Hello Kitty Fetish Fanatics

Let me say this once (I really don’t believe that I need to say this even one time) — I seriously have no (I’m talking 100%) interest in hearing about your Hello Kitty fetishes. While I view myself as being quite liberal and believe that what consenting adults decide to do in their own home is their own business, that doesn’t mean I have any desire to actually know in detail what it is you are doing with Hello Kitty in the privacy of your own home (and for all you Hello Kitty fanatics that visit this site that complain I’m being mean to Hello Kitty, believe me, you have no idea (nor do you want to know) what some people are doing to – or should I say “with” – her…).

I think it is pretty safe to claim a new low in Hello Kitty Hell when those with Hello Kitty fetishes believe not only that it is OK to email theirs to me, but that I would actually want to read about it…

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16 Responses to Hello Kitty Fetish Fanatics

  1. Are you serious? I mean really, this a humorous blog, if it’s some hellokitty funnyass shit, that’s one thing, but are you actually serious?


  2. darl287 says:

    Even though I don’t want to know, I have to know – what exactly did they write?

  3. Chococat rules, HK drools! says:

    I’ve been checking off your website for a while now, and I’ve kinda wondered if you really don’t like Hello Kitty. You write about her everyday.

    Regarding the HK sex freaks…They must get their rocks off by telling you what they do with HK. Whether you like it or not.

  4. HK Fan says:

    I must ask, out of morbid curiousity, what were they??

  5. TechSupport says:

    Um, ew.

  6. ummmmm yah gross! just reminded of a show that documented about people who like to do all that with animal furry costumes on……or is that the same thing? poor kitty!

  7. CF says:

    Well, every other popular product has its Online Slashfic.

    And let us not forget:


    (no matter how we may *try*…).

  8. Oh NO! How could they defile Hello Kitty!?! I don’t want to hear about it either!!! I seriously cannot even imagine it!

  9. Jam says:

    Make sure your wife buys you one of these:

    You sure deserve a gift for all you’ve been thru with HK.

  10. Anavi says:

    I´ve read your blog since yesterday. And despite I like HK I pretty think that some HK merchandise products are mean. Unfortunately, commercialization exists.
    But there is 1 thing making me wonder: how can an HK disliker live with HK lover?

  11. Amy says:

    So WRONG…. so very very WRONG

  12. Corey says:

    LOL this is killing……freaks are so funny!

  13. Christy says:

    Okay, so it’s like this – I’m not a Hello Kitty fanatic. I also think Hello Kitty fetishes, if they really do exist, are the most disgusting things ever. But there are reasons.

    In Japan, there seems to be a growing fetish of “cute.” This is obvious in everything from the vast amounts of mangas and animes with schoolgirls in… less than modest situations to the huge organized crime community of child porn and prostitution.

    Hello Kitty is nothing if not “cute.” The fact that she’s a cartoon cat doesn’t matter any more than the fact that those other things the perverts are lusting over are biologically impossible cartoons girls. The end.

  14. Carl says:

    to Christy:

    IN Japan there isn’t a growing fetish of cuteness – it’s been part of modern Japanese society for a very long time. Japanese cuteness is a way of getting power in a society that gives women none much like the use of seduction in Latin societies.

    As to the huge organised crime community keeping child sex slaves- in your exhaustive studies of Japanese life you obviously missed the “compensated dating” scandal of a few years ago. It became a national debate due to the fact apparently teenage girls saw nothing morally wrong in stinging middle-aged married Johns for big bucks to buy designer and very probably HK merchandise. In other words they were pimping themselves out not the Japanese mafia.

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