Hello Kitty Yuko Yamaguchi

Public enemy number one of this blog:

Hello Kitty Yuko Yamaguchi

She gave an interview to Time Magazine. From the evil creator herself (as if there was ever any doubt of their plans):

What will Hello Kitty be doing in 10 years?

In 10 years’ time, everybody around the world will know her. Also, the number of male and female fans will be the same. Men who are still reluctant to be seen with Kitty in public today might be wearing Hello Kitty boxers. But they will eventually stop being shy and will show off Kitty proudly.

One more warning sign that all is not right in the world…

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74 Responses to Hello Kitty Yuko Yamaguchi

  1. Acton says:

    I am beginning to suspect press bias in the selection of the photo. I have known of many examples media to find photos to make in order to inject their own bias in the story. The plenty of other pictures of Yuko Yamaguchi why this one?
    For example

    Correction: After reading the story, perhaps she is right I may be one of the first of many male minions of the cat.

  2. Tamichiko says:

    Now we know who darlene is!!!!!

  3. shelley says:



  4. Acton says:

    If you are talking to me: survey says………..
    Sorry that was not the right answer. You lose and do not even get the home version of the game.
    I am 100% real, a guy and 100% furry and a bit eccentric but no way am I like the name that should not be mentioned.
    I also have a fascination with corporate business. Yuko Yamaguchi career has outlasted many big CEOs. With a career lasting to decades and a proven winning streak that alone say she may be on to something. Remember looks can be deceiving.

  5. Kitteh!! says:

    Actually, you could say much the same about Walt Disney as about YY. Hmmm, that explains a lot; Sanrio are a Japanese copy of Disney, that just works better? ;)

  6. mhkitty06 says:

    Um, Acton, I think he meant Darlene is Yuko Yamaguchi… not you, silly :)

    I’ve often wondered that too… but her English is too good. But other than that it does make sense considering the lovey-dovey babble that comes out her mouth!

  7. Acton says:

    OK I admit I do get unnecessarily defensive at times.

  8. Silentbob says:

    Be greatful for this Butt Ugly Alein holding the HK.. it is enough to scare the crap out of children and hopefully it will be enough to encourage them not to buy HK..
    Yip.. Silent bob is back with a whole new set of insults!

  9. Silentbob says:

    Dammit…. i know where i saw her before.. it is the crews morphing ugly alien from Red Dwarf…

    **Shudders at the ugliness**

  10. Acton says:

    ps I want that plushie

  11. Trixie says:

    I’m just curious… this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this person and I’ve been pretty familiar with Sanrio all these years since my first job in a Sanrio store back in 1984.

    Even the official website makes no mention of her: http://www.sanrio.com/about/company.php

    Nor does Wikipedia. WTF?

  12. Kitteh!! says:

    This wouldn’t be the first time that an Anime’s actual creator got erased from the “official history” if they worked for a corporation, rather than being a genuine freelancer.

  13. mhkitty06 says:

    Welcome back Silentbob!!!

    I have a 30th anniversary book that talks about her and shows her sitting at her desk and a few of the original cartoon cells prior to printing… I’ll have to scan the pages and get them to you all.

  14. Trixie says:

    That would be very interesting to see – I would really appreciate it. Not that I pretend to know everything about Sanrio, but this woman truly was a big surprise to me.

    Thank you!

  15. Sara Dane says:

    @ Trixie
    I too worked for the wonderful world of Sanrio while in college :) It’s true that’s the woman responsible for HK.. Maybe your confused because you’re thinking she is the founder of Sanrio?? She created the HK character, but not the Company if that helps any :) Also, I think her name has changed since she first created her (possible Mr. HK creator) so that could be why you couldn’t find her on Wiki??

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  17. rhiannon says:

    I Love Hello Kitty! ^_^
    Can Youu Buy All These Stuff? :S
    Some1 Please Reply :):D


  18. zee says:

    that lady is crazy. she is totally aiming for hk world domination. i can see it
    YY: “Today japan, tomorrow the world!”

  19. Acton says:

    17 Hello Kitty Plushes
    15 Sanrio figures
    1 set of Hello Kitty Sheets sheets
    2 Hello Kitty comforters
    1 hello kitty back pack
    3 assorted HK Items
    Yuko is right because I am there and not ashamed of my Hello Kitty items. Sweet Dreams Mr HKH.

  20. kk says:

    Not To Be Dumb or Anything… But Who is the Creator of Hello kitty? I am The Well Known Hello Kitty Fan But Really. I Know The Company “Sanrio” Owns it But Who Was The First person to draw the Scetch or Drawing Of Hello kitty?

  21. rnd says:

    @Action: Sorry you’re barely a . on the HK fanatic map. The only thing that makes your collection=fanatic is your male status.
    And, (sorry) no I don’t think HK will catch on with boys.

    If HK does become a boy thing … just unspeakable

  22. HK Fan says:

    HK is a product, one can chose to like and buy or hate and ignore. Well, hate is a powerful word but, one can choose to ignore it. Who are all of you to judge how she looks? She is different, so be it, funny looking you may say but all those mean comments about Ms. Yuko isn’t necessary.
    A product can’t sell unless people buy it!!

  23. tita says:

    omg i love hello kitty ur amazing

  24. Liz says:

    Well coming back and looking at my original post I feel bad…

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