Welding Helmet Mask

I know there is no longer any doubt that Hello Kitty is determined to Hello Kittify every object possible, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to find a Hello Kitty welder’s helmet:

Hello Kitty welding helmet

Hello Kitty welding mask

I know that it’s terrible to assume in Hello Kitty Hell, but for my own sanity I’m going to go out on a limb and internalize the assumption that this was created for women welders and not men. The thought of a construction site full of men with huge, hairy beer bellies wearing Hello Kitty welding helmets is something out of a Stephen King nightmare and simply something that I refuse to consider (as the hair stands up on my neck and shivers go up and down my spine at the thought). Sometimes falling back on denial (because the truth can get that scary) is the only way to survive in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Crystal (via Helmet Guy – the helmet was commissioned by Carola McElligott) who should have beer belly men wearing these masks haunt her in all her dreams every night for thinking that for one instant sending me these photos could ever accomplish anything good…

Update: Because you knew Hello Kitty fanatics would never be satisfied with a single Hello Kitty welding helmet monstrosity:

hello kitty welding helmet black

Sent in by Sarah

70 thoughts on “Welding Helmet Mask

  1. i actually have that same type of welding helmet its a 3m speed glass welding helmet. the hello kitty one is a custom paint job speed glass helmets only come in black

  2. Dude…i’m a female welder and I totally have one of these. What’s wrong with a fashionable helmet? I have to wear the damn thing all day! Might as well be something cute that I like, as opposed to the black or poop green ones.

  3. Um… @daughter of darlene, why are you even bothering to comment? Also, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a smile that makes other people smile just from putting on that helmet- oh, that’s right, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth! She CANNOT smile!

    What’s up with you? Getting all defensive of a cartoon character on a website that hates it? Go start your own website praising HK, we don’t care for your comments here.

  4. As a woman welder in the industry this made me laugh ermm…my balls off. It’s so great someone did this. On my gloves it says I love unicorns, and who’s gonna take em? And it’s funny because its SMAW. But to bad custom helmets don’t last long if ur doin over head. Bye Bye paint job. Also I know a few men who proudly wear this helmet while welding!!!

  5. ok i am a female welder let me phrase that i am a girlly girl welder i know it doesnt seem to connect but i have been searching for a hot pink welding hood when i found this i like it dont get me wrong but i am kinda upset to find the ONLY pink hood on the world wide web and it have a cat on it !! wtf i want something girly but NOT dont right fruity even for a girl

  6. It was designed by me (if you would read the article) and I wanted it so no-one would steal my $500 helmet while I was learning to weld at the local community college. And besides..what do you care what I wear on my head when I’m designing art in my studio. BTW I had the whip removed and the area repainted before completion of the helmet. I did not ask that it be part of the design..so there’s your answer about t he stupid whip.

  7. To Hello KItty Lover who had her designed made into the helmet, I LOVE this helmet and I think putting HK on a $500 helmet was a damned smart thing to do! In fact, when I get back into welding, I’d like to do the same. It’s funny! It rocks! I say, GO GIRL!!!!
    I also love this site, cause lots of HK fans go a few steps too far into OBSESSION that can get scary. It’s all a blast! Keep welding and keep posting these cool things. I LOVE THIS HELMUT! You can design me one any day!

  8. For anyone wanting a bright pink (or whatever color) welding helmet, just have it custom painted by Helmet Guy they have a website. That’s how I found out about them..they mostly do biker helmets but they’ll do whatever you want…or buy a can of spray paint..easy peasy

  9. I am a guy and I think it is Great! I have had people walk off with my stuff before and with that helmet, who would. It loud and funny!

    It would help make friends!

  10. I’m a welder and I would totally wear it if I knew it were made by a quality manufacturer. Not having any way of knowing the specs, it could be useless for anything but oxy/acetyl welding, which is fine for home hobbyists, but MIG, TIG and stick welders could be blinded if the lenses aren’t truly protective.

    And if it ain’t auto-darkening, it’s practically useless.

  11. I stumbled on this site. I love hello kitty and I am a woman who welds. Frankly I think that the “culture” ( corporate or otherwise) within the construction industry could only benefit from mandatory hello kitty emblazoned protective Equipment.

    Hello kitty is so cool that she would improve moral, manners and increase duty cycle by 50%!

    * OK she cant really increase duty cycle ( unless she can spin that whip faster than the wire feed rate)

    I agree with #66 if the quality is there so am I! Aut0-darkening ROCKS!

  12. That is actually only a flat black welding hood with the hello kitty car decals you can buy at walmart. I have those exact same stickers but not on my welding hood.

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