The Future of Hello Kitty Hell

It seems that there are a few blog readers that felt their lives were so pathetic that it necessitated them to involve themselves in my life by way of my wife. They felt compelled to email my wife time and again until they had convinced her that this blog was much more than a way for me to innocently let off some steam about Hello Kitty. They insisted that this blog was degrading to the evil feline and to all Hello Kitty fanatics, especially my wife. My wife confronted me about this over the winter vacation and has demanded that I abandon this blog.

Of course, the Hello Kitty fanatics didn’t stop just there. They have convinced my wife that once I have abandoned the blog, that it should be reinvented as a Hello Kitty Heaven blog to even out the bad karma I have thrown Hello Kitty’s way these past couple of years.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how we might resolve this current standoff that might keep me from spending all of 2009 on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag?

161 thoughts on “The Future of Hello Kitty Hell

  1. Im a big hello kitty fan, but you cant end kitty hell! its so damn kool. plus heaven is for wimps and posers.
    Its fun to rat on something ud die for, for once ur life.

  2. let me start by saying my brother found this sight and sent it to me i love hello kitty but with saying that i love this sight boyfriend said i could do the whole house in hk as long as it made me happy,i said yeah no. love not that much.don’t stop what your doing it’s healthy.

  3. I stumbled across this site with the open letter to your daughter. Granted its a sad letter, but it was all sorts of funny! (come one play the DVD one more time!) anyways you have to keep Hello Kitty Hell going! Its what i use to make my friends feel better and forget about their stress by showing them the most random things i can find on the site!


  4. I didn’t read all 150+ comments, so forgive me if someone already suggested this. I don’t know if you are still looking for solutions, but if you are, I know what my solution would be. As the husband of a mild HK fan myself, the solution seems pretty straightforward. You get one blog post credit for every HK item she buys. If she doesn’t buy any, you don’t post. If she buys 10 HK items, you are allowed to post 10 articles.

    That way the whole things stays completely reciprocal, and if your wife ever is truly convinced that the blog is disrespectful, all she has to do to stop it, is never buy another HK item again. Of course we both know that in reality you will get a backlog of blog article credits so huge there will be no point keeping track after the first month 😉 It takes a lot less time to buy a Hello Kitty item, than to write about it.

  5. i know why dont you stick a gun to your head and pull the trigger after telling ur wife you think shes the dumbest person alive for thinking that hello kitty is “adorable”

  6. I love hello kitty and i love your website too. I dont think its disrespectful to kitty in any way shape or form. I think your funny. My idea is that u give your wife her own blog and site where she can share all the wonderful things that are hello kitty. Or maybe you can just tell us where to get all the hello kitty stuff on this site. Whatever u do keep this blog.

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