Hello Kitty Nun

If I ever came across this on the street, I think I would simply jump in front of a car and get the pain over once and for all. I don’t think there is a whole lot more to say about the the Hello Kitty nun costume:

Hello Kitty nun

If anyone can logically explain this (in non Hello Kitty fanatic terms so that a normal person can understand), I’m all ears…until then, I’ll take it as a sign that Sanrio has even managed to bribe god onto their sales team which ensures much more Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Lindsay (via allaboutmadonna) and far too many others afterwards (and sor k in the comments for the very creepy video) who should all have to spend time with the Hello Kitty nun on a daily basis as punishment for ever thinking it could be a good idea to send this too me…

52 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nun

  1. Very cute, though I do not understand what message she is trying to give. I love Hello Kitty and it doesn’t distract me from religious duties, but its new to me to see someone dress up as a nun-style Hello Kitty. I think the story needs to be explained here.

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