Hello Kitty .45 Caliber Handgun

Note: Sanrio legal counsel has contacted me because they realize that their fans are not bright enough to know what is an official Sanrio product and what is not. They didn’t feel that this would be a problem until the fans started contacting them directly, and they soon realized how painful it was to actually have to converse with a fanatic, and not even they had the patience to actually do this. As a result, they sent out a notice to me begging for me to take down my posts about guns that had the evil feline on them just so they didn’t have to ever correspond with the fanatics again. When I explained that they brought it on themselves, they pleaded that I spare them the torture that they inflict on me on a daily basis and asked me to post the following, Since I actually have a conscience, here is what they have to say:

Sanrio┬« has informed us that Sanrio is not involved in the manufacture or sale of Hello Kitty guns or weapons, and does not allow Hello Kitty┬« to be used to market guns or weapons. The items shown in this post are either digitally fabricated images or were custom-decorated without Sanrio’s permission. Sanrio alleges that creating false digitized images of Hello Kitty guns or weapons, or custom-decorating a real gun or weapon with Hello Kitty art, infringes Sanrio’s copyrights and trademarks, and may violate criminal laws.

And onto the original post…

Another week, another gun to add to the Hello Kitty gun collection. It’s more than a little disturbing that Hello Kitty guns have become so common that my reaction is “oh, another Hello Kitty gun” and no “wtf is wrong with the human race?” It won’t be too much longer that the evil feline will be able to arm her own army…

Hello Kitty 45 gun

Sent in by gunlovr

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15 Responses to Hello Kitty .45 Caliber Handgun

  1. Gail says:

    Talk about irony.

  2. brian t says:

    I think the owner saw “HK” on the slide, and thought “Hello Kitty!” rather than “Heckler & Koch” …

  3. acton says:

    Perfect, What I need if Kitty want to get it on while I am wearing my a Hello Kitty coat and driving a hello kitty Ferrari. ;)

  4. Morgan Fiveash says:


  5. rachel says:


  6. Shakespeare_mara says:

    Would you mess with a HK fanatic carrying that?

  7. Georgia says:

    Where can you get that done?

  8. Tomika says:

    I am a hello kitty fan to. I went and got the cartag and decal from autozone. I was wondering how would i be able to purchase a handgun with her on it. Do i have to buy it then send it. Im for real. Please email me the information i would kindly appreciate it. Thanks

  9. Anarkee says:

    That emblem was added to the picture with photoshop for sure. That pic is fake.

  10. Guns-O-Rama says:

    You could always get an engraver at a jewelery store to engrave a Kitty on your gun, but don’t try it in a liberal state, they’d freak out.
    It would be better to go to a gunsmith and ask them if you want a Kitty engraved into your gun.

  11. TRINA JOHNSON says:


  12. Katrina Poole says:

    I love Hello Kitty and was looking for a Hello Kitty gun holster for my .38 special. I see that’s something Hello Kitty that does not exist.

  13. Kitty Lovers says:

    It is supremely awesome that it has an extended barrel for a suppressor.

  14. Kyiomy Busujima says:

    awsomenes! but disturbing !

  15. [BRUM]TanyaB13 says:

    Thats Blates Photo Shopped Guysss :/ But Would Still Look Amaziin!! :)

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