Cutting Scarification

It’s already been well established that Hello Kitty fanatics are, to put it diplomatically, fanatical. In being so, they go far beyond what most of us normal people would consider, for lack of a better word, sane. Usually this merely means buying lots of useless Hello Kitty crap, but apparently some are willing to go to painful lengths for the evil feline:

Hello Kitty scarification

Of course, I have fallen once again into the classic Hello Kitty Hell trap of believing that it couldn’t get any worse than the Hello Kitty tattoos for body modification. I never learn…it always gets worse. Apparently true Hello Kitty devotion means splitting you skin open to permanently scar Hello Kitty’s image into your skin. Again, I hope this person really wanted Hello Mimmy (Hello Kitty’s sister) and not Hello Kitty on her arm (it still bothers me that I know the difference) because it doesn’t look like those scars will be coming off once the cuts have healed…

Sent in by Morgan (via modblog) who should have to suffer the same treatment for thinking it was – in any way, shape or form – a good idea to bring this to my attention.

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  1. “You only post the extreme things so that everyone that doesn’t know better thinks that this is only the Hello Kitty out there. Why don’t you show all the cute plush and pens and key chains that are out there. By giving only extreme examples, you warp everything just to make yourself look good and try to influence people that don’t know a lot about Hello Kitty. It’s disgusting that you do this instead of being fair like you should be.”

    Darlene, he doesn’t show cute thing cause you can find those anywhere ROFL

    k, I support you decision.

    I personally would never get scarification done because I’m a wimp who can’t take pain lol, but I have thought about getting a tattoo along with my fiancee. For several years I wanted to be a tattoo artist but my parents convinced me out of it by saying “only slutty people get tattoos”. Which is the most biased thing I’ve ever heard (especialy since my father had a tattoo). I agree with the others that scrification needs to be thought about long and hard first. But you seem firm in your decision and you’ve obviously thought it through already.

    I love the outcome generally, they’re very beautiful but I myself couldn’t do it for the pain factor, I’m kinda a wimp about skin burns, cuts, or injuries. But I think a tattoo would work better for me because it’s a little easier to bandage than scarification is. If recall correctly don’t you have to keep it wet for it to scar right? See I’d want something I could just treat with ointment and such.

    I really really don’t like the hello kitty design for this one. It could have been a lot more original.

  2. Hannah – to make the scars more visible you have to keep the wound open and healing as long as possible by agitating it with toothpaste or lemon juice or removing scabs. The longer you do this the more pronounced the scar will be. That’s the painful part.

  3. I am a Hello Kitty™ fanatic, however, these lengths are ridiculous. It makes me sad that such an innocent charecter could cause something like this. T.T

  4. OMG! I love hello kitty (not a fanatic way but…) but this is just nauseating i screamed when i saw this! why would you scar yourself like that……some people need SERIOUS COUNSELING!!!!!!!

  5. That’s not Hello Kitty – it’s her sister Mimi.

    Mimi wears a ribbon on her right ear so the other people can tell Mimi and Kitty apart.

  6. I don’t understand why somebody would do that.

    Please let it be that they decided to go original when they slashed.

    Deary me.

  7. What the hell is up with this darlene crazy? She REALLY REALLY needs to be put away. And, ouch. Thats probably the worst HK thing I’ve seen.

  8. mimmy doesn’t bother me as much as hk! (i’m not stupid I know they look the same)

    I think everyone gives darlene to much attention. if you ignore maybe she will wither away to her hello kitty heaven!

  9. Oh… my… God. Even though I luv hello kitty i just think getting her SCARRED onto ur arm is the dumbest thing EVER. Its never gonna come off!!!!!!!!!!

  10. that is not hello kitty that is mimmy hello kitty wears her bow on the right side and that bow is on the left side soooo i hope she didn’t really want hello kitty and if so she needs to go get her money back DORK

  11. From what I know of evil reituals(just the stuff I read in the Bible) that girl really screwed up. This one is worst then the guy who sold his soul to Stan. I mean not only do you not get evil powers(which I don’t want myself but I relize someone out there does) but you get tormented for all eternity by the Kitty!

  12. … I think that’s tight! I do my own cutting though… They usally turn out kinda bad :\ But anywho, what’s so bad about HelloKitty? And someone wanting to carve something into their skin?

  13. This is almost as cool as that slayer video when the fan carves slayer into his arm and then sets it on fire, almost.

  14. Look at the bright side 😀
    If she looks into the mirror
    When she looks away Mimi’s there ._.

  15. its kinda depressing, even though i think that not only is it grotesque and disgusting and no human should ever do it.. i also think its cute… i think im effected by its plague… since hello kitty is like a virus spreading uncontrollably

  16. I don’t understand why so many of you are accusing scarified people of needing counseling. If you really count such things as self-injury…ear piercing is too. To purposely scar oneself is to purposely create art out of yourself. Dance has been said to be the only art in which the medium itself it YOU. Scarification is, too.

  17. its their choice to get it done or not,
    and its not self harm either:| that’s totally different

    i have 5 scarifications and they all mean something to me and represent something,
    and to be honest when they heal, they arent as prominent as tattoos (:

  18. “If i were going to go to that extreme for body “art” it sure as hell wouldn’t be for a hello kitty.”

    Well, whatever you would use as that art on your body is probably something I wouldn’t want on mine. To each his own.

  19. “You are so totally biased. The problem isn’t Hello Kitty, but that you present a totally one-sided view of her. You only post the extreme things so that everyone that doesn’t know better thinks that this is only the Hello Kitty out there. Why don’t you show all the cute plush and pens and key chains that are out there.”
    ‘Cause those are just as bad

    “You may think you’re all high and mighty because of your distortions, but everyone can see through what you’re trying to do.”
    I don’t think he’s trying to do anything except let off steam from his everyday life surrounded by HK crap… therefore it does actually have a meaning.

    “I know you will refuse my challenge because you are a mean and unsympathetic man who is only looking to become popular off of the popularity of Hello Kitty. But by refusing, you show that I’m right and everyone will know the truth.”
    That part… just… didn’t make any sense to me.

  20. @darlene,

    you act like this is a product authorized by sanrio. it’s really not, nor are the dozens of other items ussually shown on the site.

  21. she is out of her mind. who would even thing about doing this. i got one question for you : did it hurt??????????????????

  22. Minimalist art lends itself well to scarification, and this work is a perfect example. Even the most passionate Hello Kitty detractor, or even body-art detractor, must admit that, yes?

    I’m acquainted with a woman who has a fully-healed cutting on her chest. The first time I saw her topless, I conversed with her for a full five minutes before I even noticed it. Once I finally did, the image was unmistakable. Scarification art in its healed state combines extremism and subtlety, beautifully or revoltingly according to your taste.

    To the last poster: Of course it hurts. So do giving birth and lifting weights. I doubt you express the same self-righteous horror when you see a goggling infant or a bodybuilder.

    Your real problem with this cutting is not that it must have been painful, is it?

  23. Darlene is right. Hello Kitty is a person, too!
    Except it isn’t. Hello Kitty doesn’t have rights. It’s no one’s responsibility to portray it in a good light. What kind of creep tries to limit someone’s freedom of speech . . . over Hello Kitty? It stands for nothing. It’s a weird tattoo. However, the blogger has the right to write about whatever he wants because, unlike HK, he is a human being. And I am wasting my time right now.

    she wants to do that let her . Who the hell
    are you guys to have i say . uhm oo rght NOONE .
    lols all you guys are bunch of lames with nolives
    who speak your minds over computer screen . Tuh
    get a life . && i so hapen to be gettinq my hello kittytat 2d (: 3 to be exact

  25. hey i am a big hello kitty but I think this going a bit too far scarification is stupid and must be really painfull since the scars have to stay there for life. Also tbh a tattoo certainly looks nicer than scars. Plus your meant to only get permanant scars from accidents not actually want them done like a tattoo.


  27. I want to see this healed. I’ve done scarification and have one. Little circles do not fare well. Mimi’s nose probably necrotized. The other closed circles in the design are risky as hell. You can see parts where the artist left little gaps where they shouldn’t be… That’s to keep closed areas open so they will not rot and fall off. Fun stuff, eh kids?

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