Hello Kitty Cocaine Straw

The Hello Kitty cocaine straw is something that, when you really think about it, should come as somewhat of a shock. The fact that upon seeing this you probably even failed to raise an eyebrow goes to show how well Hello Kitty has fully integrated herself into the illegal drug market. I mean, there is Hello Kitty cocaine, Hello Kitty bongs (including a Hello Kitty designer bong) and Hello Kitty on LSD, so the Hello Kitty cocaine straw fits in quite well with the loving, positive role model Hello Kitty wants to be:

hello kitty coke pipe

You just know that the Hello Kitty heroin needle is already in development at the Sanrio HQ offices…

Sent in by Socorro (via dead moon dreams)

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25 Responses to Hello Kitty Cocaine Straw

  1. That’s wrong beyond words.

  2. cupcake1108 says:

    i would be shocked if it was real, but it has been home made by someone then uploaded onto their deviant art web page..

  3. Mydnight says:

    Yeah, it’s not real whatsoever. The heart thing is actually a plastic ring from a HK birthday cake that you buy in a grocery store deli. I know this because I had one a few years ago and turned the rings into keychains :>

  4. so ####ing wrong HK is sposed to be a cute good toy and they turned it in to dat!

  5. GreenEyedHellcat says:

    Lindsay Lohan’s already got a bulk supply ordered…

  6. Acton says:

    OK you fell for another “art” piece. Noting new move on.

  7. Maybe this is the cause and not the effect. Like, you need to be on drugs to buy all this Hello Kitty stuff.

  8. kitteh!! says:

    How do you tell “HK art pieces” from “official Sanrio HK products”? The art pieces are better made!!

  9. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    Clearly, someone who has a sick sense of humor and bad taste took a regular HK b’day party straw, embellished it w/some stick on rhinestones, and cut it down to size for use at their own “special kind of party”. It could just be a joke, but still, was that even necessary?

  10. Philina says:

    Why don’t you put Shitty Kitty back on the home page- -this is just juvenile.

  11. Mikey says:

    Hehehe, no way is this as bad as the Hello Kitty AK-47 :o)

  12. suber says:

    Are those lil twin star finger nails?

  13. Sprinkle says:

    I doubt this was produced by Sanrio, or even real at all.
    Its still funny though, and you can not deny that she makes everything look cute!

  14. wendy says:

    I’m sure this was just a normal straw, then cut to LOOK like a cocain straw.

  15. farah says:

    You guys, this ISNT real. It is a project this girl is doing with turning things that are cute (hello kitty), into something more serious = the contrast of it all.
    I think some of you guys are taking this too seriously.

  16. Bellagirldee says:

    WTF? +_+

  17. D_peezy says:

    Hold on………. sssnnniiiffffffffffffff!!! ……Ahhhh, lets roll!

  18. anon says:

    even doing drugs is cute 0.0! .Good to hear it’s fake.

  19. Ayra says:

    You guys dont even know why she maked this one, do you?
    And havent you read her description ?
    “and your not allowed to take or steal this for ANYTHING without permission”

    And i think this is art. If you have taken your time to read on her dA: “I wanted to do a project on drugs.
    Being cute.
    Because drugs aren’t cute.” -.-‘

  20. JDN; says:

    It’s what all the classy drug addicts are using.

  21. kosta says:


  22. Yui says:

    one that isn’t cocaine, it is SUGAR geeze…

  23. DeadMoonDreams says:


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