Hello Kitty Bottle Bottled Water

It started off with Hello Kitty bottled water and most people figured that would be enough to satisfy the Hello Kitty fanatics. Not Sanrio. In the unfortunate and misguided belief that the evil feline can be sexy, Sanrio introduced another line of water bottled in Hello Kitty body shaped bottles. Though we all looked to the forces of reason to stop things there (and without even getting into the absurdity of Hello Kitty skin water), stopping there would disregard the total lack of common sense with which we have grown accustomed to when it comes to the combination of Hello Kitty and uselessness. This time it has taken form as Hello Kitty bottle bottled water:

Hello Kitty bottle bottled water

Hello Kitty bottled water kitty

Sent in by stephy

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13 Responses to Hello Kitty Bottle Bottled Water

  1. QT says:

    Your sarcasm reads like poetry :-)

  2. Gail says:

    Evil Kitty! So bad for the environment!

  3. Sharon says:

    I wonder what the next step into obsessed insanity (insane obsession?) will be?

  4. Liz says:

    The sad thing is it will never be used or recycled because it’s “collectible” and will take up space in your pantry. So, so sad.

  5. Kitteh!! says:

    These look more like designs for HK perfume bottles!

  6. Julian Hebert says:

    at first glance i honestly thought that her legs were buttcheeks

  7. putri kitty says:

    i like this :-)

  8. lizzie says:

    where do i buy the drink

  9. April_KittyGirl says:


  10. aigli says:

    my friend, u r supposed to hate hello kitty… but u ve found out million things of her, that even we-the most fanatics of HK- knew that existed.. i think that u r getting more obsessed with HK even than the SANRIO owners! watch out cause u ll end up loving her! hahaha

  11. vianca says:

    i luv them where can i find them…

  12. vianca says:

    like how soon?

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