Hello Kitty Costume Gone Horribly Wrong

There are way too many people that dress up as Hello Kitty, but Hello Kitty costumes take on new dimensions of horror when they interpret the evil feline like this:

Hello Kitty costume

All I can say, it certainly makes me want to run and hide…

Sent in by SoilentGreen who deserves to wake up with this photo in front of her face every morning as punishment for thinking it could ever be a good idea to send this to me…

64 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Costume Gone Horribly Wrong

  1. okaay so um..catherine??? grow up and get a freakin life!!!! seriously now??? i mean, cut the lil kid bs 4reall!! youre not exactly in kindergarten anymore… i dnt think….

  2. @emily,
    what are you 12? Your constant saying of “yew” leads me to believe so. Baby talk is not attractive. Maybe you should learn how to properly spell before you get “married”

  3. @ emily:
    “Excuse me? I can write in whatever way i choose. I would also like to point out it’s not my fault yew don’t have enough intelligence to comprehend my abriviations, no one else has a problem with it amd niether should yew. Also what i say to mhkitty06 is directed at her not yew…and we’ve resolved our problems already thank yew. In conclusion my fiance understands me perfectly. Obviously if there was miscommunication in our realationship we wouldn’t be getting married. PEACE!”

    okay, um, how old are you? You said “everyone understands my abriviations” yet you misspell abbreviations?
    “In conclusion” is what you write when closing a science essay.
    A “yew” is a type of tree.
    And your subject-verb agreement is something an elementary school English teacher would give low marks on.
    “Peace” doesn’t exist in the world right now, and anyway, it’s no way to end a rant.

  4. @Nikki: I agree, whole-heartedly. What the hell is wrong with that woman? (Women…whatever.)

    @Ariel: “In Conclusion” is a term that can be used in any form of speech so long as there is an explaination at hand.

  5. @ariel
    swim away lady
    oh and peace cant exist soley bcuz there are ppl in this wrld like YEW WHO LOOK FOR NETHING AND EVERYTHING to whine and fight about……
    and claire is right in conclusion is used to conclude things and it really doesnt matter what ur concluding…. its only ppl like yew who FAIL to realize such things and i only say peace hoping that ill get sum and that the nvrending comments like urs would cease…in this i say peace ariel……

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