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It’s never a good sign when I receive emails from numerous readers about something Hello Kitty, but it’s even worse when the publicity department backing the evil feline also feels that sending me a press release is a positive thing to do. Thus was the case of the new Hello Kitty music CD that has been released with cringe inducing song samples to make you feel like you want to vomit for the rest of the day (warning – don’t listen. You’ll never be the same…):

The promotion department seems to have a slightly warped view of this CD. This is how they think it sounds:

SANRIO, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of “Hello World”, the first-ever Hello Kitty album…The album will offer 11 tracks of original pop tunes, performed by a number of up & coming young artists. The result is an upbeat and perky compilation that reflects the life-embracing mood of the Hello Kitty brand.

This was basically the reaction that my wife had and she is determined to get a copy for her collection, although I think my reaction of wanting to immediately end my life is probably how the majority of people who listen to it will feel. In fact, after a few seconds I was wishing that someone would simply run their nails up and down a chalk board as that would have been so much more pleasant to the ears. Of course, nails on chalk board would actually mean that I had somehow escaped Hello Kitty Hell…

Originally sent in by Rachel (followed by way too many others including the Sanrio ad people) who should have to listen to this album everyday for the rest of their lives as punishment for thinking for even a moment that sending something like this to me could ever be a good idea…

60 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Music CD Hello World

  1. aww… you guys are mean, leave the fluffy one alone! i think the cd’s cute and will appeal to kids… and 22 year olds like myself who ought to know better…

  2. All the songs are terrible, exept for ‘I Smile’….that one is standable…it almost sounds like something Utada Hikaru would sing almost….But thats it.

    They should make another one, with real artists….possibly Japanese Ones. They know Hello Kitty.

  3. well i love hello kitty but i don’t really see the big deal in this bcuz it’s very generic. I’m suprised it is just cumn out but really it snot somthing to fall out over….

  4. Get over it!! It is perfect for 5 year old little girls such as my niece. It is a good thing they don’t bother with comments. It wasn’t made for a number one album like Brittney trying to come back just for something to add to the Hello Kitty Phenomena that never left! Brittney can never catch HK!

  5. can you ppl please get lives?
    you’re dissing a cartoon.
    Hello Kitty brings joy to others, just because you’re too dead inside to enjoy her like the rest of us does not mean u should make idiotic websites like this.
    i imagine your all adults, so effing read a book if you don’t have enough time to fill your day. jeez!

  6. I see your point about this making a HKH persons life miserable but hey I can’t wait to show this to my boyfriend he he he. I must admit I am a complete HK fanatic but I only liked track 1 and 2. track 5 was creepy a bit but hey still cute!!!

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