Hello Kitty Snack

I miss forks. Living in Japan where we use chopsticks all the time and stabbing food with them is considered extremely rude, you aren’t able to pull something like this off and be able to claim to the Hello Kitty fanatic next to you that you had no intention of inflicting any harm to the evil feline in any way:

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty Snack

Hello Kitty Snack

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty snack

Sent in by Pilar (via Richy!) who deserves a beer if we ever meet for letting me imagine that I will be able to do something like this to take out my frustration and get away with it if I’m ever forced to fly on the Hello Kitty airline

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59 Responses to Hello Kitty Snack

  1. Danielle French says:

    i would actually love toeat something thats in a hello kitty shape but not that thats in the picture like her candy and her bread u know just simple things like that and that d darelene go and get a life and stop worryen about what somebody’s wife gone think.u is agruvating evrybody.

  2. hello kitty hell guest.....person....thingy..... says:

    Darlene, seriously, wake up!!!!!! Stop saying that *everyone* agrees with you because we don’t, we come to this site to admire the creator of hello kitty hell’s determination through his wife’s and his hello kitty world, not to talk about how sad it is that we are eating a shaped cake! If you want to do something better with your time go and be employed by Sanrio and give them more sad ideas of hello kitty products, which hello kitty hell’s creator’s wife will then buy, which he will then put up a new post on this wonderful site, yet again, entertaining us further in our pointless attempts to cease hello kitty hell’s all over the world! This is a site for giving sympathy (no offense to the creator) to this man, not to preach about how great hello kitty is! GOD SAKE!!!!
    Right…….errrr……oh yeah the snack, where would you be able to get these in england? I want to find Darlene, ring her door and eat them in front of her….hilarity will ensue….

  3. nina says:

    i have a hello kitty waffle maker and it makes the waffles in that shape! <3

  4. Arlene says:

    food should be food shaped? does that make any sense? theyre cakes. you bake em in any shape u want!

    so cakes baked in a round pan arent food shaped because theyre round? i dont understand…

    and what about all those cakes shaped like disney princesses? and mickey mouse?

    come to think of it… are there even sites about hating Mickey Mouse? or SLeeping beauty?

    if you guys hate hello kitty this much, im sure you hate every other childrens cartoon character ever created too. did u guys even have a childhood?

    sorry if someone already said this btw I didnt feel like reading everyones comment.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Great website!! Keep up the good work.
    Hello Kitty rules!!!!

  6. Hello_kitty says:

    how DARE you stab me !

  7. javi says:


  8. kellytahh says:

    i am gunna stab YOU who ever made this website.
    i hate you.
    im her FAN and whoever hates her obviously
    has NO LIFE.
    so go get one in japan and find out
    REAL stuff about her.

  9. kellytahh says:

    go scratch ur dog or something.
    what makes you think you have time to write mean stuuff about this beautiful pink cat.
    your just wasting your time.
    what did she eveer do to you.?
    ughh low lifes.>;0

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