Hello Kitty Major League Baseball Punishment

More and more people are coming to the realization that if you really want to both punish and humiliate someone, simply force them to wear Hello Kitty. This worked wonders for the Thai police who tagged under-performing officers with a Hello Kitty armband of shame. It appears that major league baseball players have adopted a similar approach with the Hello Kitty backpack of shame:

Hello Kitty major league baseball punishment

Having to wear the evil feline out onto the diamond is not a good omen for your future baseball career. How will any of the other baseball players ever take you seriously again after seeing that, let alone not break into hysterical laughter?

Of course, it could also be a strategic game winning plan. None of the other players on the other team would be able to concentrate after witnessing something as terrifying as that. The result would almost assuredly be the loss of the game.

No matter what the intent, the fact that far too many people actually had to see this (first and foremost, myself) makes it a terrible idea. Even worse, once my wife sees it, she’ll think that if a baseball player has a Hello Kitty backpack, then I should have one too. Just one more horror to have to deal with in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Tim who should have to attend every baseball game for the rest of his life wearing this Hello Kitty backpack as punishment for ever thinking that sending me a photo like this would be a good idea…

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17 Responses to Hello Kitty Major League Baseball Punishment

  1. acton says:

    It a hazing tradition with the Seattle Mariners, the Rookie has to carry the back pack, usually filled with snacks.

    I carry a Hello Kitty Back Back in your direction.

  2. Min says:

    He looks like a pretty big guy, don’t think I would laugh at him..

  3. kittyluv says:

    I saw that in the store the other day. It seemed so cute.

  4. Mandarin Kitten says:

    …i cant think of a rude remark right now, im feeling sorry for the guy…

  5. Lynn says:

    Oh, that is a cute backpack but on a big, bad ballplayer it looks just plain silly !

  6. Jere' says:

    thats sad.
    I dont like hazers nor hazing.
    & its sad that innocent hk has to be used as a form of torcher and is seen as a form of torcher!

    Hello Kitty hell man, you stick with your wife even though she filled your house with hk items, and knows it bothers you. You stick with her even though she makes you sleep on the couch for dissing hk (which I believe is wrong).
    I think thats sweet =]

  7. Gail says:

    I bet that’s his kid’s back pack.

  8. danigirl says:


  9. CS says:

    Oh how I love my Mariners. Though this “tradition” is news to me and I grew up watching them. Perhaps I haven’t been attentive enough.

    What they should have gotten, though, is the plush ballerina HK backpack. I only know this exists because my oh-so-thoughtful friend bought me one knowing full well that I hate HK.

  10. Nae says:

    Only in Seattle would something like this happen…

  11. Kelly says:

    calm down, its just a photoshop picture

  12. JMK says:

    Kelly, this pic was originally part of an MSN slideshow, “The Week in Sports” or some such. Link to slideshow is…


    Link to picture is…


    So either MSN is photoshopping all their pictures, or this is the real deal. :)

  13. lollicat says:

    looks pretty odd…

  14. jin says:

    The backpack is real, I saw it the other day @ the ANGELS vs. MARINERS game. We were wondering why the guy was wearing a pink backpack….good to know it’s a tradition!

  15. Lulu says:

    oh get over it, its a guy wearing hello kitty
    && some hello kitty is cute

    okay, well i guess that is pretty funny

  16. Mac says:

    He’s a rookie and got the task of carrying the candy bag to the bull pen. One of the more common tasks for Rookies.

  17. danielle says:

    the phillies have one too, and they have a pink feather boa :)

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