Hello Kitty Girl Mike Carroll Skateboard Decks

The evil feline knows how to make a generation of real skateboarders want to purposely road rash themselves to death. When Hello Kitty gets the endorsement of Hilary Duff for skateboarding, skateboarders can roll their eyes knowing that their sport is safe and has nothing to worry about. When Mike Carroll creates Hello Kitty skateboard decks for Girl, you know that Hello Kitty has no mercy when recruiting members to the dark side…

Hello Kitty Girl Mike Carroll skateboard decks

Sent in by danny.

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16 Responses to Hello Kitty Girl Mike Carroll Skateboard Decks

  1. Shawna says:

    On the bright side, the skaters will be able to grind the image of HK off on curbs and railings.

  2. Maria says:

    They’re cool!

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  4. fart panda says:

    so rad to see someone BESIDES HILLARY DUFF holding a hello kitty skateboard. girl rules, i want this board for my wall!!!!

  5. Cheetah says:

    i actually made my own long board with a hello kitty design… i dont have any pics but hopefully Ill change that soon… hehehe

  6. HKlover says:


  7. HK@kitty says:

    Omg! i want whatever hello kitty is on!

  8. alex says:

    i dont get whats so bad bout this girl skateboards was created to bring the fun into skateboarding if any of you guys know that, seeing how you huys seem to know nothing about skateboarding

  9. elijah says:

    where do you get one of these i want one

  10. kiki says:

    i love it i love stateboarding and hello kitty

  11. Mikaylah (: says:

    I have 17 Hello Kitty skateboard decks.
    I only use one of them. The other ones are displayed on my wall. I get labled as a ‘scene kid’ because of the amount of Hello Kitty stuff I have. I have 24 different tattoo’s of her and everything in mine and my boysfriends house is Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is amazong (:
    All hail Hello Kitty (: <3

  12. skatermom says:

    Eh…lame… I wanna know how much Mike Carroll got for putting his name on it……Everyone has a price… He looks like he’s hiding behind it in the picture, in embarrassment.ha

  13. Meilina says:

    how can I get that kitty sk8-board?
    how long will it take for the shipping to Jakarta?
    thank you

  14. Lauren says:

    i’m ashamed to admit my brother owns one of those…

  15. john says:

    i wanted to buy this deck buy my mom called me gay!

  16. Carlo Chunga says:

    Ok so i need to see how i can get this as soon as possible my girlfriend is having her birthday soon and she loves hello kitty and skateboarding since i taught her and i need to know where i can find this board ASAP!!!!

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