Hello Kitty Toothpaste

I know that it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish week when my wife comes up to me with a huge smile on her face, her hands behind her back and asks me the dreaded question, “Guess what I have for you?” At that point I usually think that it would be a lot less painful to simply off myself at that very second, but somehow I manage to get a serene look on my face and ask back, “I have no idea, what is it dear?” (I think if they gave a reward for the person that could hide their true emotions, I would be in the running). Then, of course, I get presented with something like Hello Kitty toothpaste:

Hello Kitty toothpaste

Not only is it Hello Kitty toothpaste, it’s Princess Fruit Bubblegum toothpaste. I think I can already feel my teeth rotting…

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  1. And for those of us who’re mystified by:-
    1) How the USA has turned Rounders into a professional sport.
    2) Why the USA insists on wearing 100lb of body armour per man to play rugby? 😉

  2. Okay, note to self…..don’t make comments about Hello Hitty Build-A-Bear, because I went to my local mall yesterday, and guess what?! On May 30th, Build-A-Hello Kitty will be coming back with Island Kitty, Hello Kitty with a tan. You can dress her however you like, BUT the picture it shows her in has her wearing a “grass” skirt and a “coconut” bra top. It’s disturbing. KEEP YOUR WIFE AWAY!

  3. Lol when i showed my hello kitty crazed sister the toothpaste she found it disturbing she much rather prefer
    hello kitty candy..which still sucks because its still HK..but im not to amazed by seeing that ive seen it before

  4. i’ll admit that if my boyfriend got this for me i would be ecstatic, but seriously, i’m a girl… if i got this for my BOYFRIEND, i would fully expect to be sleeping somewhere else that night *lol* and who could blame him???? :)

  5. OMGSH! i have some of this toothpast =] for all who are woundering it does tast very good =] and the tooth past inside is pink =]

  6. Ew… *shudders*

    Thank goodness she won’t let you use it (Well.. I’m hoping she won’t let you use it, just like the toilet paper)

  7. OMG! i’m 14 and bought a tube of toothpaste like this exsept she was dressed as a snail! n i bought a normal toothbrush n she’s wearing a kimono and a mechanical toothbrush w/ her on top it so cute :) lol

  8. I have Hello Kitty ‘Buzzing Bubblegum flavor’ toothpaste and it’s so awesome(: i almost got the toothbrush too but the head with the bristles and everything was too small, like toddler sized..:/ but i have the toothpaste!:]

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