Hello Kitty Radio Controlled Truck

I’m not sure what is more disturbing — the fact that they actually make a Hello Kitty radio-controlled truck or the amount of fun that the person seems to be having using it. I kept hoping against hope that someone would walk by and step on the damn thing or that it would fall down a flight of stairs and give a satisfying end to the video — no such luck…

Sent in by radioman

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4 Responses to Hello Kitty Radio Controlled Truck

  1. acton says:

    Cool I want one

  2. YYY says:

    Mr. HKH is going to have nightmares tonight that he got ran over by a real Hello Kitty truck. XD

  3. YYY says:

    Hey! watch the video carefully again! The one who is doing this is a guy and the truck is totally D-ing!

    Go! Initial D Go!

  4. Shiromaku says:

    Hello kitty driver on rampage! I want one of those as a moving truck so that way I can just run over MR. HKH with it!

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