Hello Kitty Computer Case Mod

It’s not enough that Hello Kitty comes out with a new Hello Kittified computer every few months and more Hello Kitty computer accessories than is healthy for anyone that can still refer to themselves sane to have, but of course that is not enough for the true Hello Kitty fanatics. They have to go out and Hello Kittify their computer themselves like this Hello Kitty case mod:

Hello Kitty computer case mod

Hello Kitty case mod

The only possible reason a sane person would do something like this to a computer is if they live in the worst part of town and want to make sure that no matter how many times someone breaks into their place, the thieves won’t leave with the computer. Still, it’s a pretty damn heavy price to pay having to endure the nausea and headaches which surely come to anyone that must look at that thing for more than 5 minutes, let alone use it on a daily basis.

Of course, those that have left the sanity of the real world for Hello Kitty fanaticism take one look at something like this and begin drooling with envy. My wife’s reaction: “Why don’t you make me something like that? It would be a wonderful Xmas gift!” I can tell it’s going to be another long and Hello Kitty Hellish holiday season…

Sent in by Henry who deserves a special place in his own Hello Kitty Hell for not only creating this pink monstrosity, but having the notion that after doing so it would somehow be a good idea to send me photos of the thing…

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32 Responses to Hello Kitty Computer Case Mod

  1. mhkitty06 says:

    It would be cool if it were still grey…. I think the dark pink is a little much… but Kudos to him for his clean lines.

  2. mhkitty06 says:

    Also, I guess in a weird way it’s a good idea, since CPUs tend to overheat from time to time, this is good ventilation.

  3. Kitteh!! says:

    It’s not my taste, but as MHK says it’s good ventilation, and it’s well done too.

    Anyone notice a worrying (for me) trend appearing over the last few items? ;)

  4. Acton says:

    Cool, but I would gone with a brighter shade of pink and put in a few lamps.

    @Kitteh!! I do not know except the items were instigated by men.

  5. mhkitty06 says:

    So the other night I let my housemate’s 1-yr-old dachshund puupy, Mac, into my room to play… he left, and I shut my door… about a half our later my roomie comes in with a guilty look on her face.
    She says: ‘I have bad news.’ and holds out my hk beanie pillow… turns out, Mac got ahold of it, hid under her bed and was ripping off the bow whilst humping it.
    I laughed and told her no problem, her 3-yr-old son was so relieved that I wasn’t going to skin his dog (as they both know not to mess with the kitty…) that he came and gave me a big hug.
    I will not be washing it and reusing it, but you gotta love $5 deals ;)

  6. mhkitty06 says:

    thought you boys would get a kick out of that little story…

  7. Binks says:

    Wow!! That is A LOT of pink.

  8. Kisa says:

    they should have used a paler pink.. but that’s just me.
    Tanned JigglyPuff Pink is just not my style :P

  9. moriyah says:

    What a terrible thing to do with a decent tower. I guess not everyone wants neon lights with three fans and resembles a spaceship for their tower…

    Take out the HK face, add some pink neon and put some glitter over that thing you have something that would be almost tolerable!

  10. Wow! That is awesome! Henry did a great job — definitely unique and one of a kind! ^_^

  11. Catherine says:

    Who still uses computers with towers?

  12. moriyah says:

    adding parts and upgrading is the best part of a owning a PC. :)

  13. kat says:

    Haha my computer <3 thank ya henry!!!!!!!!

  14. Acton says:

    I do
    I can build the computer with different components, like more memory, video cards, motherboards and processors.

  15. andophiroxia says:

    I don’t mind the mod, but fuschia makes me want to throw up if it goes past a certain amount.

    This goes past that amount.

  16. sansicarus says:

    I’m with moriyah and acton on the tower usage thing – and I can imagine if I had a 5-13 year old daughter, this particular tower would be great.

    Of course, once my (as yet imaginary) daughter grew up I imagine she’d grow out of it, like other raitional teenagers do.

  17. Kitteh!! says:

    @ Catherine, anyone who needs multiple permanent external drive bays, 2 or more hard drives, wants to be able to upgrade graphics, sound, RAM, wants a big-@$$ monitor or 2 (yes really), and doesn’t want to pay a premium for not being able to have them!

  18. Kitteh!! says:

    @ Acton, I see where you’re coming from, but I think it’s also partly that there’s been some thought and design gone into them, rather than “take a standard product, change the colour (sometimes), and slap some HK decals on it”.

  19. Adriane says:

    I’m sorry… but I think I’m going to have to get something like that for my desktop… it’s just too cool looking. Though mine would be black, with a pink light inside…

  20. Catherine says:

    That sounded to me like the Charlie Brown teacher…LOL
    I have a large monitor & no tower, but I am def not computer girl. I figured everyone was getting rid of their towers.

  21. deidre says:

    this is so cute

  22. Acton says:

    O well, not I am a hello Kitty fan I am a Silverback Geek. That is I am a computer geek from before the Apple II, wehn we used acoustic couplers to talk to the main frame at 300 baud that 300 bits per second. Tha was high speed in 1979.

    Now for a real hello kitty mod, find a hello Kitty statute big enough to install a motherboard in.
    The guy looks like he had access to a cutting laser or is very good at using a dremmel tool.

  23. Catherine says:

    In 1979 we didn’t even know “high speed”
    I remember writing programs with Run start and all that crap! I hate computers and my business is 100% computer generated…. Go figure :)

  24. Crystal says:

    “The only possible reason a sane person would do something like this to a computer is if they live in the worst part of town and want to make sure that no matter how many times someone breaks into their place, the thieves won’t leave with the computer.”

    LOL you’re a trip!

    I think it’s awesome and wish I knew how to do that to mine!!

  25. KittyLove says:

    I’m beginning to think you like hello kitty stuff. If there’s no hello kitty, there won’t be anything to complain about ^^

  26. Heilo Kitler says:

    These are the bricks of the Kitty bunker!

  27. emily hello kitty's truest fan says:

    hmmmm i like it …… my laptop cover is better tho

  28. Maria says:

    How the hell did he do it?
    Job Well Done!!!!
    Nice one!

  29. michelle says:

    “The only possible reason a sane person would do something like this to a computer is if they live in the worst part of town and want to make sure that no matter how many times someone breaks into their place, the thieves won’t leave with the computer.”

    haha!!!! this is classic!

  30. ichigo says:

    hi again! =^-^= that would probably be realy cute for a little girl’s room but for any normal computer that isn’t for an otaku, a decora girl (that’s a type of japanese fashion), or a big fanatic’s computer is just not right. if only sanrio wasn’t trying to take over the world. oh well. off to claire’s to get more hk merchandise! lol

  31. Nattychan says:

    Pretty cool.
    I’m gonna casemod a hello kitty case aswell.
    It’s a schoolproject… although it’s going to look a bit diffrent. I’m gonna add some plexiglas becouse of the air circulation and I’m gonna add some ledlights.^^

  32. Shiromaku says:


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