Hello Kitty Scrambled Eggs

Hello Kitty fanatics have a way of ruining breakfast. Be it Hello Kitty coffee, Hello Kitty waffles or Hello Kitty pancakes, there is always the danger that the evil feline will show up on your plate while you’re still half asleep to scare the hell out of you for the rest of the day. I know because this has happened to me far to often. We can now add another possible breakfast horror to the list — Hello Kitty scrambled eggs which are absolutely not something any sane person would want to wake up to in the morning:

hello kitty scrambled eggs

I think I know what will be showing up on my plate the next time I have to eat Hello Kitty sausages. Is it really necessary for Hello Kitty to force her image onto eggs in more than one way? The sad, sad part is that you know that this is not going to be the end…

Sent in by Anne

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12 Responses to Hello Kitty Scrambled Eggs

  1. heather says:

    first comment!
    and thats just weird. where i live we dont have much hello kitty. i now realise how lucky i am

  2. Gail says:

    Just needs some Hello Kitty Bacon and Toast!

  3. sprinkle919 says:

    Haha, thats cute. It would be adorable if someone had that sitting on my breakfast plate. I don’t eat ketchup with my eggs though, bleh.

    Heather: How unfortunate :-/

  4. Liz says:

    Yeck, I would not eat that. Does anyone realize how much it has to cool before sticking together on it’s own like that? Nevermind the kitty bit.

  5. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    Eww… these scrambled eggs are overcooked and there’s no way you can achieve that mold w/o overcooking them. Besides, it’s easy to have a HK themed breakfast if you have the HK toaster and waffle maker :-)

  6. Paresh says:

    i would never eat that …yuk!!!

  7. Links says:

    I just want to say that i love your site and that it shows me how bad this world is getting! Hello kitty eggs.. i mean..wow. Soon everything wikll be pink and kitty!

  8. Jenna says:

    I have spent the better part of the afternoon reading this blog and now that I have been sucessfuly scared for life there is only one thought running through my mind.

    To think that I thought Justin Beiber fans were insane….

  9. kitteh!! says:

    Further to what Liz & Sanriobaby have said, these eggs weren’t even properly stirred before starting to cook them; just look at the variations in colour, particularly the big pale patches next to the “right eye”.

    However, I’m not quite so certain that this is scrambled overdone, rather than an omelette that’s too flakey.

  10. Caroline says:

    So cute!! New recipe from Sanrio feeling regret to
    eat that.. Very cute post :))

  11. Rykan says:

    That’s an omelet, not scrambled eggs.

  12. Shelly says:

    I am the proud owner of the HK toaster, and it makes the cutest little HK faces on your toast!

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