Hello Kitty Vogue Hommes

Most people, when they hear the concept of men fashion combined with Hello Kitty, have to try hard not to fall into a fit of hysterical laughter at the pure absurdity of it all. That doesn’t dissuade the evil feline and her cohorts at Sanrio from trying to convince the world that Hello Kitty and men belong together. Take this photo for example:

Hello Kitty Vogue Hommes

I took one look at the photo and thought that the fashion industry had freakin lost their minds, but apparently I’m wrong. According to the review:

Japanese men are arguably among the world’s most stylish, so the debut issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, hitting stores today, promised to be a bible of forward-thinking menswear—and it doesn’t disappoint…

My wife loves it. She took one look, looked straight at me and said, “see, men do wear Hello Kitty!” with that look confirming that my protest in the past that “men don’t wear Hello Kitty” will no longer work. Why do I get the ominous and gut churning feeling inside that if Hello Kitty does become fashionable for men, that my Hello Kitty Hell up to this point has only been a prelude to what is yet to come…

Sent in by Julie (via style) who really should be tortured in unspeakable ways for ever thinking that sending this to me could result in anything good and encouraging my wife to believe that Hello Kitty is OK for men…

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  1. @Kitteh
    So true, I do stand out at an Anime, Science Fiction, and Furry Conventions because there are so few blacks involved. I wish there were more.
    The problem is and the dirty secret there is great pressure to conform: i.e “Act Black” even before falling into geekdom I was attack for being republican, not living in the inner city, not having a black accent and even liking classical music. After being constantly called a sellout, Uncle Tom, house n*****, I gave up and stop caring what people think abut me.
    It the reason why I comfortable publicly being a furry lifestyler and a Hello Kitty fan* After all the crap I got just doing “normal” things, so adding a few quirks is noting to me.

    * Perhaps adding a Hello Kitty sticker to my truck and buy a men’s hello kitty shit if they every come to the US, I just keep most of it in my Apartment safely from prying Eyes. I probably can go all out like the Hello Kitty Jacket guy and few will suspect or I might go all out public and help Keep Portland Weird. Hello Kitty Art Car anybody.

  2. Kewel mate, I wish there were more blacks (and Asians other than Japanese for that matter) in fandom too, because as a rule we’re about as broad-minded and liberal as you get.
    Musicwise I’m totally even-handed. I like most styles but not (c)rap 😉 regardless of who’s doing it: I dislike eminem tracks as much as any randomly chosen black “star” of the style.

  3. Whew! For once I wasn’t involved in an argument. :)
    Jason does have a point, Acton. You do go on about your furry-esque-ish (not sure what to call it) tendencies.

  4. @Catherine
    Yes I do because that How I approach Hello Kitty as an Anthropomorphic character rather than an Sanrio product. that fact is I know about Hello Kitty since my time in Japan in the 1980’s but did not show any interest till lately. I challenged the concept that men cannot like Hello Kitty rather than ones personal taste. Some how he took as a I never meant it to be a personal attack. If as a third person here happens to read f***y word and get upset it is that persons issue to deal with it. I am not God and cannot somehow redirect that persons thought. I not say this out of selfishness but a statement of logic. They are free not to read any my post as much I need to cut down and stop reading this blog. I have grown wary of his and others negativity they are looking to be offended. That is not a good way to live.

  5. Oh, don’t be so drama lama. lol He was just saying we know you wear a tail, get over it! We don’t need to hear about it all the time. :)

  6. Generally, I approach HK in one of 3 ways:-
    1) As an Anime which I’ve never seen. No real views until and unless…
    2) As a Sanrio marketting oportunity. This is usually a very bad thing…
    3) As a source of fan art. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the artwork.

    Catherine, I’d disagree with you about Acton stating his sexual preferences, because I’ve been accused of being female, and/or pre-teen, despite making no secret of being male and mid-40s!

  7. I do not know how my sexual preference got into this. I though Catherine was being witty.

    I do one can love “the kitty” and be a Hello Kitty fan, It just means It harder for me to get the earlier.;)

  8. Ah, slight mis-reading there; What I meant was that people make nonsensical statements about at least some of us based on well nothing really other than not reading, or at least remembering, any comment entries other than a single topic post!!

  9. Just for the record, the photo is a set up. It something that bothers me about modern Journalism, instead of the text being the story the picture becomes the story and text serves only as a commentary to the pictures. I had seen this lot in political reporting. The reported tries to manipulate toe environment to fit his bias. For example, if interviewing evangelicals he would make sure a bible is strategically placed and play with the lighting. In this case, the photographer buys a cheap mask for the model to say men wear Hello Kitty as a fashion statement.

  10. Ok, so it’s not so much the man and HK that bug me… though it does bug me a bit.
    It’s more about the James Deanish ripoff and the plastic HK mask that is clearly NOT a hat… this picture does an injustice to both HK and the photographer… in it, it says “I do no meaningful work, so I’ll jump on a bandwagon and steal two ideas and throw ’em together and see what kind of response I get!”
    Well, they got a response alright- I think this stinks…

    (Also, will someone please FEED that poor boy! He looks like he’s gonna eat that cig cause he’s so hungry!)

    And I’m NOT going to touch the about quarrel with a 10ft pole!

    Ando- come back!

  11. Ok men WORKING for Disney and/or Sanrio as a place of employment.

    Not terrible, but not as manly as working for Coors (although I hate that beer.)

    However, men WEARING the stuff is different! I like my men manly dangit!

  12. I think (maybe hope) that everyone this side of insanity realised this shot was a total set-up. I agree that it has no artistic merit other than that, because it’s monochrome, it clearly must be artistic: I mean, even nekkid wimmins are “art” if the photos are mono! 😉

  13. Just for reference my opinions comes from years of political experiences first as a former member of the religious right then as a republican volunteer.
    1. The press knows very little about what they are reporting on, this is especially true for various fandom and religion.

    2. as result the media inject they own misconception and biases resulting in poor reporting and pictures of the subject . I would dare say the above picture represents the photo journalist basis and misconception rather than the taste of the Japanese male hello kitty fan.

  14. I agree about the lack of knowledge in the press, as will anyone who reads the ill-informed speculation that passes for reporting on a story with significant technical content, or about fandom.
    For example, “all fans are Star Trek, Star Wars or (UK only) Dr Who cosplayers”. Most aren’t, but that’s what makes good “wierdo” headlines and pictures.

  15. He’s not going to eat the cig, he is going to pass out due to low blood sugar. Gross boy, and he’s wearing a bowl on his head…. All wrong. Simply all wrong.

  16. um…why did you make a hello kitty basher site that goes over the top, flips around and will someday bite u on ure arse?
    Hello Kitty is ok to some extent for example hello kitty t shirts, and pencil cases etc.
    But contact lenses do go too far, and if some guys wanna wear hello kitty, just don’t look at ’em! You’re an over eggeratist! (do you spell it like that? I’m only 12 lmao)
    But still. Get a hold of your self man!!!!!!!!

  17. RUN. Run as far and as fast as you can before you find yourself wearing this monstrosity of a hat. I’m currently fighting my Hello Kitty addiction, but there seems to be no escape for your wife. She’s too far gone. Save yourself before it’s too late! The almighty and powerful HK cuteness is threatening to dominate humankind with its irresistable, cheery pink glory. Get out while you still can!

    P.S. Where does your wife sell her HK items?

    P.S.S. OH, GOD! What am I doing? Must…control…Hello Kitty consumption…GAH!!!

  18. LOL @ “Darlene” comment

    I love Hello Kitty but I guess not as much as her…

    I didn’t think people go to extents as to hate on a blogger who doesn’t like Hello Kitty…

    I find this blog quite amusing and entertaining even if it is a nega on HK

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