Where To Find Hello Kitty Converse Hightops (and anything else on this blog)

As many of you have noticed, I have not posted in awhile. This was not due to there being a lack of the evil feline goods making their way into my life to increase the Hello Kitty Hell I live in or which to rant about, but because of a bet I made with my wife. She once again (at the unfortunate urging of Hello Kitty fanatics that believe this blog is disrespectful to both my wife and Hello Kitty) decided that this blog should be terminated. Somehow the Hello Kitty fanatics have now decided that the real problem is that I am addicted to and obsessed with Hello Kitty since that is the only way that I could write a blog about Hello Kitty (even if it happens to be negative).

There can be no bigger Hello Kitty Hell than actually trying to reason with a Hello Kitty fanatic since they are inherently void of this capability. Unable to convince my wife that I was not “negatively obsessed” with Hello Kitty, I asked her what I could do to prove that I wasn’t. She said that if I could go a month without doing any work on this blog that she would believe me and that she would no longer bother me about closing the blog down. If, however, I couldn’t last a month without working on the blog, I would have to tell any Hello Kitty fan where to get the items on this blog that they wanted and to turn over the blog to her and her Hello Kitty fanatic friends to do with as they wished.

The deal was struck and everything was going fine until many of the regular readers started to complain that I wasn’t updating this blog (since obviously they would have no idea of the bet and why there were a lack of updates). A few days ago the comments lead me to check the admin area of the blog and find that there were several hundred comments that were waiting in line to be moderated. I began going through these and accepting those that were real and deleting the spam.

One of the comments happened to be on the FAQ area asking a question and without even thinking about it, not only did I accept the comment, I also answered it in the main FAQ post. It didn’t take long for my wife and her Hello Kitty fanatic friends to notice that “I had worked on the site.” I protested saying that the spirit of the bet was that I would not put up new blog posts while my wife insisted that by answering the question, I had been working on the blog. After a lot of discussion and several nights spent on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, we were able to come to an agreement:

I would be allowed to continue to write this blog, but I would have to tell Hello Kitty fanatics where they could get any item they wanted that have been listed on this blog — something that I have been steadfastly against up until this point. Since I already know there is going to be a huge demand to know where to get the Hello Kitty Converse sneakers which Hello Kitty fanatics are always whining about, you can find out all the information you need to know here. For any other items, you can leave a question in the comments and I will answer them there.

While it totally sucks that I have to do this, I felt it was the only option that would allow me to keep blogging without constant fighting (and me ever getting off of the couch and out of the Hello Kitty sleeping bag). So Hello Kitty fanatics, you may think you have won a small prize of being able to know where you can find Hello Kitty products courtesy of my wife, but I still plan to win the war…

142 thoughts on “Where To Find Hello Kitty Converse Hightops (and anything else on this blog)

  1. so then where can we find the stuff, I would like the hello kitty converse….. so please post it…. don´t toy with our feelings…. I know it´s hard that we keep asking you, and some are rude towards you, but some of us don´t mean harm and do respect the fact that you don´t like HK please let us now, the info….

  2. OMG people, he posted it on a wonderful day. It’s been 7 days already. Get a clue, he ain’t telling you where to get the items. Otherwise, it won’t be Hello Kitty Hell anymore.

  3. Okay people! It was an excellent day! Have you not figured that out already? Wow. If you want the items, look them up! It is not that hard. Leave the poor guy alone. Sheesh.

  4. this is directed to your wife, DONT YOU DARE MAKE HIM CLOSE THIS BLOG DOWN!!!!!! start your own if you want but LEAVE THIS SITE ALONE!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this site. I really do. I also love Hello Kitty- but I guess I realize the absurdity of it all. Yes, I want practically everything on this site and I am a little too happy that I will be able to find everything I could possibly want Hello Kitty now. My boyfriend feels the same way you do- he just doesn’t get this love for a cat. But we laugh about it constantly. I do hope that you will continue this blog and get out the lovely Hello Kitty sleeping bag :)

  6. I’m glad you decided to work on the blog some more. I find it quite entertaining! I found it when using a search engine to look up “Hello Kitty”. And I’ll admit I’m a Hello Kitty fan myself. That’s why I typed “Hello Kitty” into the search engine.

    I didn’t realize that there were so many Hello Kitty things out there. I really like the Hello Kitty bus and would love to have a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers. But I think Hello Kitty sex toys are taking it a bit too far.

    Since this blog is an expression of your dislike of Hello Kitty, I don’t expect you to be deliberately giving out Hello Kitty information to her fans. But I do see ads for Hello Kitty along with your blog and do click on them.

    If I weren’t so short on money I would have bought some stuff from these sights. So it was no big deal if you chose not to give out information on where to get Hello Kitty underwear or a Hello Kitty lawnmower.

    I gotta get going now. I’m going to hunt for Hello Kitty Easter eggs which one of her bunny friends hid for me-lol!


  7. Fail. Serious fail. I am, I suppose, a “mediocre Hello Kitty fan”. I admit to having my moments of Hello Kitty melt down that shakes me to my knees and cause me to unwillingly scream, “Awwwww I want it! I want it! It’s mine!” until my lungs give out, but I also acknowledge that Hello Kitty is and forever will be a cultist organization devised to brain wash all people with an unreasonably high estrogen level. And I’m okay with that. Hello Kitty is supposed to be loved by all who own a vagina (or want one at least) (or in denial about wanting one) (or are having the operation to obtain one) –I digress, and loathed by all who own a penis. Furthermore, having the contrast of adorably cute collectible Hello Kitty merchandise with the opposing “wtf, why on earth would anyone need this, this is pure evil propaganda” outlook is wonderful and should be kept the way it is.

    I was introduced to the magic of Hello Kitty Hell not too long ago looking for a Hello Kitty Bong (which I was very pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful bright pink bong covered in stickers here on this site) and I immediately fell under your blog’s amazingly funny and ironic charm that you created. I was sad to read that your wife is actually siding with these crazed Hello Kitty fanatics whom I am quite positive have never had sex IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE. Or even been intimately touched by anyone other than themselves or their second cousin for that matter. Moving on, I suggest that you find these persistent Kitty pests and send them something that will shut their Hello Kitty gobs and make them scream with happiness–a Hello Kitty Vibrator. (I know that there is one in existence because I found it on your blog lol) Anyways, it’s practical, it’s covered in pink, and they’ll squeal in joy while fantasizing about having sex with their favorite bow-covered feline. (No doubt you will create a lot of messed up future crazy cat women, but it’s worth it for the sake of keeping this blog at it’s original state: NOT run by people who are easily persuaded by PINK.)


  8. First time commenter, long time reader. Love the blog, since I’ve never been keen on the Kitty. I wonder why readers would feel the need to interfere with your marriage, though. Don’t they realize that this will make you more likely to rage against Hello Kitty?

    Dunno if it’s been suggested, but maybe it would pacify your wife if she did a sort of ‘reply’ blog to yours–Hello Kitty Heaven or something–and you guys can link to each other. She can even use it to buy or sell merchandise. And maybe she’ll distract those interfering Hello Kitty fanatics with enough pinky cutsey junk that they’ll leave you guys alone.

  9. yesterday at work i discovered your blog. i work 12 hour shifts and i spent about 10 hours reading and laughing.

    good work….

    one thing though…… is this seriously 2 weeks worth of comments from people that just simply cant spit out what a wonderful day it was?

    p.s. i have a HK tattoo but i wouldnt say i was fanatic…..


  10. I think the crazy people who email your wife are WHORES.. Who does that.. I love your blog and I love HK.. people really need to get over themselves

  11. NO!!! You cannot give in to those bloodsucking hello kitty leeches! you’ve given them exactly what they want, and they won’t stop until they run this whole site! AGH! Now my favorite blog is being torn apart by the very thing that this site is against…

  12. I love Hk – but your website is fantastic and made me get a reality check!!

    Keep up the good work, and giving us all a good laugh!!!!

  13. I know your pain. having to deal with 3 fantics myself to the point of having to break down. I regret it but I must know where to look for the Hello Kitty muffler extension and rims.

  14. hello,

    ive read a few entries about how you might have to stop keeping up this blog, but look, i LOVE hello kitty and this is honestly one of my best blogs ever. heck, even my boyfriend loves it because he has to put up with MY obsession with hello kitty so he, too, has that “oh noo more hello kitty but i buy my gf hello kitty stuff because i love her and it really is actually pretty cute” attitude lol. so, please please please do not discontinue this blog!! it is NOT mean to hello kitty!

    kids that think this blog is mean to miss kitty: if youre an advanced reader, you should be able to understand the humor and underlying notion of love for the writers wife in it!!!

    i love this blog. please continue to write :) thanks!

  15. Hello Kitty is cute and all, but there is a fine line between being a fan and getting all psychotic over A FICTIONAL ANIMAL. I think your blog is both hilarious and completely merited, HK was created for children and the amount of completely inane junk HK’s face and name is slapped on is rediculous.

    You aren’t “mean” to Hello Kitty…Hello Kitty isn’t real. If people are honestly using that as an excuse to try and get your wife (who should leave this site alone…I believe you are entitled to your opinion) to make you delete your blog should go get a big dose of reality.

    Hopefully your wife will come to her senses and find something a bit less…creepy to obsess over.


  16. Well I hope you do stop the blog and take some advice. TERMINATE HELLO KITTY. ISOLATE HER FROM YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. A good one indeed you even got me to expose my interest in showing my Hello kitty stuff. I will have my revenge 1 APR 2010 😉

    Till then I hope you wife has seen the entry knowing yes guys can like hello kitty.

  18. “Wah wah wah where can I find this, where can I find that? Why haven’t you answered me, I’m going to tell your wife on you, nag nag nag”

    Get OVER IT.

    Just because you can’t find a Hello Kitty item does NOT mean you are going to die, or that the world is coming to an end. So seriously, just SHUT UP. Nobody here with the exception of you fanatics gives half a rat’s ass about HELLO KITTY ITEMS that you have not been able to find. Leave this man alone, he HATES Hello Kitty, as do the other readers of this blog who have BRAINS, which we use to understand that this is not a fan-blog. It is a blog that he uses to vent.

    Since he can’t say this for himself, (Hello Kitty sleeping bag) I shall say it for him: Hello Kitty lovers, get the *expletive* off of this site and leave him (and all of the other readers such as myself) alone! You’re ANNOYING.

    There we go. I think I got that well out of my system.

  19. Seriously? Can’t they use google?

    I have to admit, I like hello kitty but I wouldn’t call myself a fanatic. The reason I do goes back to the good old days of the internet in the late ’90s, reading a dotplan post about hello kitty’s sexual prowess. I’ve been trying to find it for years since with no luck. I guess the fanatics have quashed it (I’m sure they would have found it horrendously offensive).

  20. Just wondering if it occurred to any of the HK fanatics that the pictures displayed on the blog are sent in by hundreds of readers – do you think HKH actually spends his time looking these things up? Why would he know how to find things blogged about years ago when he didn’t even come across it in the first place? Just shut up and Google it.

    HKH, you are hilarious. Keep up the good work. I’m still laughing about the blow light.

  21. Hi, I am sorry to bother you about this, but the link that is supposed to tell where to get the Converse sneakers goes to the blog about the ‘blow light’ instead, please can you tell us where to get them or email me, I have been very good and never bothered you although I have longed for HK sneakers since the original post.
    BTW I love your blog keep up the good work!

  22. Aww man …. That kind of sucks.
    On principle you where totally in the right. But what ever lets you keep the blog I guess :)

  23. i cant find the converse?
    It just brings to me to this wierd hello kitty blow light.
    i really want hello kitty converse

  24. I honestly don’t even know where to start. Poor HKH man, that is truly shocking. I’m usually a very lighthearted, dry sence of humour kind of individual. One of the reasons I love your blog so much is that it’s filled with dry sarcasm.

    That people would actually email your wife and complain to her that you won’t tell them where to get HK items or complain to her that don’t talk nicely about HK!!!!! I’m speachless, honestly I am and I’ve never been so embarassed to be a fan of HK as I am right now, reading to what depths some immature, pathetic people will stoop too.
    For god sake, it’s called HK hell, hello, that means the writer obv does not like HK and so freaking what. Geez, get over yourselves.

    It’s starting to strike me that some people on this site need to get a sense of humour and desperately need to grow up.

    What concerns me the most is they’re so obsessed they go running to your wife, just like kids go running to mummy if they get teased, just because you don’t agree with their love of a stupid, inanimate furry white cat *shock horror* I said naughty things about HK, quick email my mummy and tell her to put me in a time out.

    If I were your wife, I think I’d be more concerned about how these freaks were getting my email than what they were actually saying.

    Even worse, people are now shamelessly asking you where they can find the items. This is honestly the most ridiculous, childish thing I’ve ever seen. Use bl**dy google, it’s not hard, really it’s not. I’ve found several of the items he’s put up photo’s of and guess what. I googled for them. Halleluja the miracles of technology.

    I could keep ranting, but this comment is turning into an essay, so instead I will just say that I completely agree with HKH man on this point.
    You people, the ones emailing his wife that is, need to grow up, get a life and stop being so pathetic.

  25. I understand HKH man….I have one at home myself

    He makes fun of me all the time saying things like…

    Gee Honey, I bet you can get one in Hello Kitty heh heh heh…

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