Hello Kitty Christmas Tree

You would think that there would be a law against this, especially during the holidays. I mean, seriously, how could anyone really view this as a good idea? (then again, I guess you could make that argument with virtually any Hello Kitty product…)

Hello Kitty Christmas Tree

There is nothing that says Christmas spirit like a tree covered in Pepto Bismol with the evil feline on top. Of course, my wife wants one, but thinks that the ornaments should be Hello Kitty too (see, it can get worse than this photo) If we end up getting one, I’ll have to down as much Pepto Bismol as is covering the tree to keep from getting sick — yeah, I know, it still won’t work, but I have to deceive myself that there is a possibility of hope while living in Hello Kitty Hell during the holidays…

Sent in by kris (via lilitu93) who really should have to dress up like the tree for the remainder of winter for even having the thought that sending this to me would ever be a good idea…

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38 Responses to Hello Kitty Christmas Tree

  1. k says:

    Sux to be u.

  2. Misawa says:

    My mom made one just like that for my cousin Haha.

    Hey HKH’s wife go to the 100yen store. They have hello kitty ornaments. My mom got them.. I shall take a photo soon of the wreath my mom made for me hello kitty.

  3. La Chatte says:

    How cute!

  4. Eize says:

    All I have to say about this tree is: TACKY.

  5. Wendyscat says:

    I agree – ’tis a v naff tree.
    La Chatte, there prob could be a cute HK tree but that ain’ it!

  6. Georg says:

    Please imagin the only reason HK is staying on the top of the tree is because it’s been shoved up her ass.

  7. Misawa says:

    My name links to Wreath my mom made thats hello kitty, for my sister. Mine is being re done because it got messed up when we were cleaning.

  8. moriyah says:

    Why why WHY do people that like HK stuff constanly post here… it’s weird. And slightly scary.

    That tree causes cancer. I know it. I like pink, but that’s just scary. I can’t show my friend this pic cause I know she’ll want one and NOW! Though I do like the fact that it’s sitting on a BAR. At least the people with growing headaches have a remedy.

  9. Pallavi says:

    I totally agree with your wife..hk ornaments would be a great idea!! it would be even better to use hello kitty lights for decorating the tree..k buh baii

  10. Richard B says:

    Come on now! I really wish they would leave Christmas trees the way they should be. I use an artificial one too, but I took time to select one that looked almost like a real tree, not some horrible knockoff. Christmas is just loosing its values, and the only thing thats keeping Christmas from going the way of Halloween (over protective parents) is those Christmas commercials… sigh.

  11. shannie says:

    needs to be a darker pink

  12. Dustin says:

    Didn’t think I’d ever see an instance where having your tree go up in flames and risking your house would be a desirable outcome of the Christmas season.

  13. yet another anonymous says:

    I bet more Hello Kitty Christmas trees are on the way …

  14. Meredith says:

    The tree, I love. The ornament on top, not so much.

    I mean, is it so hard to find a HK that would MATCH this festival of holiday cheer? Come on, BLUE kitty on a PINK tree? Oy!

  15. Wendyscat says:

    Meredith, at least they’re all pastel shades, eh?
    A pink kitty can’t be hard to find, but what has a pink tree to do with holiday cheer?

  16. jen-chan says:

    moriyah, as a fan of HK and this site i can answer your question:
    i have a sense of humor about myself. I understand that there is something very wrong about a 20-something loving a product ment for girl 5 and under.
    I know that everytime i buy another HK product my soul turns a darker shade of black.

  17. Tabitha says:

    Ohhh… I love it!! My office has already shut for Christmas but next year I am going to make one just like this to annoy the people I share my office with. But mine will have HelloKitty ornaments as well mwhahahahahaha

  18. Misawa says:

    There is nothing wrong with buying hello kitty and being 20 and over. Move to Japan and you will see that most older girls love Hello kitty all the way to their 60s. Sanrio sells to all ages not just 5 and under. ^-^

    I do not have any bad feelings buying Hello kitty at all. As long as I like it.. then I will buy it no matter if someone else hates it.

  19. amandacb says:

    Well, at least one consolation is that it looks like the tree is shoved up HK’s ass.

  20. siimuk says:

    Yes, Kitty looks a bit uncomfortable at the top there!

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  22. Eduardo says:

    Soon I will have my Hello Kitty Tree Posted on line. It was VERY EXPENSIVE and my boyfriend gave me all the hello kitty tree ornaments. The only problem I have is that I only have a green tree and I think it should be pink but this posting might be right it looks like a peptobismol tree.

  23. Brittany ^_^ says:

    If your wife wants hello kitty ornaments, she should just make them!
    Sanriotown provided this template. Simply make them smaller, cut out the necessary pieces, spray with white glitter spraypaint, and voila!
    Christmas tres magnifique.


    Have a wonderful, happy, hello-kitty filled christmas.

  24. k says:

    They could put hk stickers on the existing ornaments.

  25. k says:

    Nausua, hearthburn, indegestion, upset stomach, diarea, hey peptobismol!!!
    Yea i’m that bored now.

  26. wendy says:

    im a huge hello kitty fan but that is a ugly tree. Pink should not be applied to sooo many things

  27. L says:

    I can understand a Hello Kitty ornament or two on the tree–but both these trees are disturbing. Also, trees should be green. Never pink! My eyes are bleeding now.

  28. munchiehkitty says:

    Ha! Mine’s better!
    I have a 4 ft purple tree that has the ENTIRE Target mini ornament collection and some I picked up off of Ebay… the purple is a great background and really shows off the ornaments…
    P.S. Shoving a HK plush on top of a tree does not make it a TRUE Hello Kitty Tree …. DUH!

  29. koolchick says:

    That isn’t really a Hello Kitty tree. A true HK tree is covered with HK ornaments, not just a doll on the top. My tree is covered with HK ornaments I’ve collected over the years. I even have HK lights. My boyfriend doesn’t care what the tree looks like so long as we have one and he get’s to have his four NASCAR ornaments. I don’t get the NASCAR memoribelia but they’re heavy so I can justifiy putting them on the bottom, as not to obstruct the veiw of my HK decorations.

  30. Wennie says:

    She didn’t do a good job.

    I have a table top Hello Kitty x’mas tree from Sario, it is definitely cute.

  31. Mhkitty says:

    Yeah and another thing…why is it you can find Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell and Bratz trees at Target but no Hello Kitty tree…wtf? Get with the program! :)
    Koolchick is with it and Wennie- where in the heck did you find one through Sanrio?????
    OMG- so cool!

  32. charlotte says:

    that is disturbing

  33. cherry ann mendoza says:

    i want more color and design for hello kitty and hello kitty for friendster layout,glitters,cars,and more…

  34. lolokitty says:

    hellokitty trailer trash couture

  35. Alex Meldrum says:

    I prefer my Christmas trees green thank you. The silver and pink definitely do not go well together, and the hello kitty on the top is just the icing on the cake. Get a real christmas tree next year!

  36. Reefvggenhfydg says:

    I thought this tree would be used for the age 5 girls

  37. Reefvggenhfydg says:

    This image of the hello kitty tree is great

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