I Can Has Cheezburger

Proof positive that a meme has gone way to far is when the evil feline thinks it’s a good idea to be part of it:

Hello Kitty I can has cheezburger

Lolcats around the world are either controllably weeping or now coming to the realisation that this is isn’t a joke to the people at Sanrio. Either way, I now officially welcome all cats around the world to my Hello Kitty Hell…

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9 Responses to I Can Has Cheezburger

  1. Acton says:

    LOL Hello Kitty

  2. hello bunny says:

    LOVE! it!

  3. cupcake1108 says:

    its cute, isnt she aloud to eat?

  4. Kittyshan says:

    I like hellokitty~

  5. Baron says:

    Rather fitting, all things considered really.

  6. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    This isn’t really special, just another theme in the long line of HK. I want to see some crazy items, like HK motor oil instead :-)

  7. Sussi says:

    Kissie Kissie Kitty.

  8. dsdasdas says:

    Um I don’t think it’s based upon the meme but okay?

  9. osiris says:

    She is a fatty love it im a chunky girl ill use it….o wait I do have it! Lmao love my tote

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