Hello Kitty Skeleton Butterfly Tattoo

What, exactly, is it with Hello Kitty fanatics, tattoos and combining things that never should be combined? (Plenty of examples for your torment). Let me introduce you to yet another one — the Hello Kitty Skuterrfly tattoo:

Hello Kitty skutterfly tattoo

You know those movies where the virus they were developing goes horribly wrong and terrible things begin to happen? I think that is what happened with Sanrio. In their attempt to develop the perfect Hello Kitty virus, they made some mistakes along the way which accidentally got out into the public. Sanrio wanted the virus to infect everyone so that they would want to get Hello Kitty tattoos, but somehow the virus instead infected the brain into thinking Hello Kitty combination tattoos were cool. Of course, we all know that when things like this happen in movies, humankind is completely obliterated which seems a pretty good prediction considering all the Hello Kitty crap out there.

Of course, my wife thinks that combinations tattoos are great because “they combine the love of Hello Kitty with the other things they love which shows an abundance of love.” The mere fact that I was able to to listen to my wife say that sentence without showing the least hint of physical illness (outwardly at least – I even managed a serene smile of acceptance on my face no less) pretty much is a telltale sign that I have lived in Hello Kitty Hell far too long…

Sent in by Crystal (warning – if you go to her site, turn off the sound on your computer – you have been warned) who I would suggest some horrible punishment to for ever thinking that sending me this photo could be a good idea, but seeing that she already has that tattoo, I’m not sure there is much more punishment that can be given…

59 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skeleton Butterfly Tattoo

  1. Angie, let me explain 2 things to you:-
    1) The name of the site is “Hello Kitty Hell”. Amazingly enough, that means it’s a site aimed at people who actually don’t like HK!
    2) If you post your piece of fan art (be it a drawing, tapestry/cross-stitch design, tattoo, scar or something else) on the Interwebnet, you are effectively soliciting opinions on it. If you can’t handle the prospect of some of those opinions being negative, you should probably go elsewhere!

  2. Now this is a tat that symbolises all that is right in the world. nothing pleases me more than representing HK as being DEAD.
    Good tat. not cute but kinda nasty.

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