Hello Kitty Batman Tattoo

In keeping with the superhero theme, my wife had this tattoo emailed to her in her continued search for the perfect Hello Kitty tattoo for herself.

(Photo removed on request)

While I think Hello Kitty tattoos are wrong in general and anyone who ever considers getting one should have to do so with the Hello Kitty Vibrator Tattoo Gun Mod, having my wife consider one placed in that particular area of her body would be a Hello Kitty Hell disaster. It’s bad enough that I have to find Hello Kitty underneath the first layer of clothing, but to have her staring directly at me once all the layers are off would bring Hello Kitty Hell to an all new level.

While I could go into 1000 reasons why this particular Hello Kitty tattoo is also horrendous, the truth is that any Hello Kitty tattoo plastered across my wife’s chest is going to be a complete nightmare. The last thing that I want is to be in the mood and have to deal with Hello Kitty staring directly at me knowing that I must complement my wife on the Hello Kitty tattoo or face the repercussion that I will be to be sent to the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. I fear that this is the Hello Kitty Hell future that lies ahead…

Thanks to kittyfan3 who should be forced to get a similar tattoo and listen to that same music each day for the rest of her life…

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  1. EWWW!!!!!




  2. I hate scene kids….seriously.
    Bitch at me if you will, but they’re simply obnoxious and do nothing but take up space.

  3. i really dont think shes that pretty either. Pretty girls dont have to show off their boobs to get attention. If the purpose really was to show off her tattoo then she could have worn a shirt and made herself more respectable. Girls who think it makes them beautiful to pose without their clothes on are stupid. The tattoo is not that bad but i would never get a tattoo of a children’s character myself. Maybe she would be pretty if she respected herself more than to show off her boobs to everyone. In my opinion tattoos should be artistic some may agree or disagree with that but whatever.

  4. God, shut up with your negitive comments. this girl is obviously beautiful and her tattoo is very cute. she can show off her boobs as much as she wants to, dont be so jealous..its a very unattractive trait to have. its JUST a picture, why are you analyzingit so much?? enuff said, i looove her tattoo and i think she’s s a very cute girl <3 Girls never have anything nice to say about other girls these days. How childish.

    • Grow up… clearly you can’t see common sense if it hit you in the face… she is pretty but the way she is carrying herself and portraying herself does not show that… and I’m sorry but I agree with LC… it is a children’s character and has no place being inked between a woman’s breasts…
      The way she has done her hair and makeup screams attention seeker and fighting to be something other than normal or “different” the sad reality is that she is normal in some circles…
      It looks cheap and horrid… sorry that you don’t understand common phycology and social behaviors… Grow up! Then maybe you’ll understand some of the comments…

      • No, you’re the one who clearly needs to grow up. There is nothing wrong with a woman doing any of the things the girl in the picture is doing, judging her for being revealing is dumb as hell.

        And nobody who dresses alternatively is trying to be ‘unique’ past the age of 14. They do it for the same reason you dress however you do, because that’s what makes them feel most attractive.

        The only thing here that is horrid is your personality.

  5. What is it with guys and breasts, someone asked. Well, that’s BIOLOGY, it’s natural. What is it with women and hellokitty’s, shoes, handbags, rich men – those are -NOT- natural by any means. So before you bash men, try to answer my questions first. Then we can go to the explanation of breasts functions as a sexual arouser (why do women show so much cleavage and make sure they show as much breasts and cleavage as possible if they don’t think it will make any impact on men, huh?) among other things.

    – Vortac

  6. A clarification; when I say ‘shoes’ etc. are not natural, I of course mean a LUST for them is clearly not dictated by our genes, or anything else in our biology. Thus being something nature did not intend – an artificial and twisted urge that should not exist.

    But breasts have many functions, one of them is to sexually arouse men – and you hypocrite women KNOW it, you USE it and still have the nerve to come here to whine about it, although you clearly benefit from it! That big-egoed sad goth-hag in the picture knows this and uses this. If she had the tattoo in her arm, she couldn’t get as many men interested in it when she wants to show it. Notice how she’s not really wearing much although she could very well be without the tattoo being disturbed.

    It’s cruel and deliberate manipulation on the women’s part – first they arouse the men with their breasts and then they try to make the men feel guilty about it! Can you GET any more diabolical than that?

    – Vortac

  7. I do not get it, I think she looks gorgeous.
    She got the Mortitia from the munsters and a vampiretress look. I like it.

  8. FFS.
    The tattoo look pretty cool, I’m a massive HK fan, but its going to be there for the rest of her life. Or she’s going to have to go through a LOT of pain to get rid of it.
    Whether she’s beautiful or not has NOTHING to do with the post. The post is about the tattoo.
    PLUS, how many guys are saying she’s beautiful and actually lookin at her face? I’m guessing none.
    You all need to grow up and realise there’s more to women than tits.
    Oh, and realise, that women use special things called make-up and photoshop to make themselves look better (yes that’s sarcasm).

    At the end of the day it’s damn pathetic how you’ve made this into a bitch fest of how great her boobs are or how ugly she is.
    I thought this was HKH, not ogle-her-tits-n-dis-her-face.com.
    But that’s obviously what you all care about more.

  9. -fair enough who would like to see that crap tatoo when your wife is lusciously awesome-! Hello T*ttY-licious! T*tty and Kitty :)

  10. Seriously the last time i’ve been on this site must be like 3 years ago yet it grew huge til now O_O (am still amazed and dizzied).
    Above all i don’t want to be contemptuous in any way but anyone seriously adoring “such stuff” would get a “go and do some drugs” from me. Seriously there are better ways to spend your money (even if you “intentionally want to waste it”). Well asian hellokitty emo-g”u”rls are tempting yet I’d have to pass, though the girl’s probably pretty nice/cute (without that tattoo ofc) -.-. Due to the fact I’d have to worry about sanity issues or serious mental problems.
    Above all i agree totally with silent bob,
    cheers dude !

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