Hello Kitty Halloween Nightmare

For some reason people feel it’s important to send photos of their Hello Kitty Halloween themed crap which pretty much makes Halloween one of the holidays I least look forward to and a Hello Kitty Hellish nightmare. The only bright spot is that there is no Halloween in Japan so I escape the indignity of having to dress up in some Hello Kitty themed costume with my wife (one reason I dread ever moving back to the US). Some of those photos that for some inexplicable reason I didn’t delete against my better judgement:

Hello Kitty pumpkin costume

Sent in by Rachel who felt that last year wasn’t enough…

Hello Kitty witch pumpkin

Sent in by Louanne…

Hello Kitty ghost pumpkin

Sent in by Jess…

Hello Kitty Frankenstein pumpkin

Sent in by jen…

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20 Responses to Hello Kitty Halloween Nightmare

  1. Kitteh!! says:

    Is the person in the costume saying “why me?”

    Kudos to the pumpkin carvers.

  2. Shifty says:

    @kitteh – it does almost look that way, yes ;)

  3. wring says:

    aaaaw am i too late in the game?

  4. sansicarus says:

    I agree, that’s pretty impressive pumpkin carving. I especially like the first one.

  5. Sara Dane says:

    Why not keep it going, the pumpkins are all very impressive :) I wish I would have thought to carve a HK one myself!! I need to get my head back in the game lol

  6. Binks says:

    The costume is god awful.
    The pumpkins are so cute, especially the first one. How cute!
    Hi Sara Dane! I can’t believe you didn’t carve a HK pumpkin. What were you thinking?

  7. mhkitty06 says:

    Ugh, I forgot the pumpkins totally…
    Next year though I’ll be sending a picture in!

  8. Acton says:

    As for the costume all I can say is “Oh the humanity” and “The Horror….The Horror”

    The pumpkins are cute and well done. Nothing to worry about Mr. HKH there just just a pumpkins.

  9. Moriyah says:

    Nothing is safe, even the most sacred of scary holidays…

    I like pumpkin carving, but isn’t the point to make it scary? I’m on the fence about this whole cute Halloween thing… ;)

  10. Wow at the first picture! She is so kawaii — makes me want to dress up as Hello Kitty too! ^_^

  11. andophiroxia says:

    Okay, well none of them were that bad or shameful.

    But then this is someone who doesn’t live with the damn HK stuffted to the walls of his house and has to look and use that crap every day.

    So, I understand your pain.

    Rachel has a cute costume, but a pumpkin? Ah well, I mean it’s not a terrible costume.

  12. Adriane says:

    Yeah , that hello kitty head is frightening!! The pumpkins are cool. I’m going to get a Funkin (it’s a fake pumpkin) and have my father-in-law carve hello kitty into it for me for next year!

    As I type this, I’m getting ready for a costume party myself… I’ve wearing almost every hello kitty thing I own! I’ll post a picture tomorrow!

  13. Dikos says:

    Man, your blog is the best ever!

    & your wife must be so proud about you


  14. Nance says:

    great pumpkins… espes thewizrad one.

  15. kenzieallan says:

    im waiting for darlene 2 show up and say how if u rlly loved ur wife you’d dress up as hello kitty 2 make her happy………

    and….she will say that (im a psychic…JK)

  16. cierra says:

    Eww. Those pictures are truly horrifying. That costume is revolting, and those pumpkins are just plain scary.

  17. Melissa says:

    hmm…that girl on the top…I think i’ve seen her on someone’s myspace that i know. How odd…

  18. linda ofseuw says:

    so cuteeee

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