Hello Kitty Candy Tattoo

The flow of Hello Kitty tattoos into my email box continues unabated for reasons I cannot fathom other than Hello Kitty fanatics think it is fun to nauseate me on a regular basis. The latest in the growing list is a Hello Kitty candy tattoo:

Hello Kitty candy tattoo

I like sweets as much as the next person, but you know when you eat too much and that sugar high quickly turns into an overwhelming feeling that all contents in your stomach should no longer be there. That is what it basically feels like to live in Hello Kitty Hell all the time making this tattoo aptly appropriate (although it would be more accurate with the vomit aftermath at the bottom).

Even worse, it doesn’t look like it is going to stop here:

I went threw 6 hours of pain for this and I will do it again!! And thank you for giving me more ideas for more Hello Kitty Tattoos.

Of course, my wife loves it. “Hello Kitty is always surrounded by sweetness. How could you not love a tattoo like that?”

Let me count the ways…

Sent in by Melissa who deserves a whole lot more than 6 hours of pain for thinking it was a good idea to email this to me…

67 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Candy Tattoo

  1. Reading everyones comments make me laugh. Talk about some bad spelling & bad grammer! As for her tattoo, she should have picked a better artist. There’s no form and the lines could have been drawn alot better to make her tattoo pop out. I think whoever said tattoo’s are a waste of money & time is very ignorant and close minded. Tattoo’s are self expression and SOOOO many people enjoy getting them. I have a few myself and I’m always thinking of something else i can get covered. My feet are next. And when I’m sixty and I’m all wrinkly… I pry won’t give a FXCK abt what anyone thinks of me OR my tattoos. Nor should anyone else with tattoos.

  2. @ashh. – If you’re going to criticize people’s grammar, perhaps you should spell it correctly? I’m just sayin’….

  3. I think it’s cute. Everyone has their own thing, why do people waste their energy judging and putting others down? Seems like those who do have self-esteem issues themselves.

  4. honestly ive had my candy half sleeve (THERE IS NO HELLO KITTY IN IT, I HATE HELLO KITTY) for awhile and the fact its a trend to get them now pisses me off. that tat isnt even good.

  5. omg , i happen to LOVE hello kitty . its insulting that youu must write so muchh “SHET” about something so sweet and innocent . its about love & happiness , and youur bitter heart shouldnt put that down ! maybe youu should think about liking it since youu seem to only write shet about it . if youur taking time out of YOUUR dayy to write about hello kitty , then youu’ve obviously put muchh thought & care into it , and its very cold of youu to put down other people’s interests . some people love things , who thaa hell are youu to judge them ?!

  6. Who cares if they have a hello kitty tattoo tattoo’d to their ass?! Get over it! You guys have too much time on your hands to start a blog about hello kitty obsessed people. What a waste of time.

  7. Okay I just want to point out that this guy created this web site because he hates hello kitty and he wanted to share his hate for him and there is so much better stuff ppl could be doing with their time but there is a lot worse stuff to.

  8. I think it is cute. If you love your tattoo then that is all that matters. I found it while looking for ideas for my Hello kitty candy shoppe baby shower theme. I LOVE how her ears are cupcakes! Such a cute idea!!!

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