Hello Kitty Blood Pressure Gauge

You know that Hello Kitty has Hello Kittified almost everything when Sanrio starts to place the evil feline on things that you can’t even pronounce like the Hello Kitty aneroid sphygmomanometer:

Hello Kitty blodd pressure gauge

It may just be me living in Hello Kitty Hell and all, but the thought of Hello Kitty medical instruments freaks me out. When I’m in need of immediate medical attention, having Hello Kitty staring at me on all manner of medical devices will not make me feel at ease or give me any indication that I am going to be well taken care of. In fact, that thought pretty much sums up one of my worst nightmares.

Knowing the way that Hello Kitty operates, it is merely a matter of time before we begin seeing things like Hello Kitty scalpels, Hello Kitty heart monitors and even Hello Kitty artificial hearts. In fact, it would not surprise me if Sanrio has an internal business plan to start replacing human organs with Hello Kitty manufactured parts (the fact that this would also make a good horror movie only reaffirms that it is likely in the works). While the vast majority of people would cringe at such a thought, Sanrio employees are high fiving themselves in the headquarter corridors at figuring out yet another way to keep Hello Kittification going.

Of course. my wife loves this and can’t understand why any hospital would want to be without one. I get the distinct feeling that one of these will soon be showing up on our doorstep and then I’ll have to endure Hello Kitty blood pressure exams on a daily basis which would pretty much be the expected next step for someone living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Sylvia who should have to undergo all kinds of horrible medical procedures with only Hello Kitty medical equipment for thinking for even a split second that any good could come of sending this photo to me…

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46 Responses to Hello Kitty Blood Pressure Gauge

  1. i guess the hawaiian tropical theme is supposed to make us think of paradise and relax?? next the hello kitty endoscopic fiber optic camera for our colonoscopies. hell indeed…

  2. Kitteh!! says:

    A sphygnomanometer (SM) is a device for monitoring BP, not for increasing it!!

    Actually, unless you include the firearms (and we all know they’re really fan pieces, not licenced products yes? [well except maybe black darlene? ;) ]) this is the most useless peice of HK tat ever. These manual SMs require 2 people, an operator and a patient, and also require a stethoscope. Electrical automatic ones can be used by the patient, and and typically cost under £50 (GB Pounds Sterling).

  3. Kari Vader says:

    This is beyond everything….

    I mean… Who would buy this?

    It doesn’t seem as a good quality product…

  4. andophiroxia says:

    Well, considering nurse’s scrubs, I’ve seen some wierd ones. However, nurses are not above taking something and adding cute little doodads to it.

  5. Dr. Rob says:

    As a physician, let me say that we use these cuffs to increase revenue. People get nauseated, start sweating, and have much higher pressures when we use this kind of cuff (especially on the “Macho” types). The only problem we have is that our nurses keep quitting.

  6. Kitteh!! says:

    I was diagnosed with hypertension about 7.5 years back. I’ve never seen one of these manual SMs, even in my GP’s surgery, never mind a hospital, since then, until now that is!

  7. mhkitty says:

    Ha, these are cute AND funny looking :) I bet these are used at a children’s hostipal or pediatrician’s office…
    My doctors office still uses these, but they are run off an compressed air system so it only takes a nurse to use it…
    Speaking of scrubs, once at my vet’s office, I cam across not one but two, nurses with Hello Kitty Scrubs!
    I was awesome for me :)
    P.S. update on my kitty, she had to have her teeth cleaned and some removed last week… I was on pins & needles until I got to pick her up… now thats love for a REAL cat ;)

  8. Kitteh!! says:

    Because it’s non-invasive, you don’t need a qualification to use an SM. My point was that you need an operator and a patient to use a manual one like that, because you need one hand for the inflation bulb, and one for the stethoscope to listen to the pulse to determine when you’re getting systolic Blood Pressure and when you’re getting anasystolic BP, and the patient would need 3 arms!!

    Oh yeah, and tummy tickles (or deep shoulder scratches if they prefer) to your cat MHK!

  9. andophiroxia says:

    Good luck to your kitty! I’m glad she’s doing well.

    What’s an SM?

  10. Kitteh!! says:

    Check my OP (05:40 AM); I never use an unusual abbreviation like that unless I’ve first put it in brackets after what it’s an abbreviation of.

  11. Ashley says:

    hopefully only pediatricians use those id hate for my obgyn to pop one of those out

  12. RSKS says:

    well Mr.HKH if it makes you feel better here in orange,CA no one ever goes to the hello kitty store, the old lady hallmark store gets more customers then HK’s store has in 4 years.

  13. Sierradragon says:

    all the more reason for me not to have my blood pressure checked (I always get the nurse who is new or doesn’t care whether she hurts someone while getting a reading so I always get high readings).

    At least my doctor is a guy so he isn’t likely to get any hello kitty crap for his office.

  14. Alex says:

    Let’s put the cuff around darlene’s neck and check her blood pressure.

  15. Cyn says:

    What’s the point of that tool? I mean the last thing you want is see an increase in your BP and that is exactly what this stuff would do to any self respected adult.
    Hopefully the HK sphygmomanometer will stay in a hospital’s pediatric ward, until a HK fanatic find a way to steal it of course, but then they usually got to Hello Kitty hospitals right?

  16. darlene says:

    Everytime I read this blog I want to stomp up and down because you always give a totally skewed view of Hello Kitty. The reason that they make these is because hospitals ask for them. Hello Kitty is a calming force and helps to make people feel at ease. She helps people get better.

    Hello Kitty is always doing good, but you try and make it that she isn’t. Everyone can see through your cynical remarks and know that you don’t have anything useful to say. You really should learn to keep your uniformed opinions to yourself and let us enjoy all the things that Hello Kitty has for us.

    Don’t you think it’s ironic that Hello Kitty is the only reason that you are popular?

  17. andophiroxia says:

    This is from someone that alikened burning a PAPER DOLL to Nazi atrocities.

    I just have to think you’re made up. I would really hate to think of anyone THAT incredibly stupid really lives.

  18. Alex says:

    With every passing day, darlene’s rants grow more irrational and incoherant. Soon she’ll destroy her keyboad by drooling into it as a side effect of her impotent rage.

  19. Kitteh!! says:

    Darlene quote – “uniformed opinions”. Anyone else now having visions of Darlene’s opinions being cat shaped, pink or white, with bows in their hair, and goose-stepping through the Brandenburg Gate? ;)

    Eeek!! That is a very disturbing image I’ve just described!!

  20. Laurie says:

    Ha! This makes me think of the “Stray’s Anatomy” scrubs worn by the nurse who attended to me at the doctor’s office the other day. Pictured on the scubs were dogs and cats dressed as doctors, nurses and patients. The strange thing is that I was being treated for a dog bite!

  21. mhkitty says:

    I think she may have meant ‘uninformed opinions’… or maybe not, as Mr. HKH’s opinions ARE pretty uniformed- as in he hates Hello Kitty :)
    Whatever, anyway, she’s an idiot, ‘nuf said.

  22. Kitteh!! says:

    I guessed it was a typo, but hey, it’s an opportunity to rip darlene… ;)

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  24. MiSpoonIs2Big says:

    I hate to say it, but this time darlene kind of has a point. While maybe the ADULTS would find it scary, a lot of kids are afraid of having their blood pressure taken (I was) and the charachter might not make them feel so bad about it. The pediatrician I had, had a Scooby-Doo one in his office that he used that made me feel better about having my blood pressure taken.
    Now as for the rest of her rant, yes, darlene is an idiot. (Although we knew that already.)
    I for one would not want one of these in my home. I have to take my blood pressure twice daily, and have an electrical one.

  25. Dr. Rob says:

    OK. Let me make this clear. I AM a pediatrician. About 20-30% of the people you take blood pressures will find this cuff appealing. The remainder would be either indifferent or traumatized (boys). This would serve to raise blood pressure in the boy population and would skew results away from normal. This may drum up business. I did a post on this on my blog http://distractible.org/2007/07/06/ask-dr-rob-doctor-tricks/

    Scoobie Doo is universally accepted (by adults and children), and so that is the sticker I have on my stethoscope. Hello Kitty is revolting enough to enough people that it would be unwise to use this unless my practice was limited to girls from age 3-10 and psychotics.

  26. Kitteh!! says:

    You’ll understand what I mean when referring to “White Coat Fever” in respect to BP then.

  27. Kitteh!! says:

    Ok; after reading the reference, consider my last withdrawn.

    Do you do bar calls? (for a drink, not a consultation) ;)

  28. MiSpoonIs2Big says:

    Dr. Rob, I agree. Scooby Doo IS universally accepted, because he’s been around since September 13, 1969, and is still making new episodes (although, different shows, as the original was cancelled in 1972) and he has a plot. I understand that HK has been around since the 70’s, but she then became unpopular, and is now making a comeback.

    I like HK but that thing is SCARY! Besides, any psychotic fanatic just “couldn’t be able to take their blood pressure anyway, at least, not without a Hello Kitty stethoscope.”

    Still, for home use, anyway that would be impractical, because as Kitteh!! pointed out, it needs two people, and someone who is trained on what to look for.

  29. Dr. Rob says:

    If I was in the neighborhood, I would make a bar call. Sure.

  30. Suzanne says:

    As somebody who was just recently was discharged from the hospital, this made me smile. I know that was not your intention HKH man, but thank you anyways.

  31. RSKS says:

    i have to say though, i would accept any designed one as long as its not that creepy bluish one and barbie

  32. kittymaster says:

    It’s cute for kids, it might shut them up at the doc’s office, so many kids CRY when they go there it’d bring some relief to the other patients

  33. Kitteh!! says:

    So kittymaster, you think you know more about de-stressing kids than a practicing pediatrician (qv)?

  34. Irma Prishker says:

    heii my dad use one of dose
    maybe i could buy it for him
    jaja he will kill me when he see it ! xD

    but i love it

  35. Auri says:

    This is the same BP cuff I used all throughout nursing school and it worked great without a problem. I actually bought after my plain black one broke…

  36. the valiitaxxhhxx!!! says:

    tis is me

  37. fernando says:

    Hello this beautiful baumanometro please if someone knows where I it can buys this one say to me I want to have it am doc. i am from of chiapas mexico

  38. Lilka says:

    I admit it would be a horrible to have in a regular hospital… but in the pediatric ward, it would be great. Children are often difficult to tend to and taking their pressure can require to keep their attention for thirty seconds or more.
    It’s a generally bad idea ’cause how retarded can a biker-type who was shot twenty times in the gut to have his pressure monitored by Hello Kitty. He might want to off himself with the cord instead of having his life saved by the evillest kawaii creation.

  39. chellsee says:

    I got to this site..by specificly looking for Hello Kitty Printed Blood pressure Cuffs..lol
    Such negative feed back! common people, arnt you tired of the serious sterile look, and plus hello kitty i9s one of the most expensive and most fashionable character outthere, i want my patients to feel comfortable, not like there nurse is to serious.. there has to be warmth and humor in nursing… so chill out every body.. it doesint proform the function for the device its just a disign..perfect for anyone! especially recognizable and brings comfort to pediatric patients..just my opinion..i hope some see it my way…

    =Chellsee B.S.N, R.N

  40. JenKittie says:

    Haha true story, I worked at a hospital and this Tropical Print was a scrub set print. I could see the scrubs and matching blood pressure cuff at a Pediatrician’s or OBGYN’s office.

  41. jennyE says:

    hey i just wanted to know where to purchase one of these because i need one for the field im going into so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know where on earth to get one,I NEED IT! i dont care how much it is,so holla people!

    hello kitty is not an obsession,its a way of life.

  42. Elsa says:

    I have strong interest to purchase the Hello Kitty Blood Pressure Cuff ! How can I order from your company ?

  43. gloria says:

    I am looking for hello kittie blood pressure cuffs

  44. Mia says:

    i would really want to purchase this :) how much and where can i order? please reply ASAP! :)

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