Hello Kitty Build A Cake

If you live in Hello Kitty Hell, eBay is by far the worst website ever invented. Not only did it make my entire Hello Kitty Hell possible, but it constantly brings more of the evil feline to my door on a daily basis such as this Hello Kitty build a cake set:

Hello Kitty cake

Once again my wife is going on her Hello Kitty food kick where she thinks it would be a great idea to have all our food Hello Kittified. This, of course, is a nightmare within Hello Kitty Hell, not to mention a heart attack waiting to happen. Combine that with a Hello Kitty fanatic on a 24/7 sugar buzz and it’s far worse than you can ever imagine.

In the past the only thing that has saved me from the most horrendous gastronomic hell possible is my wife’s concern about her weight (if someone can invent a product that convinces Hello Kitty fanatics that Hello Kitty makes them fat, you would have the undying gratitude of every person living with a Hello Kitty fanatic) and I have my fingers crossed that this will once again be my ultimate savior. Even if this ultimately plays out, it still means several more days of Hello Kitty food like this which in itself is Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. There’s a book called the Hello Kitty Billion Dollar Phenomena which could make the haters weep. The Sanrio founder, Tsuji, based Sanrio on 2 American concepts, Hallmark and Disney. He worked hard on American licences to get Snoopy for the Japanese market, and later hired a female designer out of college to design Hk. She did inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s feline sketches. Good old Walt gave us Disneyana. Franchising everything, who hasn’t seen Mickey Mouse sheet, luggage, stationey, and theme parks globally? Also, there is a another Japenese cat called Doraemon which is pretty popular. Hello Kitty doesn’t have a tv station like Disney’s ABC.

  2. Ya know… your wife can make it a low-fat cake… Because she’s the one making it and therefore she can put whatever ingredients she wants in it right??

    Oh dear if she comes to that conclusion of what I came up with… >.>;;;

    Ok I better keep my mouth shut in case your wife sees my comment

    But whoa… Interesting…. Would be funny if Hello Kitty was chocolate cake XD

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