Hello Kitty KKK

It is well known that Hello Kitty feels the need to be a part of any and every group out there even when she is not welcome. It appears that sometimes she doesn’t realize that there are probably groups that she really doesn’t want to associate with as evidence of the Hello Kitty Klu Klux Klan:

Hello Kitty KKK

Hmmm, maybe the evil feline is just showing her true colors — underneath all that love and cuteness is raging hate against everything that isn’t just like her. It would certainly serve her right to be in a Hello Kitty Hell which worse than mine…

Sent in by Ryan who I’m not sure whether he should be punished for sending me something that is sure to result in me sleeping on the couch in the Hello kitty sleeping bag or rewarded for showing the evil feline for what she truly is…

87 thoughts on “Hello Kitty KKK

  1. @Catherine: Village idiot alert! 😉

    @Ando: OMG, I saw that movie… talk about Cheesy…
    Yeah I want to go see Quarantine this Friday… those don’t bother me too much… the ones like SAW and crap like that just make me sick not scared.

  2. mhkitty06..You saw the Chihuahua movie? My 6 yr old wants to see it I offered him $50 and a the new Lego Batman game for PS2 so I wouldn’t have to go… I hope he goes for it.
    Quarantine looks creeeeeepy. Perfect date movie.

  3. Well, it’s not like it was just the Yanks who thought this was funny. I’m Scottish, and thought it was a joke aimed at the KKK.

  4. @Kitteh!

    Yes! But if you laugh at something representing the KKK or at least lampooning them in anyway, you somehow show your support even though it’s laughing AT them, not with them. Yes that logic makes sense totally!

    /heavy sarcasm btw.


    Argh. No Chihuahas!!! I’d take my kid (if I had one) and just would show him something cool—not that crap. Or I’d ground him. Or something. 😛

    Funny enough horror movies freak me out in general. However, if it’s like forensic stuff, it doesn’t bother me a whit. I’m weird.

  5. @Ando: I know what you mean… I usually eat dinner while watching Bones…Ahhh David 😉

    @Catherine: NO! I didn’t see the movie, just the trailer for it and the stupid song gort stuck in my head…

    I HATE Chihuahuas! Nasty little rodent-like dogs… :(

  6. I’m usually hard to creep out, so most horror doesn’t get me, but I’m nigh on impossible to gross out, so splatterfests are a waste of effort unless you do something unusual and actually clever with them. I’m quite capable of showing down whilst watching CSI (pref Vegas), but don’t usually see Bones for some reason.

  7. “…She is trying to change their hearts and make the world a more loving and peaceful place and you try to make it like this is something evil.”

    She’s made Hello Kitty sound like Ghandi or some international peace promoter. She’s a character not an advocate.

  8. @ Catherine
    Kohls just opened about 10,000 stores. Maybe one opened in your area. Want to go shopping?
    Get over yourself sister!

  9. Oh Gosh.
    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone! :)
    And that no one is a member of the KKK.

    Darlene will freak. I am suprised she has not commented yet.

  10. I don’t think this image of Hello Kitty in KKK clothes is appropriate. Maybe you don’t care, but people had suffered because of this symbol.

  11. hopefully one of those people will be you darlene!!!! i dont understand why you say you hate this blog and then continue to comment!!!!!

  12. one of these days……
    darlene’s gonna be reading ur blog and shell read sumthing rlly rlly bad (by a HK fanatics standards) do some annoying, weirdo commentating and just drop dead from stroke she got from trying so hard to defend hello kitty…. sad how she hasnt got a life so she replaces her lonliness w/ hello kitty “preaching” isnt it?

  13. It’s Ryan who should be stuffed into that pinata and beaten with the 2×4 for creating and/or sending this monstrosity, Darlene should merely have a brain transplant to see if we can cure her of the advance retardation she is suffering from.

  14. ah, come on, she is Japanes as Japanese people invented her… And her bio says she LIVES in London and travels alot… Her father does work for a trading company so maybe they got posted there…

    er, yeah, sounds as though I’m talking about reall people, lol.

    Maybe HK thought it was a cute outfit and is completely naive and unaware of the fact she is wearing a KKK outfit…

    Or maybe the artist was taking the mick…

    after all, at the end of the day *gulps* she is *braces herself* just… a … picture…

    can’t believe I admitted that…

  15. darlene has real issues man this picture is just not right….. I am a hello kitty fanatic. I mean come on I scared my boyfriwnd by thinking the hello kitty themed low rise underpants were the cutest things in the world.(well they are pretty cute) and I mean i am not saying darlene is a bad person but frig take a chillpill and take a ride on the sanity train.
    get over yourself!!!!

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