or Save?

I have secretly kidnapped a Hello Kitty porcelain figure and all of you will decide whether it gets smashed to bits or saved. To the right in the sidebar is a poll and the choice to save or smash Hello Kitty. The voting will last until the end of this month. If more people vote to save Hello Kitty, I will lose all faith in humanity and extinguish all hope that Hello Kitty Hell may someday end, but will still refrain from smashing her and I’ll give the figure away as a prize. If the vote is to smash, I will believe that there is still hope in Hello Kitty Hell and gleefully take a hammer to the Hello Kitty figure. The choice is yours…

Oh, wow! Imagine that. The first vote in the poll is to smash…

165 thoughts on “Hello Kitty: Save Or Smash

  1. Don’t smash it. It is too cute to smash! If you just feel the need to smash something go buy some cheap figurine at a garage sale and smash that! But please spare the kitty! I will buy it from you if you would just not smash it!

  2. Go head smash it! You can always get another one.
    Its just a little hello kitty piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So smash it!
    = D

  3. smash it’s brains out so the y leek all over the floor KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL HeR pls tape & blog PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. why on earth would you smash such an innocent, sweet, loving creature?? At least save this cute hello kitty porcelain figures life by giving her to me if you decide you want to smash her :o)


  6. SMASH!!!!!! Destroy it! Laugh with glee as it is rendered into nothingness. Make it look like a sick scientiffic experiment (preferably with the mad laugh)!

  7. I can’t tell you how much the comments on this entry warmed my heart. All of a sudden the “plleeeeese tell me where I can buyyy thissss” was swallowed in a tide of gleeful, destructive rage.

    Of course, I know where I would have stood on the issue. I would have stood, with a hammer in my hand, next to a small pile of porcelain shards. There’s just something magical about that feeling. And magic is the heart of Hello Kitty.

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