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Hello Kitty Tramp Stamp

Seriously, if you see something like this on your girlfriend (or she even hints that she wants something like this), it’s a pretty good indication that it’s time to get out of the relationship as quickly as possible (or know that you will subject yourself to intolerable pain living a life in Hello Kitty Hell):

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Hello Kitty Bratz Lady Gaga Dress

Apparently Bratz doesn’t feel that Barbie should be the only one to get to wear the dress. It really doesn’t make a difference what doll is wearing it. It’s going to give the average non Hello Kitty fanatic nightmares… Sent in by tiff (via veik11 – used with permission)

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Hello Kitty Soldier Cake

What should you get a soldier on his birthday? Apparently some people think that a Hello Kitty birthday cake with the evil feline in full combat uniform holding a machine gun is the way to go. Of course, this would include the words that Hello Kitty would undoubtedly be barking out to soldiers in the field if she were in command: “Guts & Drive!” Sent in by HK Guy (via Artisan Cakes by e.t. – photo used with permission)

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Hello Kitty Mouth Mutant

Have you ever wondered why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? Let me tell you, it has nothing to do with her “only needing to speak from her heart.” It’s because when she has a mouth, you see her as the true mutant that she actually is. See for yourself: Sent in by Essi who found them at a flea market at Finland.

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Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Barbie

What is worse than Lady Gaga dressed in a Hello Kitty plush dress? The thought of a line of Lady Gaga Barbies wearing that Hello Kitty plush dress:

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Hello Kitty Dog Holiday Nightmare

When you combine the holiday season with a Hello Kitty fanatic, nobody escapes. Not even the family dog, although the dog does appear ready to go for the jugular at the first opportunity: Sent in by Kendra

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Hello Kitty Fanatic Shame

When the evil feline puts her claws into you, it’s not pretty and you do things that you will undoubtedly thoroughly regret later in your life. I would be definitely be hiding behind a camera too if I was wearing this ridiculous monstrosity on my head. Sent in by Kate

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Hello Kitty Christmas Stocking

One more reason it is Hello Kitty Hellish having a Hello Kitty fanatic in the family during the holiday season (and a good way to make sure Santa never wants to return to your home again): Left by on Kristine Facebook

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Hello Kitty Bees Commit Harakiri In Protest

It seems that the Hello Kitty beehive bees succumbed to the humiliation of having to be known as the Hello Kitty bees. At the time, Bill Bird was confused about why his bees were swarming even though the evidence was obvious as I explained: The answer is simple. You’re making the bees live in a freaking pink Hello Kitty bee hive and they figured it out. It would make anybody angry and want to swarm. Of course, as anyone that … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Advent Calendar

I have no doubt that this was created to make sure that the significant other of every Hello Kitty fanatic suffers intolerable agony on a daily basis for the entire month of December as he has to listen each morning to the excited, high pitch squeals of joy about how cute that day’s chocolate blob of feline evilness is. Just saying from my own experience… Sent in by Kiki Update You knew that there could never just be one and … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

This is on my wife’s current wish list which probably means that I will soon have the evil feline flipping me off every time I go to get a cup of life sustaining liquid. I wonder how long I will have to sleep in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag when my wife sees me returning the favor while yelling at the water dispenser, “%*@& you too! How the hell can you get away sitting around flipping off the world and … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Weekend Update

Don’t you have some holiday shopping to do? Yeah, it sucks fighting the crowds, but it is immeasurably more pleasant than looking at the links below that didn’t make the front page this past week. So is eating fruit cake — or for that matter, getting whacked upside the head with a fruit cake. What I’m trying to subtly say is that you can basically do anything else that you can imagine — no matter how painful it may be … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Wonderful World Graphic

If you really had any doubt (and if you have been to this blog, that certainly is not the case) about how prevalent the evil feline is in the world, this Hello Kitty “Wonderful World of Hello Kitty” graphic should thoroughly depress you for the next few years (click on image to enlarge at your own risk):

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Hello Kitty Throws Up Rainbows

Apparently Hello Kitty throws up rainbows — which would lead one to imagine that something like unicorns would come out the other end, or at least something pink. I guess not… Sent in by christy (via Beyond The Pocket)

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Hello Kitty Snuggie

How do you take a really bad idea like Snuggies and make them even worse? Simple — add the evil feline into the mix and you get a truly horrifying piece of material that is sure to leave you friendless: Of course, Hello Kitty fanatics have been doing the Hello Kitty snuggie bathrobe mod for years now, as this unfortunate soul shows: Sent in by marcia (first photo unknown, second photo via Hello Kitty Limited) Update: Let’s hope this isn’t … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Lindsay Lohan Crap

It seems that Lindsay Lohan has decided that she no longer needs some of her Hello Kitty crap. She has decided to sell it to her fans on a new website which she created for the sole purpose of selling all of her old crap (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up). I can’t decide if it is good news that Lindsay Lohan has actually figured out that Hello Kitty crap is not worth keeping, or beyond evil feline evil … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Gets Ticket From Police

Despite the wishes of Hello Kitty fanatics, Hello Kitty doesn’t get her way with everyone. While Hello Kitty fanatics think that you will find sweetness inside the evil feline, more and more people are realizing that this is what is far more likely to be lurking inside. Apparently, the cops feel that Hello Kitty is up to no good: My wife thinks that it is shameful that the cops would stop and question Hello Kitty. I, on the other hand, … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Pajama Bottoms on Men

It’s never a good sign when you see something in Hello Kitty Hell for the first time, but you can usually console yourself with the fact that it was most likely a one time abnormality that you will never have to witness again. It’s much more worrisome when that image appears for a second time in a different situation because this gets you thinking that you may be seeing the beginning of some horrifying trend that will mentally scar you … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Weekly Links

I know, I know. It’s like a car wreck. Even though you know that you will thoroughly regret it, you still slow down and take a look. In the same way, you know that you will thoroughly regret looking at all this Hello Kitty stuff that didn’t make the front page: Hello Kitty POW Ambush Necklace Hello Kitty LCD TV (update) Hello Kitty Christmas Wreath Hello Kitty Blythe Doll Hello Kitty Judith Leiber $4000 Hobo Bag Hello Kitty Band Aids … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty POW Ambush Necklace

Living in Hello Kitty Hell, you get used to seeing all the overpriced cheap crap that is out there, but the evil feline seems to take the overpriced theory a lot more seriously than most retailers. Case in point, the Hello Kitty POW! necklace which looks like it comes out of one of those gumball machines in front of your local drugstore, but carries a $200 price tag. Just the thought that they can get away with this makes you … Continue reading

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