Hello Kitty Wedding Ring

It would seem that I would be thanking Sanrio for not creating these until after I was already married, but Hello Kitty Hell doesn’t make something like this simply disappear due to timing. While Hello Kitty wedding rings weren’t around when my wife and I got married, their appearance so close to our 10th anniversary has my wife trying to convince me that this is exactly what we need to celebrate the occasion:

Hello Kitty wedding ring

Hello Kitty wedding men's ring

Hello Kitty wedding ladies' ring

Hello Kitty wedding ring pair

It would be bad enough if I had to give her a Hello Kitty wedding ring, but it’s even worse that they come in a matching pair with Hello Kitty engraved on the inside meaning that I would also have to wear a Hello Kitty wedding ring. Sanrio, in their marketing genius, have set this up as a no win situation for any man living in Hello Kitty Hell. While the bride’s ring has Hello Kitty prominently on the outside, Hello Kitty is hidden on the inner circle of the ring on the groom’s ring — apparently even they realized the backlash if they had tried to place Hello Kitty’s face on the outside, but this strategic placement gives the bride negotiating room to argue that it is not nearly as bad as it could have been.

In reality, having Hello Kitty on the inside isn’t any better. Just the thought that I am somehow defacto married to Hello Kitty as well makes my heart seize up and gives my stomach that wonderful nauseating feeling you get before you have to run to the toilet to vomit.

Of course, the wedding rings don’t come cheap when Hello Kitty lends her face to them. The platinum Hello Kitty wedding rings run $1,640 (189,000 Yen) with the bride’s ring getting two minuscule diamond chips (0.02ct ) added to either side of Hello Kitty’s face. I’m actually surprised that they are Pepto Bismol pink.

So once again the Hello Kitty quandary arises. If I don’t get the rings, I will have to get something Hello Kitty that could be just as awful (or even worse) to placate not getting them. Either way I lose and Hello Kitty wins which is almost always the case in Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. Wow now I see why the hello kitty face is on the inside of the ring for men…I mean no guy I’ve ever been with would wear that ring…although I wish my boyfriend would :]

  2. Dude, if you put that ring on your finger and were discovered by a band of yahoos, you’d be lashed to the back of a truck and dragged down the street for at least a mile….

  3. Oh, cute rings but NOT for guys…I would totally want one if I were getting married now !

    Ariella, you are one smart cookie…good going on getting the ring you really wanted !

  4. Don’t worry, if your wife makes you get these rings, I’m pretty sure you can get engravings faded to nothing. That way, you can exfoliate Kitty’s face to oblivion. She’d still get your money, though.

  5. Yipes, 1600 bucks?

    My husband got me the 175 dollar HK ring from Zales and I love it!

    These rings are cute.. but not clean out your wallet cute!
    I would just want the ladies one. I’d never make my man wear a HK ring.

  6. You have to REALLY love your spouse to agree to wear these proudly as a sign of your love and devotion to someone. For the female it’s okay, but unless the guy is a yes man, no male in his right mind would wear the matching male band.

    Still, if it wear Dear Daniel and not HK on the groom’s band, I don’t think it would be as bad.

  7. I totally understand Hello Kitty Hell! My boyfriend wants these, yes a GUY WANTS THESE RINGS… he wants a hello kitty scooter, I told him no….It’s insane!

    I think viewing this site has now given me sufficient warning that giving into one hello kitty request will only bring about more, there is no end in sight!!

  8. omg i love your posts and the comments are very funny … “on ring to rule them all ” =)) ….i’m not a hello kitty fan but i dont hate the hk industry 😛

  9. I want one but I don’t want my husband to wear one! Just me. this is a very cute idea along with a Hello Kitty wedding.

  10. Ha. I’m so lucky, I mentioned these to my boyfriend and he seriously wants them almost as bad as I do. ;P.

    I don’t own much HK items, a couple shirts max, but I never had to force my liking of HK on my man. :].

    He and I are planning on matching HK tattoos. ;D.

    But I totally understand what too much is; I wouldn’t own household appliances or have an entire wedding.

    Your wife is nice enough to let you have this blog though for your sanity.

  11. aww they are soooo cute!!!! i just have to have these for my wedding!!
    im still trying to convince my fiance to get them. :) wish me luckkk! 😀

  12. ooh i love these, me and my girlfriend are both shameless hello kitty fans 😛 do you think they’d stone me to death if i asked to have 2 female rings??

  13. I love those rings… I’m gonna convience my boyfriend to buy them. I am a sanrio/otaku junkie… Thanks for the idea!

  14. heheh i never thought that sanrio acttually came out with wedding bands and engagement rings… my boyfriend was terrified at first but eventually he said we’ll get this lol

  15. hai..i love this hello kitty ring , can u tell me where can buy this hello kitty ring ? and the wat price ? im from malaysia..thanks

  16. I loved it, but just for me… I never would like to my husband use.. Things to decorate the home, kitchen, my clothes, have the Kitty is ok, but his personal things is too much! Almost this things I respect!

  17. IF I ever get married again, we will have these. Any man who loves me enough to marry me will love me enough to wear this ring!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  18. Hello Kitty is good as a child’s toy or the odd throw pillow — but a WEDDING RING?! WTF?!

    Is there nothing sacred?!

    (Also, it’s nice to have a pet kitty in your house, but be sure to have her spayed, to prevent her from multiplying!)

  19. This is freaking hilarious! I love HK. I would not, however, use this as my main wedding ring. I think the cost is quite high for two diamond chips! I also love my diamonds….not as suggestions of diamonds. I wouldn’t mind having it just for myself as a right handed ring. No way would I ask my husband to wear it after 25 year of marriage. Plus I think he is in Hello Kitty Hell with the author of this site! Love the site BTW even though I am like the oldest Hello Kitty fan on the planet (@49yrs). My 50th Bday party WILL BE HELLO KITTY!! Hello Kitty…Rock on!

  20. can u give me the website where u found these rings my man wants to get them for me and him when we get married pleaaseeeeee thank you I love Hello Kittyyy

  21. o___o one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    Somebody get four midgets, a ranger, an elf and a dwarf. The ring reformed.

    I would never wear one of these… I’d be afraid my finger would burn off at the touch… (As a personal rule: no fandom in permanent things. So I won’t ever get a Triforce tattoo or get the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on a wedding ring)

  22. NEVER!!!!!!!!!! i would get lord of the rings wedding rings before i would get hello kitty, and i love hello kitty but i would never have my husband get that! ladies please never make a man get that ring set! if i were a man i would “lose” the ring. and all the crap they would get from there friends! and trust me there friends would find out. never do this to a man!!!

  23. i really love hello kitty i’m a avid fan since i was a little girl but when i saw this wedding ring… i feel that i like to get married again (i’m separated) & i really really want this ring… Please tell me where can i get those rings… pls.. pls.. pls…

  24. These are actually really cute .__. And I know that my boyfriend would wear the other one~ and he’s not gay or bi either. C: I’m lucky. <3

  25. I will get one. Just one bec I’m getting divorced. What a great way to celebrate! If I have to get both of them, I’ll wear one on each hand.

  26. i like the rings i mean…its a tad obbsessive…and if my bf saw that it would make me happy i know he would buy them…hes already agreed on a hk bedset for our bed…but never wuld i humilate him this much by forcing him to wear one of those rings

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