Hello Kitty MAC Make-Up Collection Male Model

Any normal person would assume that MAC coming out with a full Hello Kitty line of cosmetics would be as bad as something could get — until they viewed the MAC Hello Kitty video whereupon they would reflect on their naivety and concede that it had just gotten worse (but assume that it had now gotten as bad as it could). Of course, this greatly underestimates the lengths that the evil feline will go to make sure that all normal people are always wrong with their assumption that it can’t get worse. A perfect point to illustrate: The Hello Kitty MAC male Hello Kitty model


While I’m sure that seeing such a sight would send a Hello Kitty fanatic into a tizzy (based upon my wife’s reaction from simply seeing the photo), I think I can pretty much speak for the rest of us in saying that bringing S&M Hello Kitty headed models to real life is probably the best way to get everyone to run as far away from the store as possible while they relieve their stomach of the last meal they had eaten.

And while anything Hello Kitty that comes into my life is something of great concern, the fact that Hello Kitty seems to be emphasizing the Hello Kittification of men on a more regular basis is definitely not a good sign for all of us poor souls that live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Maggie who should have to date the Hello Kitty MAC model in full costume as punishment for ever thinking for an instant that sending me this photo could be a good idea…

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  1. Only the most depraved of hello kitty fans would get a kick from wearing that. I really admire the model’s courage to wear something like that, and to take a picture. It might make a good halloween costume though.

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