Hello Kitty Cheerleader Superhero Video

It’s when I receive things like this in my email box that I know it’s going to be a horrendous Hello Kitty Hell day:

If we ever have a girl, that is exactly how my wife hopes our daughter turns out. I think I’ll go and cry in a corner and pray for a boy (although that might even be worse)…

This was so bad that the person that sent it did so anonymously. While they should definitely have to dress up like this for the rest of their lives for even thinking of sending it to me, I give them credit for not wanting to be associated with such a Hello Kitty Hellish and lower the sentence to just a year…

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12 Responses to Hello Kitty Cheerleader Superhero Video

  1. Carol says:

    Best of all, it’s performed in a bowling alley!

    … are there any Hello Kitty bowling alleys?

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love it!x i just wanna get up and join in!x

  3. dickie says:

    omg… that could be someone’s mom or sister…

  4. Jam says:

    I’m sorry but I’m laughing. I bet your wife looks forward to having a child someday. I’m just thinking of what she’ll all be able to do with the nursery.

  5. J on 1st Hill says:

    I think I just lost 1 IQ points for watching that…

  6. jen-chan says:

    no words….

  7. Alfred says:

    GREAT clip…I LOVE it!

  8. Barrie says:

    I hope to God that woman is prevented from breeding. What she would do to our gene pool terrifies me. Please let her die before she makes another video at least.

  9. Vix says:

    I bet that lady must have lost a bet or something.

  10. m-dogg says:

    I have her hat!!!!! yea me!!!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    looks like she lost a bet.

  12. Heilo Kitler says:

    There are Hello Kitty bowling balls! and Golf clubs to bash her in!

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