Free Hello Kitty Optical Mouse and Mousepad

First, the posts and updates that happened this past week that weren’t mentioned on the front page:

Hello Kitty Girl Mike Carroll Skateboard Decks
Hello Kitty Assault Rifle (update)
Hello Kitty Schoolgirl
Hello Kitty LCD TV (update)

And now onto the contest…

I have been able to breathe a sigh of relief because the Hello Kitty toaster and both the pink and black Hello Kitty “shoulder massagers” are on their way to new homes that are — and this is quite significant — not where I live.

Of all the things that came in the unwanted, creepy Hello Kitty package that turned out not to be so creepy, the only one that I don’t think that my wife has in her collection is the Hello Kitty optical mouse and mousepad:

Hello Kitty optical mouse and mousepad

That is not to say that she doesn’t have Hello Kitty mice and mouse pads – she has plenty of both to the point where she has even purchased me one for Xmas a couple of years ago – I just don’t think she has this particular pattern.

This fact makes this giveaway a bit riskier than the others since there is no way of knowing how my wife will react when she finds out, but this has not lessened my determination to make sure that the contents of that box don’t end up in my wife’s collection (especially since the cheeks on the mouse supposedly light up. I don’t want to have to spend a month listening to how cute and adorable that is every time my wife uses the computer).

Entry into this contest is going to be a bit different than just leaving a comment and will help me clean up this blog at the same time. If you have been following this blog for any amount of time, you will know that my posts often have many spelling and grammatical mistakes in them. While I’d love to lay the full blame of this on the evil feline (and part of this is true because I don’t feel like spending any more time on this blog than is necessary to get the next inexplicable Hello Kittified item up), the other is that I simply suck at writing.

For this contest, find a spelling or grammatical mistake in any post (not comments since I didn’t write those) and point it out to enter the contest. Your post should have the following 3 bits of information:

1. The url of the page that has the mistake
2. The paragraph (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) in the post that has the mistake
3. The correction of the mistake

For every mistake that you find, you get one entry into the contest. You may enter as many times as you like. If you find more than one mistake on a post, be sure to list each one separately as a comment so that you get an entry for each. The more mistakes you point out to me, the better your chance to win. I know there are hundreds of mistakes in this blog so there are plenty of chances to enter.

I will have a random number generated for all the comments left below. The person’s comment that matches the number will receive the mouse and mouse pad, which will be sent out by my parents.

The contest starts now and will end at 11:59 pm eastern (10:59 pm central, 9:59 pm mountain and 8:59 pm pacific) on Friday November 20th so there is plenty of time to look around and find the errors. Open to anyone living anywhere in the world except at my address in Japan.

Update: This contest is officially over and mhkitty summed it up rather nicely: ”

Man, you just opened the floodgates of hell upon yourself! Only thing worse than a crazed hello kitty fan is a crazed hello kitty fan who thinks they know it all about grammar and spelling!

I have learned my lesson. The random number generated was 283

random number

making SexieBexie the winner. Congratulations.

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340 Responses to Free Hello Kitty Optical Mouse and Mousepad

  1. SexieBexie says:

    2nd Paragraph

    “Why on earth would I ever let me wife know…”

    “Me” should be “my.”


  2. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “…bet you don’t want to even imagine something like that horrifying…”

    The word “like” should be omitted.”

  3. SexieBexie says:

    Penultimate paragraph

    “…used with permission I think I have figured out a way to keep my wife from getting that…”

    Should be a period after “permission.”

  4. SexieBexie says:

    1st paragraph

    “Yes, my wife does have a Hello Kitty should massager….”
    “Should” should be “shoulder.”

  5. SexieBexie says:

    Last paragraph

    “…no matter how pleasing it may be the woman…”

    Should be, “…no matter how pleasing it may be TO the woman…”

  6. SexieBexie says:

    1st paragraph

    “I can’t imagine that anyone would actually think that a guy would want to wear them with the possible exception of my wife…”

    Improper sentence. Should read, “With the possible exception of my wife, I can’t imagine that anyone would actually think that a guy would want to wear them…

  7. SexieBexie says:

    Penultimate paragraph

    “Remember how your mom always told you not to wear dirty underwear in case you got into an accident and had to go to the hospital (or was that just my mom?) That is exactly what went through my mind when I saw these”

    Should read,
    “Remember how your mom always told you not to wear dirty underwear in case you got into an accident and had to go to the hospital (or was that just my mom)? That is exactly what went through my mind when I saw these”

    The question mark should go on the outside of the parenthesis.

  8. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “It Hello Kitty Hell on steroids…”

    Should be, “IT’S Hello Kitty Hell on steroids…”

  9. SexieBexie says:

    1st paragraph

    “…things that my wife will want associated to whatever was just posted.”

    The word “to” should be “with.”

  10. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “Of course, my wife thinks these are the cutest thing in the world…”

    “Thing” should be “things” in order to agree with “these.”

  11. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “Of course, with hello Kitty…”

    You forgot to capitalize “Hello.”

  12. SexieBexie says:

    3rd paragraph

    “Hello kitty”

    You forgot to capitalize “Kitty.”


  13. SexieBexie says:

    Below photos

    “don’t you all have better things to do that to try and make my life more Hello Kitty Hellish?”

    “That” should be “than,”

  14. SexieBexie says:

    First paragraph

    “…against my better judgement, I actually wrapped her well so she wouldn’t get damaged along he way…”

    “he” should be “the.”

  15. SexieBexie says:

    First paragraph

    “against my better judgement…”

    “Judgment” is misspelled.

  16. SexieBexie says:

    First paragraph

    “I thought that with my new found affection for Hello Kitty that I should…”

    One “that” should be omitted.

  17. SexieBexie says:

    4th paragraph

    “…as the machine grounds branches into small chip…”

    “Grounds” should be “grinds.”

  18. SexieBexie says:

    Last sentence

    “…the ad-ons to already ridiculous Hello Kitty crap never stop appearing…”

    “Ad-ons” should be “add-ons.”

  19. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “…that make Hello Kitty voice even higher pitched and annoying than regular…”

    “Hello Kitty” needs to be “Hello Kitty’s.”

  20. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “…accidentally gets some string tangled around her neck and the end of the nerf missile and launches herself the distance of a football field…”

    The first “and” should be “at.”

  21. SexieBexie says:

    2nd paragraph

    “…nerf missile and launches herself…”

    “Nerf” is a proper noun and needs to be capitalized.

  22. SexieBexie says:

    Last paragraph

    “…Wouldn’t that be the ultimate Hello Kitty Hell since that working on the computer is my job…”

    The second “that” should be omitted.

  23. SexieBexie says:

    First paragraph

    “…they are now using this blog to subtlety introduce…”

    “Subtlety” should be “subtly. ”

  24. SexieBexie says:

    Last paragraph

    “…the people at Sanrio are coming to this blog an laughing…”

    “An” should be “and.”

  25. SexieBexie says:

    In the conversation

    “You’re just saying that because don’t want me to get one.”

    The word “you” is missing between “because” and “don’t.”

  26. SexieBexie says:

    In conversation

    “…this is the person you sent me to the couch for a week because I used Hello Kitty toilet paper properly…”

    “You” should be “who.”

  27. SexieBexie says:

    Last paragraph

    “…figure out a way to find one…) Another typical no win situation day in Hello Kitty Hell”

    There should be a period before “Another.”

  28. teleuteskitty says:

    1st para

    “…making an extra sale as her association…”
    missing comma, should read:
    “…making an extra sale, as her association…”

  29. teleuteskitty says:

    3rd para

    “…crap a step to far…”
    Typo, should read:
    “…crap a step too far…”

  30. SexieBexie says:

    Last paragraph

    “…it’s not going to be a pretty site to any non Hello Kitty fanatic in the end…”

    “Site” should be “sight.”

  31. teleuteskitty says:

    2nd para

    “a couple classic signs”
    should read
    “a couple of classic signs”

  32. teleuteskitty says:

    3rd para

    “we might as make it”
    should read:
    “we might as well make it”

  33. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    2nd paragraph, immediately after the photo:

    “My wife has already printed out the photo and added it to her wish list (yeah, right….). ”

    There’s an extra period inside the parentheses, you only need the ellipsis. (…) =)

  34. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    3 paragraph (final sentence of the entry):

    “On the bright side, I’d be a lot deeper in Hello Kitty Hell if I made more money….”

    You only need the ellipses, not the extra period at the end.

  35. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    Second paragraph, after the pictures.

    ““OMG!!! Those are the cutest things ever!” (here’s a question for all your Hello Kitty fanatics: how can everything Hello Kitty be the “cutest thing ever””

    Should be “all you Hello Kitty fanatics,” not “all your.”

  36. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    First paragraph, first sentence

    “Well, several readers (thanks Sabine, Becky and Dan for your contribution my Hello Kitty Hell)”

    Should be “contribution to my…”

  37. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    There’s one of those weird A’s before and after the photo. (After the first paragraph, I guess.)

  38. This contest is now officially over. All comments before this comment will be entered.

  39. SexieBexie says:

    I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!!!! YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. kennedy says:

    My pawpaw cant use a laptop without a mouse ( he’s old… xP )
    so i think im gonna give him this.
    that is if you pick me o.0

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