Hello Kitty Klingon

One of the most annoying aspects of Hello Kitty (okay, that was a pretty lousy initial sentence since there really aren’t any aspects of Hello Kitty that aren’t annoying) is her inability to stay out of other fan based phenomenons. She has to be a part of anything and everything that has the least bit of pop culture popularity. It is the reason that you see stuff like a Hello Kitty Darth Vader or this little piece that should make any Star Trek fan want to vomit (hey, come on over to my place, I will soon have a Hello Kitty toilet which will be the perfect place for you to do so):

Hello Kitty Klingon

Star Trek Hello Kitty Klingon

Yes, that is a Star Trek Hello Kitty Klingon that showed up at a science fiction convention last year. Makes you want to take out your Star Trek phaser and nuke her, doesn’t it?

My wife has a simpler explanation. “All pop culture wants to embrace the sweetness of Hello Kitty. That is why you see her everywhere. She brings happiness wherever she goes.” Maybe I’ll be using that new toilet myself to get sick in…

Photos copyright by The General at GeneralGeneral.com, used with permission. Costume from the science fiction convention Convergence 2006. You can see more photos at his new site Klingon Hello Kitty.

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25 Responses to Hello Kitty Klingon

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good GOD, that is all kinds of wrong. Klingons at the very least shouldn’t have dresses and frilly white socks.

  2. Laiane says:

    Holy frijoles, is that a Dalek!? Shouldn’t he/she/it be vaporizing Kitty, or are they in cahouts? Scary thought.

  3. peanut says:

    a dalek and hellokitty.
    funny combination.
    that dalek looks cuter than the hellokitty mascot.
    i like hellokitty.
    hellokitty toilets even.
    but not hellokitty mascots.
    it looked really really silly.

  4. YTSL says:

    Can someone please explain to me what’s so klingon about that Hello Kitty??

  5. Melissa says:

    Hey! It’s a Dalek! Just tell the dalek to “exterminate” hello kitty…LOL…

    but what is a hello kitty “klingon” doing at a sci-fi convention. talk about crossovers.

  6. dtjunkie says:

    I don’t see anything resembling a Klingon in that HK costume.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Oh God, I HAVE to show these pictures to my boyfriend! He hates Hello Kitty and hates when I show him this site (even though I keep telling him he can relate) but he LOVES Dr. Who!

  8. jes says:

    omg, i love doctor who, and hello kitty is ok, but why is hello kitty with a dalek?!?!?! thats just soooo wrong

  9. Trish says:

    Hello Kitty needs to die at the hands of an angry Klingon

  10. Kaylie says:

    Lole. Hello kitty hearts dalek.

  11. DeadLegato says:

    I had to LOL when I saw this, because that’s my Dalek. My baby’s gotten famous on the internet, hasn’t she?

    I’m glad she’s gotten such a nice reception. Thanks for the comments. ^_^ Unfortunately, she is in cahoots with the Hello Kitty. It’s a winning combination for destroying and/or ruling the world. You will obey the Daleks, and if you resist, they’ll sic kitty on you. Is that a terrifying enough thought for you?

    As for why it was a kitty klingon, seeing it up in person I can answer that- the photos don’t show it, but she has heart-shaped white forehead ridges, the six button klingon belt with hello kitty faces instead of circles for decoration, the shoulder armor done in pastel crafy-foam… it’s klingon armor re-imagined for kitty.

    PS, the Dalek’s name is Zsa-Zsa if anyone cares. She’s well enough known at the con know that when I take her down the hall, people yell “Get out of the way, Zsa-Zsa is coming.”

  12. Ectro says:

    Hahaha, oh wow. I don’t mind HK usually, but I’ll be needing that toilet now…

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  14. Hello Kitty says:

    you guys are extremely ridiculous!! i am the best damn thing that you guys will ever see with wiskers!! you meanies are just jealous of my adorable cat-like features!!! i do not appreciate this slander. and it would be obliged for you to stop! thanks,
    Hello Kitty

  15. Savannah says:


    Daleks can take out whole planets with just one of them, but they can’t be killed by anyone but the Doctor, but I think it would have just died on the inside when that think got near it D:


  16. chrissy says:

    OMG I must have that piccie!! no realy may I copy it?

  17. Seth Bramwell says:

    Hee hee the dalek looks almost paralyzed in fear before her… and anyone who knows the daleks will apreciate the gravity of that statement!

  18. Ginny says:

    i fricking love that hello kitty is making nice with a dalek. awesomepants.

  19. The General says:

    Klingon Hello Kitty has been popular since I posted it on my site and submitted it here (yes, that’s my site able listed in the blurb above)

    “Klingon Hello Kitty with Dalek” has cranked in more hits all by itself than all of my web pages and all of my websites including my popular (non-HK) web comic!

    So, I created a site just for KHK, aptly called http://klingonhellokitty.com. It’s once of those self explanatory web site names…

    Please come and visit, and see FIVE more new pictures… Oh, and please vote for my comic while you are there, especially if you don’t want Klingon Hello Kitty getting more hits than my web comic!

  20. Mae says:

    WTF?????? No…no…NO!!!!

    Not only is Kitty ruining Star Trek, but a picture with a Dalek?????? NO HELLO KITTY HELL IN MY DOCTOR WHO thank you VERY much!

    evil, evil kitty.

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  22. Hello Kitty says:


  23. EterGrobie says:

    Oh, she’s standing next to a dalek! Maybe it could shoot her? :P

  24. EterGrobie says:

    Daleks are cute…

  25. Zoe says:

    i could cry… that thing is so … so.. so something! i cant think of the right word to convey my horror.

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