Hello Kitty Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies Song

You have to question the sanity of any band that would think it’s a good idea to create a song about Hello Kitty. The fact that the band actually thought it would be a good idea pretty much indicates how it is going to be (for those that are unable to understand hint, that was a warning that you really don’t want to listen to this song if you want to keep your sanity):

You were warned…

Sent in by gina

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7 Responses to Hello Kitty Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies Song

  1. JL Coburn says:

    You didn’t mention the damn Hello Kitty Corset to boot. And no comment on the hell Gina should endure….you’re slipping.

  2. Ku says:



  3. acton says:

    Not bad.
    are the 80’s retro?

  4. Jaime says:

    this is actually one of the better songs about Hello Kitty!

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  6. Miss Has Better Taste Than You All says:

    erm if you don’t like it then I’m afraid you have no taste ;-)

    Thought you should all know….

    …where are all YOUR attempts?

  7. sumokitty says:

    You can play this at your Hello Kitty wedding!

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