Hello Kitty Death Warning

Despite what Hello Kitty fanatics will tell you, there is something sinister and creepy about Hello Kitty. All that sweetness and cuteness is so overwhelming that you know deep down in your heart that there has to be something completely evil hiding inside. While Sanrio does its best to keep the evil part of Hello Kitty hidden away, sometime she pops up to show her true colors:

Hello Kitty die

This advertisement on the official Sanrio webmail site (yes, the fact that Hello Kitty actually has her own email is a definite sign that all is not right in the world) pretty much sums up what we all know is hiding underneath Hello Kitty and her wanting to know when you will die. This fits in well with the overall Sanrio marketing plan so they know exactly how much time they have to sell you Hello Kitty crap. In fact, Hello Kitty probably tells you that you will die much sooner than you actually will to speed up the amount of Hello Kitty crap that you buy today. It’s all part of the marketing scheme to take over the world and ultimately make Hello Kitty Hell that more unbearable…

Sent in by Amy who I’m not sure should be praised for finding the true Hello Kitty or punished for spending so much time on the Hello Kitty official site that she actually found it…

66 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Death Warning

  1. Darlene’s cheese has slid off her cracker, i agree. No one in their right mind would write this rubbish and expect a SANE person to agree with it. When she went on about this good Vs Evil crap i swore she was quoting a cheap superhero comic, anyway all we need to do is just keep having fun at her expense.

    ****Big smiles****

  2. Ibrahim, is that post for real? HAH! That proves darlene has no freaking clue! Someone representing Sanrio knows about this site and doesn’t want to have Mr. HKH shut down or killed!

  3. seriously? I guess I am not a myspace user but the ad itself is just bad, have ad campaigns turned into this to try to get people to pay attention? An ad displayed on myspace does not necessarily mean it displayed on Sanrio, I’m surprised that I did not hear about a bigger outcry of tasteless ads.

  4. Ha ha ha!
    Wow… I love it when people slam darlene over and over again!
    It’s like watching a trainwreck… only someone you really hate it tied to the tracks!
    Sounds like a good day to me!

    P.S. I let my SanrioTown account expire.. it was WAY too touchy-feely-lovey-dovey crapolla… I seriously wanted to puke… give me GOTH HK anyday over Cutesy HK…ick!

  5. That’s an ad like Adriane said you see it on myspace all
    the time so theyre is not point in putting it in this website its a stupid topic its just an ad guys grow up and making
    fun of this darlene person because she likes Hello Kitty is mean let her like HK and live on with your lives!! D=<

  6. And no im not one fo her minions or whatever
    im just saying that making fun of people is kinda
    stupid and im only 16 yrs old and i know more!

  7. Vell. Herr HKH, I have spent last few nights, late and long hours reading your posts and the feedback. It’s a riot and you clearly love your wife to put up with all this Hk madness. I enjoy the feud with Darlene and your relief in this oasis of counter clash. I adore Hk and please keep the blog going. I am a fan.

  8. No, thats on lots a websites. I see that all the time on myspace. I think it just randomly pops up on the add space, like the website doesn’t controle it.

  9. um but if thats a childrens site ten why will it scare a kid to death that it will shoot its computer and kill it. which is just great cuz now u haveto do a scooby doo investigation.

  10. That darlene woman is a dictator too, she dictated the guy who owned this blog to stop writing, so what darlene, what is the freedom of speech law for? And secondly, everything the guy sez was true, the HK tattoos to the HK costumes, i mean you can’t just stop people from expressing their opinions, i think you just want loads of attention, you shouldn’t have gone here if you know you’ll hate it.

  11. Hey, why don’t we make a blog about darlene’s immature rants and get her pissed off in an evil email(that is if you know her email address)

  12. If everyone is so annoyed by Darlene because she flames the blog writer, how is it that they think it is ok to flame Darlene? And if it is, then what is wrong with her flaming HKH man?

    I just had to post this because I think it is going too far and you all need to lay off poor Darlene.

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