Hello Kitty Psycho Test

Now before all you Hello Kitty fans (who shouldn’t even be viewing this blog anyway – haven’t you realized this is an anti-Hello Kitty blog yet?) get into a Hello Kitty hissy-fit about the title of this entry, I’m just using the words that Sanrio uses in their own url to post (see, even Sanrio thinks that all of you Hello Kitty fanatics are a bit psycho ;) – actually double psycho if you look at the url) the Hello Kitty Psycho Psychology Test:

Hello Kitty psychology test

While I have major concerns when people ensure their psychology tests to a make believe feline, it’s simply another example of how Hello Kitty is after world domination. Beyond the money in your pocket book, she wants to control your mind as well (which she if effectively doing to far too many Hello Kitty fanatics). Of course, my wife wanted me to take the test which produced the following results:

It’s virtually impossible for you to care for others. For example you would probably eat and drink next to a friend who is on a diet, or you would share your romance with a friend who just broke up or some other insensitive things like such. Sometimes, you should really stand in other’s shoe and think of them – otherwise, those around you would probably think you are a “self-centered” and evil person.

Wow, that was an abundance of Hello Kitty sweetness calling me a “self-centered evil person” just because I preferred to keep the red cup for myself…Hmmmmmm, maybe Hello Kitty should take some of her own psycho psychological advice. Or maybe this is just the result that Hello Kitty herself creates when you have to look at her in Hello Kitty Hell everyday…

Of course, my wife sees the results as a sign that I don’t have enough Hello Kitty in my life and need more to combat the evil within me “so Hello Kitty’s sweetness can seep into your heart” — now, the thought of that is true Hello Kitty Hell…

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41 Responses to Hello Kitty Psycho Test

  1. redeux says:


  2. Frida says:

    No, No, NOOO! >.

  3. Laiane says:

    I, too, am self-centered and “evil.” BWAhahahaha

  4. Jennifer says:

    Why are these results not at all surprising?

    Btw, I found a Pocahontas-meets-HK art exhibit the other day: http://fullmoon.typepad.com/chaos/2007/06/pocakitty.html

    If it’s any consolation, your wife can’t buy these..

  5. Julie says:

    I promise you this is not actually hentai. It references hentai but there is nothing graphic on there. Well, for you I´m sure the HK head on one of the characters is pretty disturbing…

  6. Rabanito says:

    I\’ve read through your whole blog, and this is just wrong.

    I\’m a girl and I just puke at the sight of hello kitty. There is nothing remotely pink or cute in my room, and I feel for you. Really.

    Now I feel like purchasing something hello kitty and destroying it in front of a video camera. I\’m sure a lot of people will feel better with this.

  7. Jordan says:

    I’m 40% self centered. I like to get attention by getting promotions at work. Darn me for wanting to be ambitious and successful.

    This test is totally wack and so is the grammar in it.

  8. TeratoMarty says:

    I concur with Jordan’s diagnosis of Kitty as “totally wack.” Either there are cultural references that I’m not getting, or offering someone a spoon rather than a fork is a really cold move.

  9. SpawnOfAzazel says:

    LOL what’s with the used bandage question?

  10. Marie says:

    I am, as well, evil.
    Evil seems a little strong for Hello Kitty, does it not?

  11. Joy says:

    I’m not a super crazed hello kitty fan, but I came across this link that I thought you might like to add:


  12. papiercherri says:

    This was obviously translated by an individual that lacked the ability to speak or write fluent English. Is it wrong to give someone a yellow cup? Is it wrong to assume someone used bandages from a box of bandages WHEN THEY WERE INJURED? If that makes me an evil bitch….they should see what else I can do….

  13. Amaranthim says:

    Those that found the grammar usage entertaining, I would refer to http://www.Engrish.com for a daily dose – here and that are my daily stops, with a side offering of woot.com. ;)

  14. Leah says:

    This is totally messed up.

  15. brien says:

    The used bandage question is subtle. It’s asking, “Do you see others as rescuers or helpers of other people, or do they just meet their own needs?” People tend to project their own standards on the motives of others, so it’s determining whether you’re a rescuer or user. Brilliant!

  16. TeratoMarty says:

    Oh, OK, so it’s not asking what you think about a person who puts their used bandaids back in the box? Cos that’s what I thought, and it made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  17. saphiestar says:

    Apparently I don’t like to care. Show’s how wrong Hello Kitty is…>.> I had a nightmare yesterday night. Hello Kitty took over the world and everything was pink. It was terrifying. The guys were wearing pink everything and I woke up and was all o.O

  18. pat says:

    Freud would say, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but Hello Kitty is just plain hell. Hah, I was able to manipulate the test to get every letter at the end. And I only took it five times to get all four letters. Now, I didn’t hit all of the questions, but it just seems like sanrio just came up with some stupid Jr. High school or freshman like/like thing to be able to have someone prove how much you like or hate them. Bah.

  19. Cade says:

    For someone who hates Hello Kitty you sure like to talk about her a lot. I think I mention Hello Kitty less than five times a month and I would never dedicate a site to her…

    Srsly, aside from the KKK, how many people have created a site solely for something they hate? You weirdo.^___^

    I’m majoring in Psychology and the test is so far from anything logical or real. The colour of the teacup you hand to your friend does not make you a better or eviler person.

  20. sandrine says:

    Apparently giving my friend the yellow cup makes me 40% caring!
    Still love hello kitty though..

  21. nanotube says:

    HAHAHAHA, I am evil too!!!

  22. Lesley says:

    OMG these were my dumb results:
    It’s virtually impossible for you to care for others. For example you would probably eat and drink next to a friend who is on a diet, or you would share your romance with a friend who just broke up or some other insensitive things like such. Sometimes, you should really stand in other’s shoe and think of them – otherwise, those around you would probably think you are a “self-centeredâ€? and evil person…..*cries* i’m not that mean

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  24. Sam64 says:

    Wow.. a HK wedding.. If my bride were to pull something like that, she would suddenly find herself single again.

    I also kept the red cup for myself.. If they themselves think so lowly of the yellow cup, why do they even sell them?

  25. Dominika says:

    hello, i’m from poland. na prawde!!

  26. Cheryl says:

    Looks like I’m self-centered and evil, too. All of us evil folks should join together and form a club or something. We can plan how to take candy from babies and push old people off curbs and other really nasty stuff like that.

    Add me to the list of females who agrees that you live in a Hello Kitty Hell. You have my sympathy. It boggles me what HK products are actually avaliable. The vibrator, I think, tops the list of truly whacked out items. It’s a sick, sick person who gets sexual pleasure from a cartoon.

    The reason your wife wants the surfboard and floor buffer and other things that will just collect dust? Because they exist. I used to be totally obsessed with Phantom of the Opera, to the point I believed the characters existed, and I wanted everything even remotely connected to PotO simply because it was. Again, you have my sympathies.

  27. Josie says:


    Ooooouuch I´m so evil! :( but what the hell has to do a pot, a cup, a fork, and a spoon to do with my mind and philosophy?

    Any Hello Kitty fan can tell me I don´t understand her kitty ¨heart¨ but well, that doesn´t keep me up all night long. (not even five minutes) jajajaja

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  29. ardycake says:

    i failed it with a 40%


  30. Draes says:

    this was rather amusing to me as I consider myself terribly critical and harsh towards just about everyone, and I answered the questions in a truthfully selfish manner… but I got the A, I care 120% about others. I laughed so hard I almost threw up :) Really, what does curry or soup have to do with anything – I noticed that question was asked with two different pots as well – is it really the pot that mattered? good grief :B

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  32. Cyn says:

    Well Mr Hello Kitty Hell, you are not the only “cold hearted” person around here, got the same result…maybe I should start doing exaclty what the result say and be a selfish annoying person…quite a ridiculour test indeed!

  33. Yumiko says:

    Hmm. Hello Kitty, P.hd!

  34. Ksomaarta says:

    I am a Hello Kitty fans since I was young boy and I am “Bosan Hidup” I wish I no longer exis and I will reborn or reincarnation to become a boy or a girl and love Hello Kitty very much!.

  35. Kadek says:

    Since I was young and I love Hello Kitty very much but know I am 21 year old & in next incarnation I will reborn to human and I will loved Hello Kitty & Friends! :).

  36. Kadek says:

    This blog makes me sometimes feel happy and sometimes not because this blog some are controversial, Iam a boy! and so many comment in this blog and I am really proud of it but for this life only..:(, in my next incarnation I will reborn become good boy and I love Hello Kitty so much and I will playing and sleep with HK… =)

  37. Alyssa says:

    lol… I love HK. :D

    I’m know i’m psycho~! Thats fine by me.

  38. Ksomaarta says:

    My girl friend love HK.:D

    I’ know she love me.

  39. maddie says:

    i love and my friend says… Hi this picture is freaking ah-amazing and i love it because of HELL!!!!!!

  40. katelyn says:

    hello kitty id so awesome she is so cute!!!!!!

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