Hello Kitty Debit Card

If you ever end up living with a fanatic of the evil feline, take a small piece of advice that will save you countless instances of humiliation from both friends and strangers. Never, ever, get a joint bank account with a Hello Kitty fanatic. This may seem like advice you can ignore, but you’ll quickly regret not following it when one day the face personalised Hello Kitty debit card ends up at your house:

Hello Kitty debit card

Hello Kitty check card

I know exactly how this poor soul feels (believe me, it’s a “what Twilight Zone episode did I just get teleported into” feeling) because my wife has done similar things to me on far too many occasions. Just imagine trying to use that card for any purchase without feeling complete and utter embarrassment and you get a tiny glimpse of what it is like to live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Kae who should have to cater to her husband’s every whim for the entire time this debit card is valid as punishment for ever even considering doing something like this to him and for giving my wife a “see, I’m not the only one” example that she will undoubtedly use again and again…

Update: Of course, there had to be more Hello Kitty debit card patterns out there and far too many readers decided to send me these patterns as well:

Hello Kitty credit card orange

Hello Kitty credit card pink

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45 Responses to Hello Kitty Debit Card

  1. Sophix says:

    Poor bastard. :/
    Somewhere, my boyfriend is probably ecstatic that all he has to deal with is mood swings.

  2. lunameow says:

    I have one of those. It’s my own bank account, husband’s name isn’t on it. But he does use my card for various things. Funny, no one asks him for ID. They probably figure only a husband would willingly use someone else’s Hello Kitty debit card.

  3. tiffany says:

    i want the hello kitty debit/credit card but too bad im with wells fargo. :[

  4. Monica says:

    I have sent my husband out to pick up Chinese food with my Hello Kitty debit card. After the snickering as they ran it, he returned home and vowed to pay for take out himself before he ever uses the card again. LOL!

  5. Ricky says:

    Damn! They didn’t tell me I could have my pic on my HK check card when I signed up for mine. I thought that was just for BOA’s regular debit card.

  6. Kristel says:

    I am by no means a hello kitty freak…but I thought it would be fun to have the hello kitty debit card from Bank of America.
    (all their other designs are ugly)
    Anyway, being that my husband and I share an account he, too, had to get the hello kitty card. lol. And I love him for it. I’m glad he’s secure enough in his manhood to own a hello kitty card.

  7. Cindy says:

    You can choice to not have your picture on the card. I have got my without the picture.

  8. Kisa says:

    the card is old news, i’ve had mine for a year. It’s the only cute card BoA has.. :P

  9. acton says:

    @tiffany I am in the same boat.

    Here is a thought, he may not have been forced but wanted a Hello Kitty card. Male fans do exist.

    Sleep tight and happy dreams on that Mr. HKH.

  10. Sharon says:

    I am REALLY surprised the instructions aren’t printed in baby talk.

  11. Jaime says:

    my husband wouldn’t let me bank with BOA cos he knew the only reason i wanted to was the hello kitty card.

  12. Kitty says:

    Dear god in heaven, whats wrong with just a plain card? does a Debit/cheque guarantee card have to have a frickin cartoon on it?! Or am I being too English here?

    Sod it, crank out the 8-bores and dragons breath cartridges, me and my fella are gonna cleanse the world of this abomination that is HK.

    All who stand in our way will be blasted into ittle bitty pieces that in no way shape or form correlae to anything sanrio related. :D

  13. Joe Jackson says:

    My girlfriend and I have matching BOA Hello Kitty check cards…it’s adorable.

  14. renée says:

    Let me help the husbands out. I too have the HK card, but my husband who shares the account with me does not. He just had to pick another “vanity” card, but with plenty to choose from there is no reason (other than wanting to) that the husband has to have the HK card. Be kind and share this information to those poor fellas who are suffering when they don’t have to be.

  15. Liz says:

    Never in a million years. Nevermind that debit is better than credit!

  16. acton says:

    None shall pass:
    I clutch my Hello Kitty plush in defiance.

  17. pikachu says:

    the poor guy :(

  18. darlene says:

    Here come the lies and exaggerations again. Everyone can see that he loves Hello Kitty by the huge smile on his face. If he hated Hello Kitty, why is he smiling for the credit card photo? Caught in lies again.

    All men would be proud to have a Hello Kitty credit card like this and it shows he is confident in who is is unlike you. Show me a man who whips out his Hello Kitty credit card with a smile and you have a man that every woman would love to marry.

  19. Miyna says:

    I have that card. xDD

  20. karly says:

    I have that :)

  21. Omayra says:

    Bwahahah. My friends boyfriend has this credit card with his picture on it too.

  22. Jess says:

    i have that too (: my boyfriend was with me while applying for my account & he was the one who suggested I get the HK card; oh how i love him for putting up AND encouraging my little HK hobby. lol, i bet he wants one of those cards too :P

  23. mary jane says:

    BWAHAHAAH!!!! I have one of those!!! And my husband has one too because of me! People always laugh about it and crack jokes. Haha!! This is actually one of those only reasons I stay with BoA.

  24. Kayla says:

    I have this debit card! And the credit card and checks that go with it.

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  26. Kittylover says:

    HA! I got this card for myself not realizing that EVERYONE on the account has to have the same card design. My husband was mad when he found out…meanwhile weeks later I still find it funny. Seems I don’t even have to work at torturing him kitty does it for me.LOL Guess I have to order him a new card soon.

  27. Shakespeare_mara says:

    Do you know what’s truly depressing? As a graphic designer when we get handed these jobs at work and if we want a paycheck we damned well better add to HKH and create HK debit card designs. I didn’t do this btw. (shudder) Thank Heaven…

  28. Brandon says:


  29. iMELDA says:


  30. karen says:

    i love itt! its cuteee

  31. ericka says:

    i have bank of america…how do you get that card?

  32. Gyah says:

    Ew. Why would you get your picture on your debit card? nevermind that your a guy and your face is on a hello kitty card. I mean, just show your id if they need proof. It’s so awkward with the picture.

  33. Sabre says:

    I have a Hello Kitty card, (I’m a guy) and I really don’t see what the Hell the big deal is. I personally like it. If people hate on the my card then that’s there problem. But I doubt they’d care since they’re getting paid right? =P

  34. Jeska says:

    I have this debit card! I changed banks just for that card!

  35. Seth says:

    They have actually changed the Bank of America cards.. i’ll try to send a picture…

  36. AkiraAsylum says:

    my father has that card :D i picked it out for him

  37. Yara says:

    I have wells fargo bank and I would like to design my credit card with a Hello Kitty theme. Is there a way that I can create my personal credit card with a Hello Kitty design? Is there a number where I can order by phone or a website?


  38. tropicalparadise says:

    Some things are just wrong. This is one of those things. A Hello Kitty credit card. Imagine it girls, now we can buy our Hello Kitty socks and our dresses that we really can’t afford with this cute little credit card. How fantastic.
    If I wasn’t deadly opposed to credit cards, didn’t have a credit rating of -mazillion and actually wanted to buy tons more crap I dont really want or need so that I can fill some huge gaping hole in my life I would DEFINITELY get some Hello Kitty plastic purchasing power.
    Remember JUST SAY NO.

  39. Simon Iddings says:

    Thankfully I do not have a significant other who is in love with all things hello kitty. I cannot imagine myself with a card with hello kitty and my face beside it. That is one thing I cannot tolerate.

  40. Yanhu says:

    I can’t believe Bank of America changed the hello kitty design!!! I don’t like the new one, and I lost my card, then found it, thus forced to get a new one with the new logo. Is there any way to personally customize my card to the old design??

  41. princesslonyce says:

    i have always wanted the hello kitty card from bank of america but could not get it because i owed them money so finally got things in order with them and opened an account and i just knew what card i was getting and just my luck they don’t offer the hello kitty card anymore i was crushed big time

  42. Sanvila says:

    I want one!!!!!!!!!11111

  43. Lyza says:

    Bank of America discontinued Hello Kitty as of September 2011.

  44. Dee says:

    T_T *cries* RIP Hello Kitty Debit card..
    Ps Bank of America I hate you.

  45. Duschinha says:

    Well… I love Hello Kitty, I’m not a fanatic but… that kind of credit or debit cards sound more like cards for children play and not really serious things like a bank account requires… I don’t think I would want one… and If someone tries to pay me if that kind of cards I would think it’s a joke or fake card…

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